The Regulations For Fan Assisted Radiators With Heat Pumps

Are you considering installing fan-assisted radiators alongside a heat pump system? If so, it's important to ensure that all the necessary regulations are followed for optimal performance and safety. In this blog post, we'll look at the current regulatory requirements for using fan-assisted radiators with heat pumps and explore some best practices to consider.

This guide will be useful whether you're just getting started on your project or need help troubleshooting existing equipment.


What Are Fan Assisted Radiators And How Do They Work With Heat Pumps? 

Fan assisted radiators are a great way to make efficient use of heat generated by heat pumps. The fan attached to the radiator circulates warm air and distributes it throughout the space where the fan assisted radiator is located.

This design ensures a desirable temperature is evenly distributed throughout a room regardless of its size and location. It makes fan assisted radiators an important component of heating systems powered by heat pumps in both residential and commercial spaces.  

This allows for greater comfort and potential savings on bills from reduced expenditure on energy use while, as fan assisted radiators can achieve higher outputs on lower flow rates, providing a greener heating method. 


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Early Considerations of Pairing Fan Assisted Radiators With a Heat Pump 

There are some things you need to consider before specifying radiators for use with heat pumps. The first and most important thing is to check the pipework. If the system includes microbore pipework drops, then radiators might not work well. You also need to think about the characteristics of each room to determine its thermal performance. Consider: 

  • Quality and type of windows in each room 
  • Size of wall cavities 
  • Amount of insulation within them 

Addressing these factors will minimise the chances of an incorrect system being installed. Our heating experts can provide you with advice and support for selecting the best heating systems for a space. 




What Are The Regulations For Using Fan Assisted Radiators With Heat Pumps In The UK? 

In the United Kingdom, fan assisted radiators must be installed under Building Regulations if they are used in combination with heat pumps. All fan assisted radiators must meet the performance requirements of BS EN 442.

This is a European Standard for radiators and convectors. The aim of the BS EN 442 regulations is to ensure the adequate performance of central heating systems, such that they are safe and effective for use.

  1. The fan assisted motor should not restrict fan speed or airflow unless specified during installation, and its minimum rating should not be less than 10W for room-sealed fan assisted radiators.  
  2. A flow switch needs to be fitted downstream of the fan assisted radiator to prevent heating before fan operation. A flow switch is a switch which can open or close to increase or decrease the rate at which the radiator heats up. 
  3. Fan assisted radiators must be sited and installed according to manufacturer instructions so that optimal performance can be maintained at all times.  

The UK government has put in place many regulations on the use of fan assisted radiators with heat pumps. It is important to comply with these regulations, as failure to do so could result in illegal operation and damage to equipment.  


How Do I Guarantee My Fan Assisted Radiators Are Compliant?  

We recommend you work with a heating specialist who can advise you on which high-quality, innovative products you should specify or install in your project for optimum results.  

If your radiator supplier can offer a full turnkey solution that covers conducting site surveys and collaborating to develop bespoke guards, case designs and manufacture, all the way through to installation, then you are more than likely to be specifying a compliant fan assisted radiator.  



 If you plan on using a fan assisted radiator with your heat pump, it is important to be aware of the special regulations that come along with this type of installation. Contour's Sovereign range provides a wide selection of quality products that meet all the requirements for safety and performance. Browse our choice of fan assisted radiators today to find the perfect model for your school or business. 

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