Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is a key requirement for the holistic well-being of patients, staff, and visitors within healthcare facilities. While meticulous attention is often directed towards visible sanitation measures, there are some often-overlooked elements contributing to infection control, including radiators and their covers.  

We’ll look at some challenges associated with conventional radiator designs and how the strategic selection of a radiator cover can result in substantial influence over infection control within a healthcare facility. Explore innovative solutions, such as Contour's DeepClean LST radiator covers and antimicrobial technologies to enhance hygiene in healthcare settings.  

Infections can spread rapidly in healthcare environments and furniture like radiator covers can be a potential breeding ground for microbes. Common challenges that come with conventional radiators include: 


Difficulties In Cleaning And Maintenance 

Radiators in operation inherently attract dust, establishing an environment perfect for microbial growth. The challenge intensifies with conventional radiator designs, where access to cleaning is often hindered. Cleaners frequently face difficulties in accessing narrow slots with traditional dusters or vacuum nozzles, increasing the risk of microbial proliferation. (Check out these cleaning tips for LST radiators.)  

Choosing a radiator cover with an easy-cleaning design, such as the DeepClean LST radiator cover, proves instrumental in overcoming these challenges. Featuring a full drop-down door assembled with an original, quick-release hinged mechanism, this design streamlines the cleaning process, making it both rapid and uncomplicated.   

 In contrast to conventional radiators that are notorious for impeding rigorous cleaning routines, the DeepClean LST range offers a solution that aligns with NHS guidelines, advocating weekly cleaning with the removal of radiator covers as part of a 'damp-dusting' regimen. The open-end shoulder design further facilitates installation in tight spaces and eradicates the presence of inaccessible nooks where dust and microbes tend to accumulate.   

Unlike conventional radiator designs that compromise cleanliness due to their challenging structures, the DeepClean LST provides an efficient solution tailored for thorough cleaning. 

 specialist safe heating design for mental healthcare facilities

Material Robustness and Antimicrobial Technology 

In areas with high foot traffic, radiators are particularly vulnerable to the bumps, scratches, and wear and tear of daily use. The consequences of these incidents bring more than simply concerns about the looks, as surfaces with scratches become hiding spots for microbes. When cracks or fissures develop, water or moisture can penetrate, further intensifying microbial activity.  

This is why material robustness and antimicrobial technology are important elements in the selection of radiator covers. Radiator covers, such as the DeepClean LST, are crafted from resilient 1.5 mm Zinc steel with a built-in antimicrobial treated coating powered by BioCote®.  

 Infused with antimicrobial additives, DeepClean LST radiators provide optimal protection against bacteria and mould. The surface of the LST radiator is more hygienic and less likely to be a potential risk of cross-contamination. In a liveward experiment conducted by BioCote®, results found that BioCote® protected products were considerably less contaminated with a 96% reduction in bacteria.  

BioCote® has been successful in showing effectiveness against notable microbes, such as Salmonella and strain Munich. Proven to reduce microbes on protected surfaces by an astounding 99.99% in just two hours, BioCote® provides significant support against infection control.  

 This dual approach addresses concerns related to the physical durability of the radiator covers and ensures a hygienic and robust heating solution for your facility. 

 specialist safe heating design for mental healthcare facilities

Enhanced Infection Control with Antimicrobial DeepClean LST 

Apart from supporting regular cleaning practices, the integration of built-in antimicrobial technology offers an extra edge in infection control. The DeepClean range goes beyond the ordinary by featuring a powder coating on both the inside and outside, seamlessly incorporating BioCote® protection technology into our LST radiators and radiator covers to inhibit the growth of microbes on surfaces, ensuring cleaner and safer heating.  

 The incorporation of BioCote® antimicrobial technologies has demonstrated an impressive reduction of microbes by up to 99.99% and represents a proactive step towards improving hygiene standards. Conventional radiator designs pose cleaning challenges, fostering environments with higher risks of microbial proliferation and the potential spread of infectious diseases.  

 DeepClean LST tackles these challenges head-on with a unique easy cleaning design, providing easy access for cleaning and minimising hidden spaces where dust and microbes thrive. Find out how antimicrobial LST can simplify your facility's hygiene management. Get in touch today and schedule a consultation with one of our heating experts. 


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