HVAC - Air Con Unit Anti-Ligature Casings

Contour’s AC covers offer a robust, hygienic, and practical solution that delivers long-term performance in the most demanding of environments. Pioneering drop-down front door providing complete access to every internal surface for cleaning and maintenance – removing the need for assistance from estates. Manufactured from Magnelis Steel to combat rusting.

We provide free of charge surveys

Contour provides a UK wide free survey service to make sure the product is suitable for the environment it’s being installed into. Radiator covers, pipe boxing and TV cabinets can be installed by our team of qualified installers.

We design and manufacture in the UK

All our guards are designed and manufactured at our Midlands plant. This not only ensures a premium quality product but allows us to produce and deliver orders on short lead times throughout the UK.

bespoke guard
We can offer bespoke guard designs

In addition to our standard ranges, Contour is well experienced in developing and installing radiator guards to meet specific requirements.

Warranties for total peace of mind

Contour radiator emitters and guards are respectively covered by 10 and 5 year product warranties *. *Terms and conditions apply

Types of HVAC Casings

We supply the following HVAC and Perimiter casing types:

Floor Mounted

The patented quick access design of our floor-mounted AC covers enables a single person to access the interior unit for regular cleaning and maintenance.

A key benefit to the floor-mounted AC cover is that it allows for pre-fabricated cut-outs for vinyl flooring and skirting boards to ensure there is no need for noisy and messy on-site cutting.


Wall/Ceiling Mounted

Air conditioning units in mental health, custodial and even SEN schools are more susceptible to tampering and vandalism. With this in mind, there is a need to provide a cover which is built around safety to the end-user. 

A ceiling-mounted AC cover provides an ideal solution to provide protection from damage and vandalism because they can be fitted at height.


Flat Panel

We understand that every environment is different, and with this, will present its own unique requirements. That’s why we have developed the flat-panelled AC covers. 

Our AC covers can be retrofitted over existing systems to deliver a solution for use in hospitals, mental health units, SEN schools, pupil referral units care homes, nurseries, school, colleges and other public access buildings.



Perimeter casing requires careful designing to ensure that the efficient functioning of an air movement system will not be impeded by a casing form that suits the aesthetic of the interior environment.

With perimeter casing, you’ll not need pipe boxing, and it can provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance. 




HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) casings are used to enclose and protect HVAC equipment while maintaining functionality and safety. Here are five common questions about HVAC casings:

What is the purpose of HVAC casings?

HVAC casings serve multiple purposes, including enclosing and protecting HVAC equipment from external elements, improving safety by preventing direct contact with internal components, and enhancing the overall aesthetic appearance of the HVAC system.

Are HVAC casings customisable for different equipment sizes and configurations?

Our HVAC casing systems are designed to be customisable to accommodate various equipment sizes and configurations. This ensures a proper fit and functionality for different HVAC units, making them suitable for a range of applications.

Do HVAC casings impact the performance or efficiency of HVAC systems?

Well-designed HVAC casings should not significantly impact the performance or efficiency of HVAC systems. The casings are engineered to allow proper airflow and ventilation, ensuring that the enclosed equipment functions optimally. It's essential to choose casings that are compatible with the specific HVAC equipment.

How do HVAC casings contribute to safety and compliance?

HVAC casings are an essential safety feature, especially in public spaces or areas with high foot traffic. By enclosing heating elements, fans, and other components, they help prevent accidental contact, reducing the risk of injuries. Additionally, compliant HVAC casings meet safety regulations and building codes.

Are there maintenance considerations for HVAC casings?

Maintenance considerations for HVAC casings may vary based on the design. Some casings feature removable panels or access points, facilitating easy inspection and maintenance of the enclosed HVAC equipment. Regular cleaning and inspection may be necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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Fantastic Company I have used them for many years and always receive outstanding service, prompt quotes and guaranteed delivery dates. I would highly recommend their products. The Staff are a credit to the Company.

Claire White ,

What Others Are Saying About Contour Products

This is the second time that I have placed an order with Contour and on both occasions the customer service team have been extremely helpful, even when I had to change the order several times. The products they have manufactured and supplied for me have been of an outstanding quality and it is easy to see that Contour are becoming nominated suppliers for more and more organisations.

Paul Lewis ,

What Others Are Saying About Contour Products

Really happy with the new 18 radiator guards for our ward. The service we received was fantastic. This is why we keep using Contour Heating for our anti ligature products.

Arron Wise ,

What Others Are Saying About Contour Products

Excellent service, delivery on time, Quality product, will use again.

Mark Whitfield , Livingston Mechanical Services

What Others Are Saying About Contour Products

I wanted to express my gratitude for the prompt delivery of the radiator cover. It fits very well, and I'm pleased that the product is entirely satisfactory. Your efficient service is much appreciated.

Priya Govindaraj, Home Administrator Sanctuary Care

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