Is A Convector Heater Better Than a Fan Heater for Public Spaces (1)

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the right type of heater for a public space.

First, you'll want to think about the size of the room and how many people will be using it. If the space is large and there will be many people using it, then a convector heater may be the better choice. Convector heaters are designed to evenly distribute heat throughout a room, making them ideal for large spaces. But a fan heater may be a better option if you're looking for a more compact option that can still provide good coverage. Fan heaters circulate warm air around a room, making them ideal for smaller spaces.

So, which one is right for your needs? It depends on your specific project requirements.


What Is a Convector Heater and How Does It Work?

A convector heater is a type of radiator that uses convection to efficiently and quickly heat a room. Convection occurs when warm air, produced by the heat emitter in the radiator, rises naturally towards the ceiling and circulates the room. As it reaches the cooler walls, it travels back down and is again heated by the convector before rising again. This cyclic motion (called convective circulation) results in even temperatures throughout a room much faster than traditional radiators.

Additionally, convector heaters are typically highly efficient due to their configuration and innovative design, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking for an effective and cost-efficient heating system to heat a large commercial or recreational space.


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The Benefits of Using Convector Radiators in Public Spaces

Convector radiators are an efficient and reliable way of providing general heating to public spaces. Compared to traditional heating products, convector radiators don't require much maintenance since they have no moving parts, especially when fitted with a fin emitter. This makes them especially ideal for use in public areas, where keeping the area warm may be a challenge.

Convector radiators are more energy-efficient than fan heaters; this greater energy efficiency results in lower running costs that can benefit the businesses or organizations that utilize them.

Taking all these factors into consideration makes convector radiators an excellent option when seeking an economical and effective way to provide heating in wide-reaching public spaces.




The Drawbacks of Using a Fan Heater in Public Spaces

Fan heaters are well-known as a quick and inexpensive way to keep spaces warm. However, when used in public areas like offices or shops, fan heaters can cause more problems rather than solutions - especially if the fan is too powerful for the size of the area. Aside from dealing with potential safety risks due to the fan’s open motor and exposed blades, fan heaters can dry out the air which at best leads to a drop in air quality and can even lead to health complications.

If a fan heater is used incorrectly or not maintained, it could also release unwanted smells or gasses inside the space it is attempting to heat.

Finally, fan heaters produce a significant amount of noise that may become distracting if left on all day long. As such, fan heaters should be considered before opting for this short-term heating solution in public areas.


Why A Convector Heater Is a Better Choice Than a Fan Heater for Public Spaces

When it comes to selecting a heater for public areas such as offices, showrooms or waiting rooms, convector radiators offer a far superior choice than fan heaters. This is due to convector radiators being exceptionally efficient at circulating warm air through the space without drying out the atmosphere.

In comparison, fan heaters can have an extremely high running cost due to their inefficiency and directly blow heated air into a concentrated area rather than evenly across the area. Furthermore, convector radiators are much safer with no electrical components exposed as would be the case with a fan heater and come with added energy-saving features like thermostatic control for accurate temperature management.

The Sovereign Range uses convector heaters with lamella heat exchangers, which are proving to be a popular product due to their effortless design and effective heat output whilst maintaining safety.


How To Use a Radiator Safely in Public Spaces

To safely use a radiator in public spaces, you should first check the temperature of the radiator and make sure it is at a comfortable, safe level. In addition, you should always make sure to take care when moving around the radiator to avoid burns from accidental contact with scalding surfaces.

Finally, any sharp edges on the radiator should be padded or covered to prevent cuts or abrasions. With these simple steps in mind, using a radiator in public places can become an easy and safe way to warm up a room without sacrificing safety. Sovereign comes with all these features as standard to provide a safe and comfortable heating experience in any environment.



The bottom line is that convector heaters are a safer, more efficient option for public spaces than fan heaters. If you’re considering installing a new heating system in a public space, we urge you to talk to an expert about your options. Contour has years of experience helping our clients choose the best possible heating products for their projects. We’d be happy to advise you on the best heating solution for your requirements – just give us a call or send us an email!


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