In the UK, we are no strangers to uncomfortably cold temperatures. It’s clear then why heating systems are essential in an educational environment, to create a comfortable learning and working space for students and staff.   

Whether it’s a secondary school or University, choosing the right heating system for educational institutions is important, In this blog post, you will learn the three key attributes of modern heating and why it’s so important. 

 Why Choosing The Right Heating System For Educational Institutions Is Important? 


Energy-Efficient Radiators Reduce Operational Costs With Energy Savings 

Thermal comfort is an essential and significant ongoing cost factor for educational institutions. Choosing the right heating system can ensure thermal comfort while keeping energy consumption and bills at a minimum.  

Space heating has been the most dominant end-use of a building’s energy consumption in the UK, accounting for 49 percent of the non-domestic stock’s energy use.  

Since most educational institutions are usually quite extensive, the cost of maintaining a comfortable temperature within the building can be significant. Universities in Europe can spend an average of £8.10 per square meter for heating annually.  


Stable Heating In Learning Environment Improves Student Performance 

Based on a study conducted by Healthy Schools, students in classrooms that are either too hot or too cold tend to experience discomfort and distraction, which in turn negatively affects their performance in academic tasks. 

Maintaining a stable and comfortable temperature in classrooms is essential for creating an optimal learning environment that promotes student engagement, productivity, and academic success. 

   Statistics showing the importance of thermal comfort

3 Main Elements Of Modern Heating For The Educational Sector 

While the primary function of a radiator is to provide heat, a modern heating solution should offer more than just the basics. A high-quality heating system typically comprises three essential elements:

  1. Safety
  2. Sustainability
  3. Style

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NHS Digital recorded 863 admissions for burn injuries caused by contact with heating appliances, radiators, and pipes from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022, an approximate 6% increase as compared to the previous year. 

The statistics highlight the importance of choosing a low surface temperature (LST) radiator. An LST radiator ensures that the surface temperature does not exceed 43°C, which significantly reduces the risk of burns while still providing sufficient warmth to the room. 

Safety features like rounded corners and edges can also help to mitigate the risk of injury in case of a trip or slip. 



There is no doubt that energy efficiency plays a vital role in modern heating.  

Space heating constitutes a significant portion of the energy consumption and running cost for educational institutions like Universities and Colleges.  

Installing energy-efficient radiators goes a long way toward bringing substantial positive impacts both environmentally and financially.  

A low water content and fan assistance feature in radiators can facilitate rapid heating, which will reduce energy consumption and operating costs. 



Students’ satisfaction with the learning environment is strongly linked to their perceptions of the facility's aesthetics and spatial organization and whether a facility reflects their school’s mission. 

  Campus appearance influenced the decision of up to 80% of prospective students (1)

Savvy institutions recognize the role physical environment plays in their marketing efforts and how it drives investment in their facilities. 

Showcasing iconic elements, such as a bridge, clock tower, sculpture, or monument, can establish a sense of place and honour campus traditions, unique identity, and history.  

The last thing you want is a radiator that has an unpleasant design, which would detract from the overall aesthetic you’ve tried to establish. A sleek design allows the radiator to blend in seamlessly and enhances the aesthetics of educational premises by adding a professional touch to the space.  

The use of colour can also further articulate intention and build cohesion within a campus palette. It’s crucial to be able to colour-match your radiators to match the theme of the space.  3 key elements of modern heating

Sovereign: The Epitome of Modern Heating for Schools of Higher Education 

The Sovereign range offers a safe, efficient, and stylish heating solution ideal for the educational sector.  

It only requires a small water content for controlled rapid heating. It reduces thermal inertia when heating and allows a rapid reaction to ambient temperature fluctuations caused by accidental heat gains, ensuring stable thermal comfort.  

We prioritise aesthetics as much as performance. The Sovereign range can be customized and colour-matched using a RAL chart to match the design and colour scheme of the building. 

New call-to-actionOur designer radiators also come with a contemporary bench design that serves additional functionality beyond decorative appeal.  

With a diverse range of designs that cater to different needs, the Sovereign range provides an excellent selection of options for a variety of locations. If you are thinking about upgrading your institution's heating system, get in touch with our experts today to discuss your project and how we can help.