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Managing Ligatures: The Official Guidance You Should Know

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Why Anti-Ligature Products Are Essential In Mental Health

Anti-Ligature Ventilation Grilles for Mental Health

Anti-Ligature TV Cabinets For Mental Health Wards

Anti-Ligature Products for Mental Health

Radiator Surface Temperature Regulations For Schools And Nurseries

Can You Get Large LST Radiator Guards?

Colour Psychology - Coloured LST Radiator Guards

Wire Radiator Guards VS Metal Radiator Guards

How Does BioCote Protection Work On LST Radiator Guards?

Selecting LST Radiator Guards For Schools

Selecting LST Radiator Guards For Hospitals

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How Do You Repair LST Radiators?

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What Do You Do If Your LST Radiator Doesn't Work?

How Are LST Radiators Delivered To Site?

How Are LST Radiator Covers Made?

How Do I Convert My Radiators To Be LST?

What Type Of Grilles Come With LST Radiators?

Why Should You Use LST Radiators?

Can You Make LST Radiators More Aesthetically Pleasing

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What Warranty Comes With An LST Radiator?

What Are LST Radiators?

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Do LST Radiators Rust?

Can I Have A Pencil Proof LST Radiator?

Which Countries Require LST Radiators By Law?

Can Heated Towel Rails Be LST?

How Do You Balance LST Radiators?

Are LST Radiators Suitable For Wet Environments?

Are LST Radiators Expensive?

How Do I Get Pencils Out Of LST Radiators?

Are LST Radiators Efficient?

Who Needs LST Radiators?

Where Should You Locate LST Radiators In A Room?

What Valve Options Are There For LST Radiator?

How Do You Bleed An LST Radiator?

Christmas 2018: Contour Opening Hours

What Colours Do LST Radiators Come In?

How Often Should You Check LST Radiators?

How Do You Clean Behind LST Radiators?

Using RotaRad Valves To Improve Radiator Cleaning Processes

How Robust Are LST Radiators?

How Do You Maintain LST Radiators?

How Long Do LST Radiators Last?

Can You Have Wall-To-Wall LST Radiators

Can LST Radiators Be Recycled?

Are LST Radiators Required For Doctor's Surgeries?

How Do You Install An LST Radiator?

What's The Smallest LST Radiator That You Can Have?

Who Makes LST Radiators?

What Heat Outputs Do LST Radiators Give?

What Are The Benefits of LST Radiators?

Can You Get Designer LST Radiators?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of LST Radiators?

Are Radiators Dangerous If They Aren't LST?

How Do LST Radiators Work?

Why Do I Need LST Radiators?

Where Are LST Radiators Required?

What Size LST Radiators Do Contour Supply?

How Do I Select An LST Radiator?

How Much Do LST Radiators Cost?

What's The Longest Radiator Cover You Can Have?

What Are The Surface Temperature Limits For Radiator Covers?

How To Clean Behind A Radiator

Do LST Radiators For Schools Reduce Output?

How To Measure For Radiator Covers

Are LST Radiators For Schools Durable?

How Are LST Radiator Covers For Schools Installed?

How Easy Are LST Radiators To Maintain In Schools?

Health And Safety And LST Radiators For Schools

What Size Radiator Cover Do I Need?

How Much Do LST Radiators For Schools Cost?

How Much Do Radiator Covers Cost?

Why You Need LST Radiators In Your Nursery School

What Size Are LST Radiators For Schools?

Are Radiator Covers Safe?

Why Are LST Radiators Suited To Schools?

Introducing Our New Commercial Director: Robin Mansell

Hands Up: Schools That Need High-Quality, Low-Cost LST Radiators

Success For Kelly

Back To School: Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases

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Anti-ligature Radiators For Special Educational Needs Schools

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Six Ideas For A Safer Nursery School

How To Measure Up For A Metal Radiator Cover

5 Reasons To Choose Contour For Healthcare Facilities

How Much Do Metal Radiator Covers Cost?

2018 Holiday Opening Times

Action needed to stop 700,000 annual deaths from Superbugs

DeepClean IP3x anti-ligature radiators installed at children's resource centre

Pick a colour. Any colour. What about RAL 6019?

Braille safety warning and message option now available on DeepClean radiator guards

New anti-ligature radiator guard with towel rail provides comfort, convenience & safety  

NEW pipe boxing guide with links to BIM and DWG files

New anti-ligature radiator guard offers extra safety without compromising practicality

The Hazard Of Unsafe Radiator Guards In Public Areas

Home Office compliant anti-ligature guards available to order on short delivery times

Safety at school

NEW LST and anti-ligature radiators & guards brochure – available to download

Latest BioCote laboratory test results confirm over 99.9% efficacy in killing bacteria.

Five Facts About Clostridium difficile

Could using antimicrobial products reduce school absenteeism?

Covora LST radiator now comes with antimicrobial protection as standard

New IP3x compliant and certified anti-ligature radiator guard grille design

The updated business case for specifying Contour DeepClean in healthcare

Contour provides HVAC casings for prestigious £26m Cambridge research facility

Anti-ligature LST radiator project video now available

Introducing Covora: the new low cost, ‘no fuss’ LST radiator range

Contour supply safe surface temperature solutions for NHS mental health recovery unit in Hertfordshire

Contour LST Radiators Now Up To 17% More Efficient

Contour take a Lead Role in Improving UK Classroom Hygiene

91% Cleaner Radiator Guards

DeepClean LST Radiator Guards at BIM Designed Refurbishment Project