In April 2022, energy bills increased by 54%. By October, they were expected to increase by an additional 80%.

Despite emergency measures being taken by the UK Government to offset it, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you’re going to be in for a surprise when heating bills land.

This problem is going to be amplified for those responsible for heating large commercial spaces or even schools and public areas, posing the question, ‘is there a way to heat up commercial spaces more efficiently?

It’s no surprise commercial spaces are more expensive to heat than single homes, so finding ways to offset this is going to be better for the end user.

This blog explores the methods in which commercial spaces can be heated more efficiently (financially and from an energy usage point of view), presenting you with three clear options to consider.


Install Underfloor Heating – 25% More Efficient Heating In Commercial Spaces

As commercial spaces are typically large and open-plan, underfloor heating is a common choice for heating commercial spaces. As it heats the concrete or tile floor, the space is heated 25% faster than conventional radiators can.

Underfloor heating is created through either electrical heating wire or through oil systems, both of which heat up large spaces more effectively.

This efficiency is supported by a lack of additional heating peripherals. No ducts, and no units, all you need is the underfloor system itself.

The problem is cost.

Because underflooring hearing requires your flooring to be completely dug up, prices are well in excess of £10,000. Despite this cost, it can be offset as underfloor heating is 25% more energy efficient.




Use Natural Ventilation To Increase Commercial Space Heating Efficiency

Natural ventilation is a passive heating technique that enables you to use less artificial ventilation. When you have an open commercial space with lots of windows, you might want to open the windows at night to allow air to circulate.

When based in the UK, however, there is less chance that the outside temperature can significantly influence indoor temperature. Opening windows will do nothing more than let the cold, wet weather in, causing you more concerns for efficient heating.

This article calls the process in the winter months, ‘flawed’ for those reasons.

In the right environment, this option is ideal for commercial spaces as the cost savings can be astronomical. But in the UK, you’re likely to have to fork out even more for your heating if your solution involves letting cold air in.


Energy Efficient Radiators

One obvious solution is to find more energy-efficient radiators.

It’s one thing to find a significant energy saver when it comes to your heating, but when push comes to shove, you’re likely to be spending more money on installing entirely new heating systems.

If your commercial space has existing pipework and runs off of a boiler system or new ground source heat pump, then why waste the pipes running through the walls and floor?

Heating more efficiently doesn’t need to mean ripping out an old system and replacing it. Something as straightforward as finding new energy-efficient radiators for your commercial spaces can make heating up your space far quicker.

Aluminium for instance heats up 15% quicker than other radiator materials. Something as simple as the material, or having fan-assisted or emitter models also contributes to faster heating.

Finding options that work to this level of efficiency are going to be official for your commercial fit-out.


Energy-Efficient Heating For Commercial Spaces

While there are a variety of options to help heat your commercial space, cheaper and more energy-efficient, radiators present the best option.

Each has its own advantages, but if a traditional heating system already exists in your commercial space, then use it.

The existing pipework lends itself to energy-efficient radiators, and if new heating systems such as air or ground source pumps are going to be implemented, energy-efficient radiators will continue to run seamlessly.

With options of natural convection or fan-assisted models through the Contour Sovereign range, commercial spaces can be heated two times faster than traditional radiators.

If you would like to consider your energy-efficient radiator options or learn more about Contour’s Sovereign radiator range, then speak to a member of our team or book a free consultation.

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