What Is Section A 136 Suite?

What Is Section A 136 Suite?

Posted by Richard Holland on 13 January 2021 15:22:55 GMT

If you’re involved in the design or specification of a 136 suite, you will know that certain safety features have to be factored in.

In this blog we’ll go through what a 136 suite is, why someone would choose this service and the design requirements for a 136 suite.

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What Is A 136 Suite?

The 136 suite provides safety for individuals who have been arrested under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act by the police following concerns that they are suffering from a mental disorder.

Once these individuals are in the suite, they’re assessed to establish whether they need treatment.

Qualified mental health staff ensure that the needs of the detained person are fully met.

They work to ensure that the protection and dignity of the individual are preserved until a decision can be made by the assessing team as to which treatment is best for the individual.


Key Features In A 136 Suite

These environments need to provide a sense of safety and calmness in its design because the layout of a room could enhance or restrict feelings of serenity.

The environment they’re in can increase or reduce feelings of physical security, promote/reduce mobility and impact the patients’ mental health.


Why Would Someone Choose This Service?

A 136 suite treat all service users and carers with the upmost dignity and respect during what can be a distressing period.

In the suites, a detained person is seen quickly to avoid needless delays to the assessment process.

The suite is a comfortable environment and has a separate area for carers to relax in.


Contour Heating Solutions For 136 Suites

136 suites are environments that’ll need to provide security and protection against suicide.

Therefore, all fittings and fixtures in this suite will need to be anti-ligature to provide the utmost safety for individuals.

An anti-ligature solution is one that prevents anyone from attaching anything to it that could inflict harm to themselves or anyone else.


Minimising Sharp Objects

LST radiators and air conditioning guards can be vandalised to the point where it has sharp objects that can be used to cause self-harm. In these environments, strong and robust heating is essential to avoid vandalism.


Strong And Robust

Contour’s LST radiators and air conditioning guards can be manufactured with 1.5-2mm Zintec Steel to provide a robust solution, if required, additional strengthening struts can be added too.


Small Grilles

Grilles in a radiator or air conditioning guard must be small so that there isn’t the risk of something being tied to cause harm.

Contour’s LST radiators and air conditioning guards can be made with IP3X grilles to ensure the grilles are anti-ligature so it minimises the risk of someone attaching a ligature to them.


No Gaps Or Joints

A fully-sealed air conditioning guard or LST radiator with no gaps or joints can provide security for individuals at a 136 suite.

Contour’s Deepclean Extra design ensure there’s no gaps between the casing and the wall via our full frame design. This is achieved via a full frame and butt strap design which closes up any gaps that


No Sharp Edges And Bullnose Corners

Although this might sound obvious, it’s useful to keep in mind. An air conditioning guard or LST radiator with any sharp elements could be used for self-harm or as a weapon.

Bullnose corners are corners that are rounded, an air conditioning guard or LST radiators with this feature will provide a smooth edge. This is useful to reduce ligature and accidental injury when passing.



A 136 suite’s main purpose is to offer safety and security to individuals that are arrested under the Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

Many design features need to be considered to provide this level of safety and this included the heating solutions too.

Contour can supply and manufacture anti-ligature LST radiators and air conditioning guards to meet the security levels of a 136 suite.


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