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4 Mar 2020

Where Are LST Radiators Required?

UPDATED: This blog post about LST radiators was updated on March 2020 to reflect more information and latest pictures.  Low surface temperature (LST) radiators are integral to providing safer environments for Service Users. They are the [...]

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21 Nov 2019

How Easy Are LST Radiators To Maintain In Care And Nursing Homes?

The need for efficiency and easy maintenance has never been more prevalent in care and nursing homes. Such environments are subject to a variety of activity throughout the busy day. Whilst the residents may not be as mobile on their feet, [...]

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19 Nov 2019

LST Radiators For Dementia Suffers In Care Homes

Care homes face the challenge of accommodating the varying needs of residents, whether physical, mental or both. In accommodating those needs, careful consideration needs to be placed on the design of equipment, furniture and resources. [...]

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14 Nov 2019

4 Reasons Why LST Radiators Are Essential For Care Homes

Specifying radiators for care homes can be a challenge, particularly when so many factors are at play. Safety guidelines relating to radiator surface temperature is only a small part of the bigger picture. Design features, heat efficiency [...]

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12 Nov 2019

Selecting LST Radiator Guards For Care & Nursing Homes

More and more care and nursing homes are being prompted to consider the surface temperature of their radiators to ensure that they meet safety standards. According to government regulations, radiators that exceed a surface temperature of [...]

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7 Nov 2019

Heating Considerations For Retirement Villages

We’ve been blogging about safety considerations regarding radiators for care and nursing homes. However, facilities such as retirement villages should not be overlooked. Whilst occupiers of retirement villages are not as vulnerable to [...]

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5 Nov 2019

Care & Nursing Homes: The Safety Considerations

In all healthcare and residential environments, safety is a driving factor in the types of resources you choose to specify. When it comes to radiators in care and nursing homes, there are certain factors worth considering, which we will [...]

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22 Oct 2019

Anti-Ligature Vs LST Radiators In Education

As educational settings differ, so do their requirements in terms of resources and furniture. Low Surface Temperature (LST) and Anti-Ligature radiators and covers differ based on their characteristics and intended use. This will impact on [...]

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19 Mar 2019

Can LST Radiators Be Installed In Listed Buildings?

In older, listed buildings the requirement for safe heating such as LST radiators requires special attention to ensure that the space is suitable for installation and that it isn’t damaged throughout the process. Contour have been blogging [...]

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31 Jan 2019

Can You Make LST Radiators More Aesthetically Pleasing

In environments where LST radiators are required for safety, it’s important to find heating solutions that match the aesthetics of the setting. This is because, in certain spaces, the aesthetics of a room can impact upon those using the [...]

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