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The moment you start your school heating project, doesn’t it feel like time is always against you? 

Because you want to cause minimum disruption to the education environment, these projects are often undertaken out of hours or during the limited school holiday window.  

Unlike projects in other industries, delays, setbacks and moving timelines aren’t possible when it comes to education. With all of this to think about, it’s like trying to push water uphill. How can you make sure you complete everything on-time, on-budget and to your standards? 

What’s needed is a specific radiator or heating product that can help take the strain off these potential roadblocks.  

Delivered on time, exactly when you need it and helping make education installations run to schedule, we’re exploring what the perfect low surface temperature radiator for schools should look like. 


An LST Radiator with Split Delivery  

How many times have you fitted your radiator cover, only for the flooring team, or painters to turn up and undo all of your work to finish theirs?  

This is a common issue when working on projects with tight deadlines or multiple trades, but there is an easy way to solve it. Split delivery.  

Based on your LST radiator being split into different components delivered as and when required, split delivery means when it comes to your school heating, everything can be done in order, without disruption.  

The most important thing to consider when you’re selecting an LST radiator for a school is if split delivery can be achieved.    

You want to be able to fit the emitter before even worrying about the covers; you want to make sure the walls are painted before you start mounting radiators to them…   

Because the LST radiator can be delivered in phases, you can reach these landmarks without disruption and without keeping them in storage.  

No more worrying about where you’re going to store 50 radiators for a week! 


Keeping Heating Safe In Education 


LST Radiators with A Quick Lead Time 

You’ve ordered your school LST radiators but they’re still days away from being delivered. The clock’s ticking on your project and the school opens in less than a week, how will you get everything done on time? 

This issue can quickly be resolved by opting for LST radiators that suppliers have in stock, ready to go. By keeping end panels ‘on the shelves’, Contour’s Covora Lite LST radiator can be delivered in as little as 3 days.  

When you place your order, all that’s needed is for the radiator cover to be punched, boxed, and sent. Easy. 

This approach means Covora Lite has the quickest lead time of any heating product from Contour and your education project can begin without delay. 


LST Radiators for Safer Education Environments 

Safety is paramount in schools, hence the need for low surface temperature radiators. 

While an off the shelf LST radiator will be available from builder’s merchants and the like, these won’t go beyond providing the maximum surface temperature of 43oc. You need to find a radiator suited to the education environment specifically.  

A radiator manufactured from steel to withstand everyday bumps and bashes is key, but you also want to consider preventing the biggest cause of damage to school radiators.  

Pencils, pens and other foreign objects are often the culprits when radiators stop working. Combat this by finding a low surface temperature radiator with pencil proof grilles 

Designed for that exact purpose, their unique size helps regulate the heat of the radiator while also stopping any foreign objects from finding their way in and damaging your hard work.  


What Is The Best Low Surface Temperature Radiator For School? 

Don’t just go for the LST radiator you’ve used before or can easily get from the wholesalers next door; it’s important to see the bigger picture and find a radiator designed for schools.  

Split delivery can make a huge difference to project efficiency, as can lead time. On top of that, you need to consider the day-to-day rigours the radiator in a school setting will undertake. Something like pencil proof grilles or the material it’s made from help keep the LST radiator doing its job without the threat of damage. 

Ticking all of these boxes and more is Covora Lite. The latest low surface temperature radiator in Contour’s extensive collection, it’s suited to these school and education heating fit-outs, helping you hit those ever-present deadlines without compromise.  

Keeping Heating Safe In Education

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