Improve Prison Behaviour With Anti-Ligature Radiators & Guards

Improve Prison Behaviour With Anti-Ligature Radiators & Guards

Posted by Dawn on 10 January 2020 09:15:57 GMT

How Anti-Ligature Radiators and Guards Can Improve Prison Behaviour (1)

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In order to become places of reform, prisons must address the behaviours that are causing widespread strain on the correctional system in the UK today.

The smuggling of contraband, for example, accounted for more than 35 separate incidents a day, a recent statistic from The Guardian reported.   

The HM Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP) highlighted unprecedented levels of drugs, violence and poor living conditions in their most recent 2019 report.

It’s clear that overall behaviour is a major issue affecting prisons in the UK, and the facilities that you specify could make the difference between a prison plagued by drugs and violence, and a correctional facility that promotes rehabilitation and reformation.


Managing Prison Behaviour

Many criticise the current behaviour management strategies adopted by Custody Officers, suggesting that there is an overreliance on punishment, as opposed to positive reinforcement, which can have a negative impact on the behaviour exhibited by inmates.

Contour’s anti-ligature solutions provide several benefits that enable Custody and Prison Officers to positively manage prison behaviours.


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Reducing Stash Points In Prison Cells

The frequency of cell searching will be decided upon by the Director of the High Security Estate and is characterised by two basic types:

A Routine search-A rub down and cell search, with no property record check

A Routine-Plus search-A full body search and may also involve a property record check, in addition to a cell search.

Contour’s anti-ligature radiator and guard design can assist with the thorough and efficient searching of prison cells. 

With its robust, full-casing design and unique array of security fastenings, Custody Officers can safely access all areas of the radiator. This includes the radiator’s exterior perimeter, that Officers can safely run their hands along during the routine cell search.

Due to the nature of the radiator cover design that Contour manufacture, stashing contraband inside the cover will be very difficult. However, should Prison Officers feel the need to check inside the cover, they can access the interior casing via the security locks on the front and top of the cover.

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Individual Heat Control

On current pipe coil systems, Officers only have the ability to control the heat output of four cells at one time, meaning that it’s impossible to accommodate the needs of every individual.

Picture this: One inmate in cell A is too hot and another inmate in cell B is too cold. Prison Officers now have the dilemma of,

‘Who do I please? Do I turn the heat up so that inmate B is happy, or turn it down to accommodate inmate A?’

Either way, you run the risk of aggravating an individual, leading to negative consequences.

Contour’s anti-ligature heating solutions allow Prison Officers to control individual cell temperature, making prisoners comfortable and alleviating the potential for violent outbursts. Depending on the layout of the cell block, the heating can be controlled from outside of the cell. This is of particular use if the cell block is on lock-down and access into the cells are off limits.

Through aiding prisoner’s comfort, you’re helping to establish trust and rapport with an inmate.

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As an architect or specifier who is tasked with the design or refurbishment of a custodial environment, your design choices will be largely influenced by prison behaviour.

Contour’s anti-ligature products provide a safe solution for managing the behaviour and wellbeing of prisoners, many of whom who are at risk of suicide.

For more information on out anti-ligature solutions for custodial environments, talk to one of our experts today.


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Contour is the exclusive partner of BioCote® anti-microbial technology for LST and anti-ligature radiators.  BioCote® additives reduce bacteria by up to 99.9%. Contour combines an extensive range of colour-paints is with BioCote® for a durable, high-quality finish.

Contour’s heating solutions offer secure, single-person quick access to radiator guard interiors for regular deep cleaning and maintenance.  Each year, Contour save the NHS millions of pounds in cleaning costs, therefore delivering.

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