Pipe Boxing


Looking for a Robust Solution To Cover Up Pipework?


Models Available


1. Can be made from a range of materials such as 2-3mm aluminium, 1.5mm thick Zintec steel and 5-8mm pre-formed plywood

2. Pencil proof vents are available on metal pipe boxing

3. Durable polyester powder coating for metal boxing is available in a range of colours to suit the style of any space

4. Easy to clean due to the smooth surfacing

5. Protects vulnerable people from potential injuries from hot pipework


Pipe Boxing

Durable Pipe Boxing Solutions

Contour Heating is one of the leading providers of pipe boxing in the UK. We provide a range of metal and preformed plywood pipe boxing solutions. Robust and with a durable finish, our pipe boxing excels in high-traffic areas and the smooth finish enables easy cleaning. Our pipe boxing is widely-specified across UK healthcare, education and local authority sectors.

We offer our pipe boxing in two profiles, L-shaped and U-shaped, both available in plywood or aluminium. In addition, we can provide a complete turnkey solution for both our aluminium and plywood pipe boxing ranges, from survey, design and manufacture, through to installation.

Aluminium Pipe Boxing

Great for concealing unsightly water pipes or protecting external pipework, this weatherproof solution is lightweight and easy to install. It is best for covering pipes in district heating schemes and protecting soil and waste pipes in boxing gas pipes. Adding vents into the pipe boxing can be done at the programming stage to allow air to circulate from the pipework.

Performed Plywood Pipe Boxing

This type of pipe boxing works best for concealing interior pipework in both commercial and residential applications – from bathrooms and bedrooms to major heating installations.

Access panels for internal services can be programmed into manufacture, delivering a fast, clean, low disturbance installation. Adding vents into the pipe boxing is also achievable which may increase the lead time.


Contour metal pipe boxing is manufactured from 2-3mm aluminium or 1.5mm thick Zintec steel. Access panels for internal services can be programmed into manufacture, delivering a fast, clean, low disturbance installation. Preformed plywood is available in 5mm or 8mm thickness.

Durable Pipe Boxing Solutions

The new PDF e-guide contains links to BIM objects and DWG files, and has been specifically created for specifiers including architects, contractors, consultants and of course end customers.

Contents includes:

  • Pipe boxing material recommendations
  • Technical specifications on aluminium, mild steel and plywood boxing
  • Standard sizes and product order codes
  • Standard profiles
  • Links to BIM/DWG files and case study

Technical Literature

Pipe boxing – An information guide for specifiers

Pipe boxing – An information guidefor specifiers

Associated Solutions

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