In the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future, the National Health Service (NHS) is taking significant steps towards decarbonising its operations. A big part of this transition is adopting sustainable heating solutions with heat pumps powered by low-emission electricity.  

The NHS Goes Green with Commercial Heat Pumps 

Did you know that hospitals and healthcare facilities often have a high demand for heat and hot water?  

 Commercial heat pumps have been a versatile, readily available, and low-carbon heat generation option that can be easily scaled to meet the NHS's needs in decarbonisation and establishing sustainable practices.  

Various NHS facilities have already taken proactive steps towards sustainability with a strong focus on carbon emissions reduction and growth in recycling rates. 

 To facilitate the transition to more sustainable heating solutions, the NHS has received financial support from the Phase 2 Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme, which would provide support in heat pumps installations in NHS facilities.  

 Tim Rook – Chartered Engineer at Clade Engineering, explains the processes involved behind the NHS installing heat pumps: 

 “Heat pumps are the only scalable, available and viable low carbon heat generation technology. In particular natural refrigerant heat pumps – r290 heat pumps and CO2 – offer a very low carbon sustainable heating option. CO2 heat pumps can generate very high temperatures suitable for hospitals where cleanliness and hygiene are of vital importance.” 

specialist safe heating design for mental healthcare facilities

 The Benefits of Installing Heat Pumps in NHS Hospitals 

 Heat pumps installations in NHS hospitals can bring forth multiple advantages, including: 

Lower Energy Cost  

 Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, leading to substantial cost savings over time. By transferring heat from lower to higher temperatures (like the air), they require less energy to maintain a comfortable and reliable temperature within the building. 

Improved Air Quality 

 Heat pumps do not rely on fossil fuels for heating, reducing harmful emissions and improving local air quality. This contributes to a healthier environment for both healthcare workers and patients.  

Better Energy Security 

 By shifting away from dependence on fossil fuel imports, the NHS improves its energy security, ensuring a consistent and reliable heat supply.   

Heat pumps can reduce energy consumption and expenses by transferring heat from a lower temperature source to a higher one, such as the surrounding air. This means that less energy is required to maintain a consistently comfortable and dependable temperature in the area.   

If your facility is planning to implement or already using a heat pump system, it’s essential that your choice of anti-ligature radiators is heat pump compatible when you’re upgrading the heating system of your facility.  


Safe & Sustainable Heating For NHS Mental Health Facilities: DeepClean Extra 

 Looking to specify an anti-ligature radiator for your facility? 

 The DeepClean Extra range is a specialist heating solution designed in response to real-life challenges encountered in the mental healthcare sector. It ensures the products remain attuned to the evolving and unique needs of the environment, and are heat pump compatible at the same time. It mitigates any potential safety risks, all the while reducing energy costs and contributing to a lower carbon footprint in your facility. 

 Built with robust and durable 1.5-2mm Zintec Steel or Magnellis Steel for wet rooms, this range is engineered to withstand demanding environments with ease. The anti-ligature design incorporates IP3X-rated grilles tested by a UKAS-accredited laboratory and certified to protect against the ingress of objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter. Anti-ligature TRV kits are also available to allow service users to take control of their heating to increase comfort levels.  

 Get in touch today and book a free consultation with one of our heating experts to discuss anti-ligature heating solutions for your facilities.  

 Our specialist heating solution, the DeepClean Extra range, is designed to address the challenges unique to mental healthcare facilities. With robust and durable materials, anti-ligature features, and IP3X-rated grilles, it ensures the safety and well-being of your patients and staff. They are also fully compatible with heat pumps, not only reducing energy costs but also significantly decreasing your facility's carbon footprint. 

 To explore these vital insights and discuss anti-ligature heating solutions tailored to your facilities, book a free consultation with one of our heating experts today. Learn how you could achieve safe heating in your facility. specialist safe heating design for mental healthcare facilities