Anti-Ligature TV Cabinets For Young Offender Institutions
Anti-ligature TV cabinets are produced for use in various mental health and secure setting, to provide additional elements of safety to vulnerable individuals.

Within a young offender institution, specifiers must overcome a range of challenges to source the most appropriate furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

As well as the risk of self-harm and suicide, there’s also a need to specify resources that offer a robust solution to avoid damage through tampering and vandalism.

This is particularly important because reports have found high levels of suicide and bullying in YOI’s.

This post aims to highlight Contour’s anti-ligature tv cabinets’ design properties to help aid effective and appropriate specification in YOI’s.


Televisions In Young Offender Institutions

In most young offender institutions, offenders can have at least 1 hour a day to spend time with other inmates, play games or watch television.

However, it's still considered a privilege for offenders to have access to a television. The Incentive and Earned Privilege (IEP) system determine the offenders’ levels of access to TV, which is based on good behaviour and conduct.

Therefore, dependent on good behaviour, televisions will be used in YOI cells and within communal areas.


Anti-Ligature TV Cabinets For Safer Cells

A safer cell is one that is designed to reduce the risk of suicide or self-harm via ligature points.

The anti-ligature element of Contour’s TV cabinet is of particular significance inside a ‘safer cell’. Offenders who pose a particular risk of self-harm or suicide will be identified and placed inside a safer cell, under the Safer Cell Framework Agreement.

All cell furniture is deliberately specified to avoid any harmful acts, and Contour’s anti-ligature TV cabinet is ideally manufactured to address this risk.

The robust casing fully encapsulates the television, hiding away all cable’s switches and buttons, as well as providing 3mm holes for effective air circulation and sound transmission.


TV Protection For YOI’s
Why You Should Consider Anti-Ligature Tv Cabinets For Young Offender Institutions

Improvised weapons and vandalism are a common occurrence within YOI’s, causing large financial strain.

Therefore, the need to provide robust solutions is vital in an already strained sector, particularly when you consider that a television may be the most expensive commodity in a cell.

With a 25mm melamine faced MDF casing, Contour’s anti-ligature tv cabinet is well-equipped to meet the demands of a YOI environment.


Reducing Tampering In YOI Cells

Tampering and vandalism is something that has a regular occurrence for young offender institutions. Often, this is to devise a self-made weapon to inflict harm on themselves or to others.

Improvised weapons are generally made through destructing other resources inside an offender’s cell. The need for specifiers to source strong, top-quality products is essential in ensuring the safety to inmates and officers.


Authorised Access Only

For specifiers looking to further reduce tampering, they should seek products that have a secure locking system that can be accessed via authorised personnel only.

Contour’s tamper-proof tv cabinet has a strip-hinged front door that securely locks away interior components inside the casing, making unauthorised access highly unlikely.



Whether your project is around the specification of a safer cell, standard cell, or communal area, Contour’s anti-ligature TV cabinet is well-equipped to meet the demands of a YOI environment.

For more information, talk to one of our experts today.

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