LST Radiator And Radiator Cover News

2 Jul 2020

5 Ways LST Radiators Can Help Improve School Attendance

Low surface temperature, or LST radiators, have long been considered a safe heating solution, especially in places that are either populated by heavy traffic, or in environments that are used by those most vulnerable.   Noting this, LST [...]

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2 Jul 2020

Can LST Radiators Be Aesthetically Pleasing?

As we have discussed previously, low surface temperature (LST) radiators are a necessary component to any heating elements in any home, structure, or location where the general public, children, or members of any vulnerable population can [...]

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26 Jun 2020

Who Needs LST Radiators and Covers?

LST Radiators have been an important safety-related part of modern heating systems for several years. These devices are critical where specialised heat emitters are needed for safety. LST radiators are especially necessary in any place [...]

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24 Jun 2020

Where Can You Purchase LST Radiators From in the UK?

If your facility is looking for reliable heating solutions that will not put individuals at risk for burns or other injuries, you can end your search with LST radiators.  Low surface temperature radiators are intended to safely heat a [...]

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12 May 2020

How To Select an LST Radiator

Low surface temperature radiators, or LSTs as they’re commonly referred, are becoming the preferred choice for specification in environments where safety is an essential component. Environments such as schools, hospitals, care home and [...]

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19 Mar 2020

How To Clean Behind A Radiator

UPDATED: This blog post about cleaning radiators was updated in March 2020 to reflect more information and latest pictures. An effective cleaning routine for radiators is imperative for every sector, particularly with recent events [...]

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16 Dec 2019

Contour’s 2019 Blog Highlights

To support you with the design and specification process of the projects you’re working on, Contour aims to provide an information-rich environment to help you specify appropriately. Part of this process involves the regular production of [...]

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11 Dec 2019

Safe Radiators And Guards For Care & Nursing Homes

In all healthcare and residential environments, safety is a driving factor in the types of resources you choose to specify. Central to these core aims is the need to prevent avoidable errors and patient harm. This means that all components [...]

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4 Dec 2019

Why You Should Consider Coloured Radiators For Your Care Home

If you’re planning a re-design or upgrade of your care & nursing home, a decision will be made regarding the colour design of the interior. With Contour, you can apply your colour choices to our LST and Anti-Ligature radiators and covers, [...]

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22 Oct 2019

Anti-Ligature Vs LST Radiators In Education

As educational settings differ, so do their requirements in terms of resources and furniture. Low Surface Temperature (LST) and Anti-Ligature radiators and covers differ based on their characteristics and intended use. This will impact on [...]

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