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11 Jul 2022

LST Radiators: What’s The Benefits of Split Delivery?

Renovation projects can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re working in tight areas to even tighter deadlines. Trades working on top of trades isn’t as efficient as some think, in fact, it jeopardizes the entire [...]

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22 Jun 2022

Design In Mental Health Conference – Post Show Review

Highlighting the latest anti-ligature heating products and showcasing the wider product range, Contour Heating attended its first Design In Mental Health Exhibition for almost 3 years.

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4 May 2022

Can You Get LST Radiators With Quick Delivery?

Does it feel like you’re constantly waiting for your low surface temperature radiators to be delivered?  The deadline is set, your scope of supply has been agreed upon, and now it’s a matter of getting everything delivered and installed.  [...]

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4 May 2022

Introducing Contour’s Vertical Anti-Ligature Radiator

Conventional anti-ligature heating products can take up a lot of space.  In environments such as hospitals, prisons, or mental health settings this is only made worse, particularly in those narrow corridors or high traffic areas.    [...]

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20 Apr 2022

3 Things That Make A LST Radiator Cost Effective

Money is the lifeblood of all projects. As someone responsible for sourcing building products, materials, and trades to complete the project on time and on budget, the term ‘is it cost-effective?’ is a mantra you should be asking yourself [...]

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8 Apr 2022

The Best LST Radiator For Schools

The moment you start your school heating project, doesn’t it feel like time is always against you?  Because you want to cause minimum disruption to the education environment, these projects are often undertaken out of hours or during the [...]

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6 Apr 2022

Vertical LSTs: Radiators To Help Maximise Space

There’s nothing more valuable than space.   It’s the foundation of your project and if you don’t have the right space, you can’t install the right heating products.   Previously, if you couldn’t install conventional radiators, you had two [...]

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22 Mar 2022

Sovereign Radiators: Stylish Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Finding the perfect balance between modern design and maximum functionality can be difficult. This is especially the case when you’re trying to find safe heating products for your private residence or for places like offices or car [...]

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18 Mar 2022

Covora Lite: The Low-Cost Low Surface Temperature Radiator

With heating projects becoming more about finding cost and time savings, sourcing the right product can be difficult. As you balance having to finish the job on time and on budget, you need something that can help in both aspects.

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2 Mar 2022

Brand New Anti-Ligature & Low Surface Temperature Heating Solutions

When it comes to heating products, safety and hygiene is paramount. Heating considerations might seem like something you can easily overlook during the new construction or refurbishment of public sector buildings but choose the wrong ones [...]

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