With heating projects becoming more about finding cost and time savings, sourcing the right product can be difficult. As you balance having to finish the job on time and on budget, you need something that can help in both aspects.

This becomes particularly relevant when you’re working on school projects. Having to complete heating installations around the school holidays means time is constantly running short. What you need is a range of safe heating products to alleviate the pressure.

Releasing a slew of new products earlier this year, Contour Heating has a perfect solution that fits the above criteria.

Covora Lite.

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Short Lead Time & Low-Cost LST Radiators

When you’re working to tight deadlines, getting your LST radiator delivered on time can be the difference between getting the job done or facing penalties for late completion.

When it comes to Covora Lite, Contour’s latest low surface temperature radiator, it’s an issue you don’t need to be concerned with.

Because of how the Covora Lite is manufactured, the end panels are already in stock. This means when you place the order, all that needs to be completed is for the front panel to be punched and for the radiator to be shipped out. This approach also means you can cut costs, too.

With Covora Lite, you’re looking at delivery in a matter of days as opposed to weeks. That’s going to massively help your safe heating product.


LST Radiator With Antimicrobial Protection

Hygiene has never been a bigger issue than it is currently.

This post-pandemic world has shone a bright light on everything from hand washing and sanitiser to social distancing and face masks. Finding new and innovative ways to protect you and your environment has led to antimicrobial products being essential, especially in places such as schools.

covora lite lst radiator next to a red chair

Like all Contour products, BioCote is included in the powder coating process. Unlike many other products on the market, BioCote prevents the growth of things like e.coli, MRSA and 99% of all harmful bacteria.

Covora Lite

Does Covora Lite seem like I might be the perfect safe heating solution for your school?

You can find out more here, or by downloading our brand new brochure featuring all of the latest safe heating radiators

Speak to our team today and get Covora Lite priced up for your next school project.


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