HVAC & Perimeter Casings

Transform your workspace with modern HVAC systems and Perimeter Casings. Our DeepClean model is modular and can be suited to your environment. Whether you require a wall-to-wall covering or a floor-mounted option, we will deliver the solution that is right for you. 



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1. HVAC and Perimeter Casing enhance your environment with an aesthetic design.

2. HVAC and Perimeter Casing provide continuous, efficient heating throughout your environment.

3. HVAC and Perimeter Casing can be made to order in any colour of your choice from our RAL chart.

4. With HVAC and Perimeter Casing, you have no need for pipe boxing.

5. Each section of HVAC and Perimeter Casing is easily accessible for cleaning and re-decorating.


HVAC & Perimeter Casings

Designing and manufacturing casings for heating, ventilating & air conditioning (HVAC) systems requires more than simply producing a boxed housing for air treatment equipment. It requires careful designing to ensure that the efficient functioning of an air movement system will not be impeded by a casing form that suits the aesthetic of the interior environment.

Contour design and manufacture completely made to measure HVAC and perimeter casing to house all manner of heating and ventilation systems, whether for new air movement systems or as part of a repair or refurbishment project. In addition, casings can be designed and manufactured on a modular basis to slot into an existing arrangement.

Contractors in charge of the new £26 million Maxwell Centre research facility at Cambridge University, turned to Contour for the production of bespoke perimeter casings. See the case study.

HVAC & Perimeter Casings

A major benefit of choosing a Contour design is guaranteed easy cleaning and system maintenance. Access to the interior of the casings can be facilitated by a patented front door (UK Patent No: 2 410 544) which lies flat on floor.

However, other access points can be designed for and programmed in during manufacture.

The open hinge arrangement on our patent front door allows removal if required. A selection of quarter-turn locks and other security fittings is also available to stop unauthorised access.

Casings can be manufactured in mild steel or aluminium, in a variety of gauges to suit the HVAC system and environment. In addition, Contour can finish the casings in virtually any RAL or BS colour to suit any interior design. View our range of RAL colours here.

HVAC casings finished in RAL White 9003 can be supplied with a BioCote® coating for added anti-microbial protection where required, for example in health clinics, GP surgeries and nursing homes. We also can also provide a nationwide, cost-effective HVAC and perimeter casing installation service using our experienced and fully certificated installers.

All Contour’s HVAC and perimeter casings are designed and manufactured in the UK and are covered by a 5-year warranty for extra peace of mind*.

Contour’s designers can create casings that blend seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of a room setting or alternatively, stand out – if required.

Our advanced 3D CAD software allows the design of a casing that ensures optimal air movement both within the unit and in its expulsion, whilst computer controlled production ensures that grilles and vents are cut uniformly. We can offer a range of grille and vent options and positions depending on the casings’ functional requirement.

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Trionic Deepclean LST

Trionic Deepclean LST
Gradient Top (Floor Mounted)

Trionic Deepclean LST

Trionic Deepclean LST
Gradient Top (Wall Mounted)

Trionic Deepclean LST

Trionic Deepclean LST
Square Top (Floor Mounted)

Trionic Deepclean LST

Trionic Deepclean LST
Square Top (Wall Mounted)

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Trionic Deepclean Lst Gradient Top (Floor Mounted)

Trionic Deepclean Lst Gradient Top (Wall Mounted)

Trionic Deepclean Lst Square Top (Floor Mounted)

Standard Deepclean Sloping Top (Floor Mounted) Guard

Standard Deepclean Sloping Top (Wall Mounted) Guard

Standard Deepclean Square Top (Floor Mounted) Guard

Standard Deepclean Square Top (Wall Mounted) Guard

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