Renovation projects can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re working in tight areas to even tighter deadlines.

Trades working on top of trades isn’t as efficient as some think, in fact, it jeopardizes the entire project. Whether you’re ripping out and replacing old and outdated low surface temperature radiators in a complete refurbishment, or installing a handful of radiator covers, you want to make sure that your time is maximised.

After all, what’s the point in turning up if your radiators aren’t there, if the plumbing isn’t in place or if the walls still need to be painted?

If you can’t turn up and complete your job, then you’re wasting both your time and the time of the overall project.

What’s needed is a low surface temperature radiator with a split delivery. Only with this approach can you make the most of your time and complete everything when you need to with little disruption.

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LST Radiators – What is Split Delivery?

A form of ‘just in time’ delivery, split delivery is a method used by many projects requiring a larger quantity of goods or components. Splitting deliveries into small quantities in line with the requirements of the project helps control inventory investment, manage space, and allows trades to work independently when needed.

This explanation should help you understand what split delivery means for your interior refurbishments and your LST radiator requirements.

Rather than taking delivery of 50 radiator covers, emitters and valves and finding somewhere to keep them safe until they are needed, spilt deliveries mean you’ll get the right materials at the right time, every time.

This way, you can get on with your part of the installation without disruption.

Split Delivery LST Radiators Get Projects Completed On Budget

One big advantage split delivery LST radiators have over any other form of delivery is cost.

Imagine you’ve received a complete delivery that consists of all your emitters and covers. That’s a lot of material that you might not necessarily be able to install in a single day. When that’s the case, it’s important that these materials are stored safely and securely, but how much does that storage cost you?

Instead, with split delivery, you can instantly take that cost away from your budget. You can arrive on-site knowing that the materials that you need are there along with the space to get things done.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators – What About The Different Trades?

Split delivery low surface temperature radiators also stop you from having to do the same thing multiple times. If you’re working around the materials, you might find that even though you’ve installed the emitters and radiator covers, the painter or carpet installer still needs to do their work.

Next time you arrive on site, you might notice that covers and emitters have been taken off the wall to paint behind them or to fit the carpets.

“What was the point in installing them?” you might mutter to yourself as you re-install the radiators for the second time.

If the delivery had been split, this problem would not have occurred.

Instead, you would arrange the deliveries around the workload, knowing that when your radiators and covers arrive, that’s the ideal time to fit them without having to work around other trades.

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Can You Get LST Radiators With Split Delivery?

Split delivery can have a huge impact on the timeframe of your project, enabling you to make significant savings on costs.

It all comes down to having a concrete plan in place and finding radiators and covers that work around you.

Get your emitter when you need it, your LST radiator cover when you need it and your valve when you need it. Only with this approach can you really see dramatic cost savings and greater improvements in your project’s efficiency.

Looking for an LST radiator with split delivery, or just want some more information on LST radiator capabilities? Speak to a member of our team or get a price for Covora Lite.