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Mental Health
Contour work across the mental health sector in the UK to reduce ligature risks for vulnerable service users.  Whether it’s for a psychiatric ward, secure facility or emotional well-being facility, Contour offers anti-ligature heating products to simultaneously provide safety and warmth.


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Market Leading Solutions

Contour has been at the forefront of Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiator and radiator guard design in the UK for over 14 years. During this time, we have developed an extensive range of solutions to satisfy the changing needs of the market and our customers.

Since 2006, our market-leading DeepClean™ range of LST radiators and radiator guards has revolutionised the protection of vulnerable people from dangerously hot surface heating, in the healthcare, education and care environments.

In addition, the slimline system with its integral anti-microbial technology has potentially helped hospitals and care facilities throughout the UK save millions of pounds in cleaning costs, with its quick and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Regular QC testing and in-situ studies demonstrate the continual efficacy of Contour’s anti-microbial protection and easy to clean designs, demonstrating up to a 91% reduction in bacteria in real life environments.

For additional peace of mind, all our radiators and guards are covered respectively by a 10 year and 5-year warranty.

A full pipe casing and manifold cabinet offer are also available to complete our safe surface temperature package.

In addition, Contour offers free technical site surveys and can provide an LST guard installation service.

All Contour’s LST radiators and guards are available as parametric BIM objects ready to be dropped into plans and our technical and customer services team are available by phone or email to answer any queries and ensure that projects, whether for first fit or refurbishment, are hassle-free.

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Why Specify Contour LST And Anti-Ligature Radiators & Guards?

We are the design and innovation leaders in the UK LST market

• The patented quick access design of our DeepClean™ radiator guards enable a single person access to radiator guard interiors for regular cleaning and maintenance. This has potentially saved the NHS and other public bodies millions every year in cleaning costs
• Contour was the first UK radiator guard manufacturer to incorporate anti-bacterial technology into its guards, setting new standards in hygiene and user protection
• Our specialist anti-ligature radiator guards, equipped with fully shrouded TRVs, security mesh and security fixings to prevent unauthorised access, are widely recognised to have set the standard for anti-ligature heating products.

Only Contour radiator guards are protected with BioCote®
A patented antimicrobial coating is applied to the powder coated finish of our guards, inside and out. This provides effective and permanent protection to the surface of the radiator guard against the growth of harmful microbes, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination in health-sensitive environments. BioCote is incorporated as standard into the paintwork of all DeepClean guards and is available as an option on the guards of the Covora range of LST radiators.

We design and manufacture in the UK
All our guards are designed and manufactured at our Midlands plant. This not only ensures a premium quality product but allows us to produce and deliver orders on short lead times throughout the UK.

We can offer bespoke designs
In addition to our standard ranges, Contour is well experienced in developing and installing LST radiator guards to meet specific requirements.

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