LST Radiators: The Impact Of Colour Within Hospital Wards

LST Radiators: The Impact Of Colour Within Hospital Wards

Posted by Robin Mansell on 20 August 2020 10:39:00 BST
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LST Radiators| The Impact Of Colour Within Hospital Wards

The psychology of colour is impactful. Colour is an integral part of our life and without colour, life would be dull and lifeless. It’s all around us, with nature and it has the power to influence our feelings.

Often overlooked, colour can have a huge impact on the hospital environment. Hospitals are known for their white interior, which now psychologically has a ‘clinical’ feel.

‘It’s pure science when we say colours are infused with healing power’ (Simour). Showcasing colour in hospitals can play a part in patients’ responses towards medical care and acute recovery.

Read on to find out how LST radiators colour can have psychologic impacts…

Colour In Hospital Wards

Escaping this clinical feel, the hospital design should accommodate a comforting atmosphere as well as, a practical one.

Especially for patients who spend a considerable amount of time in a hospital – they should be able to feel at home.

A hospital stay is already a daunting experience for many individuals. Sleeping in unfamiliar spaces can be difficult, particularly if it doesn’t feel welcoming or homely. 

As soon as patients walk into a hospital they’ll instantly make a judgement on whether the hospital will provide them with the quality of care that they’ll need.

It’s imagined that green shades provide a feeling of stability and harmony whilst red can raise blood temperature and help those experiencing weakness or fatigue.

 LST Radiators: The Impact Of Colour Within Hospital Wards

Tones of orange can trigger mental activity, so orange is often avoided within psychological well-being settings.

However, orange can stimulate appetite, which can help in the treatment of those with eating disorders. Also, the use of yellow can help in processing and intestinal movements.

In dementia wards, colour can sadly become a confusing experience for dementia patients. This uncertainty can happen with patients struggling to locate bathroom facilities.

Unable to differentiate between white LST radiators and other white facilities, such as toilets, there have been cases where white radiator covers have been used as urinals or toilets.

Colour In Children’s Wards

Children can often become frightened in unfamiliar places such as, hospitals. Therefore, colour psychology is important for the overall feeling of contentment for children.

Contour have previously installed green LST radiators that blended in with a children’s ward which was jungle themed.

LST Radiators: The Impact Of Colour Within Hospital Wards

This was to help elevate anxiety levels that may slow down children recovery rates so that the children felt secure and at home.

The overall objective was to transform a cold clinical ward into a friendly and calming environment for children. Whilst maintaining optimum hygiene levels with our BioCote® radiator coating.


RAL Chart

LST Radiators: The Impact Of Colour Within Hospital Wards

Working from a RAL chart, Contour can deliver almost any colour LST radiator, to match with your colour schemes.


It’s no doubt colour can have profound effects on all walks of life within hospitals. Working from a RAL code and a RAL chart, Contour can provide you with LST radiators in a range of colours to suit your needs - both aesthetically and psychologically.

We understand the psychology of certain spaces. As part of our consultancy, whilst working alongside you, we can understand your needs to make appropriate colour recommendations.

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