Can You Buy Bespoke LST Radiators?

Can You Buy Bespoke LST Radiators?

Posted by Robin Mansell on 26 August 2021 08:30:00 BST
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Bespoke LST Radiators

When installing low surface temperature radiators and covers, it’s important to ensure that they are the right size for not just the wall they are being fitted to, but also for the room as a whole.

Because of how diverse LST radiators and covers are, they can be used in a variety of locations ranging from hospitals and care homes to schools and nurseries. Naturally, these locations exist in a range of different building types with different designs and constructions.

This means that standard design low surface temperature radiators might not always be suited to every environment.

So, when there’s a particularly wide wall or an odd-shaped recess, it’s important to know that there are bespoke radiator options available that won’t jeopardize either heating efficiency or safety.

In this blog, we discuss the bespoke options that are available for your low surface temperature radiators and covers.

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Bespoke LST Radiators Options

Standard LST radiator sizes are available in a wide range of sizes starting at 600x550 going up in increments to 2200mmx1045mm, although there are always going to be instances where these sizes just aren’t suitable.

In this instance, bespoke low surface temperature radiator and guarding options are essential and help the end-user achieve the desired results.

Prior to any decisions having to be made, the technical department will conduct a full site assessment to understand exactly what is needed. Following this, a unique solution can be designed, ensuring that the key criteria are met.

Contour's extensive bespoke LST heating products include the following options:

Bespoke Wall-To-Wall Guards

Protecting service users from perimeter or finned pipe heating, the wall-to-wall guards can also span gaps wider than standard LST heating solutions, preventing unwanted dust traps.

Free Standing Bespoke Radiator Guards

Using a floor mounting system, free-standing low surface temperature radiator guards should be considered when it’s not possible to achieve a traditional fixing behind the radiator.

Vertical Radiator Guards

When wall space is limited, vertical radiator guards provide an efficient heating solution with a grille engineered at the guard’s mid-point.

Radiator Guards For Alcoves

Radiators that are recessed into walls can be difficult to guard because of limited space, but guarding options are available to ensure these radiators are safely guarded.

Corner Guards

With an open-ended shoulder design, this bespoke option prevents a dust trap from being created when guards are installed in tight spaces and allows the casing to go around all corners

Radiators For Bay Windows

Bay windows are unique areas to install radiators, meaning bespoke options are essential. With internal fixing brackets, low surface temperature radiators can be fit onto angled or contoured walls.

Drop Down Cleaning Radiators

Bespoke Heating Service

Bespoke low surface temperature radiators and covers don’t just have to refer to the products themselves, it can also refer to the service provided.

LST radiators are used in a variety of different settings that often have their own set of rules and guidelines. This means it’s important that when installation teams are on-site, they minimise the disruption caused.

Take a school, for instance, we like to work outside of school hours or during half-term holidays in order to avoid disrupting the educational environment.

Likewise, when installing in a mental health environment, it’s important not to affect the routine of service users, so we make sure that we work closely with the staff of these environments to select the best possible approach.

Only with a bespoke approach to delivery and installation does a heating solution become entirely bespoke. Being able to be flexible in the approach from specification all the way through to fitting the radiators makes the entire process far more manageable for all parties.


If you’re wondering if bespoke low surface temperature radiators are possible, the easy answer is yes.

Whatever project you’re specifying for, you don’t need to box yourself in with standard low surface temperature and radiator designs.

Bespoke radiators and covers open up additional options in environments of all shapes and sizes, meaning that your heating efficiency never has to be compromised.

With bespoke options on supplying and installing depending on the environment also available, all aspects of your heating project can be customised to suit your needs.  

If you’re interested in bespoke low surface temperature radiators and covers for your next project, speak to our expert team today and make the most of your heating solutions.

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