LST Radiators For Dementia Suffers In Care Homes

LST Radiators For Dementia Suffers In Care Homes

Posted by Kelly on 19 November 2019 12:31:50 GMT

Care homes face the challenge of accommodating the varying needs of residents, whether physical, mental or both. In accommodating those needs, careful consideration needs to be placed on the design of equipment, furniture and resources.

There are approximately 311,730 people with dementia living in care homes across the UK, a statistic highlighted by Alzheimer’s Research UK. This accounts for 60% of people currently receiving care.

The complexity of the disease means that suffers can exhibit unpredictable behaviours, compromising their safety. Whilst Dementia is a broad term used to describe a number of different conditions affecting the brain, common symptoms include memory loss, confusion, disorientation and various sensory challenges.

Due to the unpredictable nature of Dementia, high-quality and safe heating solutions should be specified to meet those needs.

LST Radiators For Dementia Patients

Contour’s care home projects have allowed them to acquire knowledge of the challenges that staff face when caring for Dementia patients. One of the biggest challenges for those suffering from the later stages of the disease is the inability to recognise when they’re at risk.

That is why standard radiators pose a particular danger due to the hot surface temperatures that they could potentially reach. Standard panel radiators emit a surface temperature 80°C, which is considered a severe burn risk and the reports speak for themselves.

Back in 2017, Kathleen Walters, who suffered from dementia, was left with severe second degree burns on her back after being found slumped against a radiator in her bedroom.

Mrs Walters, who was 80 at the time, was so badly burnt that she needed a four-hour operation and a two-month recovery in hospital. You can read the full article here.


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LST Radiators Provide Ultimate Heat Safety

Contour’s LST radiators are designed to protect vulnerable people from the hot radiator underneath the cover. This means that care home residents aren’t in danger of severe burns, whilst remaining warm and comfortable.

Quite often, it’s not the radiator itself that can cause the potential injury. At times, exposed pipework can account for many burn incidences, so it’s worth considering what measures you have in place to conceal exposed ancillary piping and components.

Contour’s LST radiator guards completely cover any pipes within the heat emitter. For cases where large sections of pipework is visible, Contour offers a range pipe boxing solutions.


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Additional Benefits to LST Radiators For Alzheimer’s Sufferers

It’s not just the surface temperature that could pose as a potential risk to Dementia sufferers. Elderly residents are often unsteady on their feet. Those with Parkinson’s-which is a form of Dementia-will be particularly unstable.

With that in mind, we recommend that you look beyond the obvious safety benefits that LST radiators possess.

Contour’s LST radiators are manufactured with rounded, bullnose corners which prevent further injury in the unfortunate case of a trip or fall. Without the pointed edges that most common radiators have, Contour’s radiators provide ultimate protection against injury.


Wrap Up

With the complexity of Alzheimer’s and other Dementia-related challenges that care homes deal with, the safety of users is of utmost importance.

Contour’s LST range provides solutions to the numerous issues that standard radiators have, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

For more information on how Contour can help with your care home’s heating solutions, speak to one of our experts today.


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