Hospital Radiators: Which LST Radiators Are Best Suited?

Hospital Radiators: Which LST Radiators Are Best Suited?

Posted by Robin Mansell on 04 September 2020 08:50:57 BST
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Hospital Radiators: Which LST Radiators Are Best Suited?

There are challenges hospitals face when searching for LST radiators. The main priority is for these radiators to be clean and hygienic for all services users to eliminate the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

These LST radiators may be anti-ligature because the top priority is the safety and wellbeing of patients and for an environment, they feel comfortable in.

Read on to discover which LST radiators are best suited for hospital environments


Which LST Radiators To Avoid

It’s no doubt that hygiene within hospitals is the top priority, so that all service users feel safe and comfortable, especially for patients that spend a considerable amount of time in hospitals.

Individuals trust that hospitals are the best place to treat infections and get better, however, hospital-acquired infections are not uncommon.

Up to 5,000 individuals sadly lose their lives every year due to hospital-acquired infections, these infections can range from MRSA, E.Coli, pneumonia and other respiratory infections.

Traditional radiators can gather dust within radiator fins and other open spaces. This can attract dirt and bacteria which multiplies and spreads. These radiators can become problematic to clean due to them being fixated to the wall.

Dust within radiator fins can be dangerous to those with respiratory infections and complications like asthma. For some, it can inflict lung disease.

Therefore, you’ll want to consider the design of radiator that gets installed on to your hospital ward.

Some designs make it more difficult to clean and maintain.

Hospital Radiators: Which LST Radiators Are Best Suited?

LST Radiator Features For Hospitals

Cleaning and hygiene are important within hospital radiators, to reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections. Contour take it one step further and offer LST radiator covers that can promote and optimise hygiene.


DeepClean LST Radiator

Our DeepClean low surface temperature radiator guards incorporate BioCote®, a patented silver-based anti-microbial agent in the LST radiator guards’ paint.

BioCote® is incorporated at the manufacturing stage, to offer optimum protection against various microbes: bacteria, mould, and some viruses.

Together with cleaning regimes and hand hygiene, it delivers the ultimate hygiene protection. Click Here to view a list of some of the notable microbes BioCote® technology has been proven effective against

Contour is regularly testing, each time we receive a batch of BioCote® powder its tested to see if it’s been mixed correctly. By measuring the consistency, we provide peace of mind that the coating is evenly spread.

These LST radiators can be floor standing and wall mounted so they can be cleaned properly underneath. To enhance hygiene levels within hospitals.

Rotarad Kit

Hospital Radiators: Which LST Radiators Are Best Suited?

Imagine having a radiator that drops down in a few seconds? With a Rotarad kit, this is made achievable. So, radiator removal can be done safely, compared to one-piece construction radiators which are hard to securely remove.

The Rotarad Kit Contour offers access behind radiators, making cleaning and maintenance quick and easy with rotating radiator valves.

Rotarad is fully compatible with our DeepClean range, by allowing radiators to be rotated down to floor-level for simple cleaning and maintenance.

This feature is ideal for hospital environments where the growth of dust and dirt can become harmful to patients. Reducing risks of infection rates for all service users.

Rotarad is an exclusive, WRAS, KTW and ACS approved rotating valve kit, which can be used on both new installation projects and retrofitted to existing radiators and eradicates many access problems.


Hospital environments should be clean and hygienic to provide overall trust and comfort for all service users. Taking this into account, Contour’s DeepClean LST radiator range can be significant in reducing hospital-acquired infections. The ultimate combination is with the use of BioCote® to reduce the spread of bacteria, mould and some viruses and with the Rotarad Kit for easy access cleaning.

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