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3 Apr 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Pipe Boxing

Concealing exposed pipework is essential to ensure that safety standards are met in healthcare, mental health, custodial, education and local authority sectors. Alongside this, the pipe boxing’s smooth surface allows for efficient, [...]

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20 Feb 2020

Your Guide To Correct Radiator Specification In Prison Settings

There are a range of product characteristics to consider when carrying out the re-design and/or refurbishment of a prison setting. Suicide, violence, vandalism and the concealment of contraband are issues that the custodial system faces, [...]

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7 Feb 2020

How To Minimise Stash Points Within A Prison Cell

Image Source The smuggling of drugs, mobile phones and weapons is a common area for concern within prisons across the UK. It is therefore important for specifiers to source products that minimise the potential for inmates to conceal items [...]

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24 Jan 2020

Why Pipe Boxing is Essential in Prisons

Image Source Contour provides a complete turnkey solution for our aluminium, steel and plywood pipe boxing ranges, from survey, design and manufacture, through to installation. The purpose for choosing a pipe boxing solution in a custodial [...]

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6 Aug 2019

What Is Included In The Contour TRV Kits?

Contour offers four different thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) kits specifically designed for our LST radiators. They are available for both two pipe and one pipe systems. Read on to find out what’s included in the kits…

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