LST Radiator And Radiator Cover News

15 May 2020

Are LST Radiators Suitable For Wet Environments?

In a range of environments, a properly working heating solution is vital to ensuring complete comfort for staff and service users and to maintain compliance with working temperature regulations. This includes bathrooms, shower rooms and [...]

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22 Apr 2020

How Do You Repair LST Radiators?

Different types of problems in LST radiators require very different solutions and repairs. When you’re in a situation where repairs are required, it’s important to fully understand what’s causing the problem to ensure that it’s fixed in [...]

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16 Apr 2020

What Heat Outputs Do LST Radiators Give?

The heat output of LST radiators compared to standard ones is a primary concern for many professionals involved in the specification of radiators within a care-centred environment.  A concern for many customers is that an LST radiator has [...]

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3 Apr 2020

How Do You Install An LST Radiator?

How we install LST radiators is a question that we are often asked here at Contour. We strive to ensure that customers understand our process from start to finish to make sure that they are satisfied with our service at all times. Contour [...]

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10 Mar 2020

What Are LST Radiators?

Low Surface Temperature Radiators, or LSTs as they are commonly referred, are especially designed radiators that don’t exceed a surface temperature of 43°C. LSTs are typically specified in environments where safety is a priority, as they [...]

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4 Mar 2020

Where Are LST Radiators Required?

UPDATED: This blog post about LST radiators was updated on March 2020 to reflect more information and latest pictures.  Low surface temperature (LST) radiators are integral to providing safer environments for Service Users. They are the [...]

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3 Mar 2020

How Do LST Radiators Work?

UPDATED: This blog post about LST radiators was updated on March 2020 to reflect more information and latest pictures.   To bring safe heating solutions to the healthcare, education and commercial sectors that we work with, Contour supply [...]

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7 Feb 2020

How To Minimise Stash Points Within A Prison Cell

Image Source The smuggling of drugs, mobile phones and weapons is a common area for concern within prisons across the UK. It is therefore important for specifiers to source products that minimise the potential for inmates to conceal items [...]

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31 Jan 2020

Anti Ligature Ventilation Grilles For Prisons: Part 2

Continuing with our topic of ventilation grilles for prisons, this blog post aims to highlight further benefits of Contour’s unique anti-ligature ventilation grille design. Our previous post highlighted the importance of the ventilation [...]

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13 Jun 2019

Anti-Ligature TV Cabinets For Mental Health Wards

The core aim of Contour is to provide safe, effective solutions to environments where those who are most vulnerable are at risk. These environments include: Schools Nurseries Hospitals Residential care homes GP Surgeries Mental Health

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