After a comprehensive comparison of the three common heating options for healthcare facilities, anti-ligature radiators stand out as the optimal choice for mental healthcare facility refurbishment projects. However, it’s important to note that not all anti-ligature radiators are created equal. (Read more about the comparison here)

Keep reading to discover more specific attributes you should be looking for in anti-ligature radiators suitable for mental healthcare facilities.


Common Issues With Conventional Anti-ligature Radiators

There are some common issues you are likely to find in conventional anti-ligature radiators with dated designs, including:


Difficulties In Internal Cleaning

Traditional radiator covers designed for anti-ligature radiators with fixed units can create difficulties and consume significant time when it comes to accessing and cleaning them​. Internal cleaning of these radiator covers often necessitates complete disassembly, making the process time-consuming and labour-intensive​.

It'd be challenging to manage without extensive assistance from facilities or estate personnel.​ The need for additional assistance impacts the facility's cleaning schedules and hygiene standards, potentially leading to delays in maintenance and a higher risk of compromised hygiene.

Be sure that your choice of anti-ligature radiators is easy to maintain, service, and clean to keep disruptions to patient care​ minimal. Accessible designs, such as those found in the DeepClean Extra range, streamline cleaning and maintenance tasks for facility management staff, facilitating regular cleaning to maintain hygiene standards. Anti-ligature radiators featuring anti-microbial coatings like BioCote® also contribute to preventing hospital-acquired infections such as E. coli and candida, ensuring a safer and cleaner heating environment within the facility.

specialist safe heating design for mental healthcare facilities

Vulnerable To Damage

Radiators that are not robust enough are more vulnerable to damage​. Individuals with certain mental health conditions or behavioural challenges may engage in destructive behaviours that can cause damage to the radiators, e.g. ​

  • Hitting or Kicking
  • Removing Covers
  • Stuffing Objects
  • Writing or Scribbling
  • Climbing on Radiators

When choosing an appropriate anti-ligature radiator, it's vital to assess the radiator's material for sturdiness and durability, as well as its design for tamper resistance. Opt for radiators crafted from robust materials such as Zintec Steel and equipped with security features like Pin Hex and key locks to prevent unauthorised access. Additionally, ensure that all wall and floor fixing points are located internally to safeguard against non-permitted access, removal, or tampering by service users.


Potential Stash Points

Many conventional radiator cover designs leave gaps that could create stash points, a critical concern in mental healthcare settings​. It is essential to carefully choose products with safety measures built-in to eliminate stash points, like a full frame design with open-end shoulders and minimal gaps​.

For example, the DeepClean Extra range features a full frame design that allows components to be sealed with anti-pick mastic and further reduces the possibility of stash points. The bespoke sizing service offered also allows tailored dimensions to fit the radiator seamlessly into the space, leaving no room for service users to hide medications or prohibited objects.


Is Your Choice Of Anti-Ligature Radiator A Safe Heating Design For NHS Facilities?

As previously mentioned, anti-ligature radiators can vary significantly in their features and effectiveness. Your choice of anti-ligature radiators should incorporate these essential features to mitigate the challenges commonly associated with traditional anti-ligature radiator designs for safer and more hygienic heating:

  • Full Frame Design with Anti-Pick Mastic Sealing
  • Bespoke Sizing Available
  • Internal Fixings
  • Anti-microbial & Ease of Cleaning
  • Robust Material
  • Secure Locks and Fastenings


Specialist Safe Heating For Mental Health Facilities: DeepClean Extra

The DeepClean Extra range is a specialist heating solution designed in response to real-life challenges encountered in the mental healthcare sector. It ensures the products remain attuned to the evolving and unique needs of the environment, mitigating potential safety risks.

Built with robust and durable 1.5-2mm Zintec Steel or Magnellis Steel for wet rooms, this range is engineered to withstand demanding environments with ease. The anti-ligature design incorporates IP3X-rated grilles tested by a UKAS-accredited laboratory and certified to protect against the ingress of objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter. Anti-ligature TRV kits are also available to allow service users to take control of their heating to increase comfort levels.

Get in touch today and book a free consultation with one of our heating experts to discuss anti-ligature heating solutions for your facilities.  specialist safe heating design for mental healthcare facilities