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15 Oct 2020

How Durable Are Air Conditioning Guards?

Air conditioning guards are made to protect air conditioning units from damage and corrosion to ultimately increase their longevity and durability. Keeping this in mind, a guard must be strong and robust to offer the protection that air [...]

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9 Oct 2020

Why You Should Consider Anti-Ligature Air Conditioning Guards

Architects, specifiers, and ward managers are continually seeking ways to reduce self-harm and suicide in mental health settings. This has led to the development of anti-ligature products designed to protect all users that may encounter [...]

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30 Sep 2020

What Are The Benefits Of An Air Conditioning Guard?

An air conditioning unit can provide you with many benefits, including improved air quality, increased comforts, and lower energy bills. An air conditioning guard works to protect your current units in place. Keeping this in mind, what are [...]

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24 Sep 2020

Introducing Our Bespoke Air Conditioning Guards

Not all buildings conform to a standard construction. In fact, older buildings will have unique 'quirks' that makes them interesting and gives them character. Whilst, visually, these buildings are great, it does mean that the fixtures, [...]

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16 Sep 2020

LST Radiators: Pros & Cons Of Different Heating Systems For Hospitals

For hospitals, I’m sure you’d want to make sure you’re choosing the right heating solution. With busy corridors, nurses and doctors making sure patients are comfortable and visitors checking in on their loved ones, a relaxed temperature is [...]

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11 Sep 2020

Why It’s Essential To Have Prefabricated Cut-Outs For Hospitals

Hospital environments are busy with a lot of things going on. With hectic environments and hard-working doctors/nurses, it’s important that the installation process within hospitals is quick and easy to cause as minimal disruption as [...]

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4 Sep 2020

DeepClean Hospital Radiators: Saving The Healthcare Sector Millions

Contour has enabled the NHS to potentially save over £35 million since 2006. This has been done by developing the innovative DeepClean LST radiator and anti-ligature guard range. Our DeepClean LST radiator can help optimise hygiene within [...]

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28 Aug 2020

Why Having Accessible Radiator Guards Is Essential Within Hospitals

With the risk of infections at an all-time high, ‘COVID-19 moves people to focus on their personal health’ (Businesswire). Whenever we can, it’s important to look after our health for our ourselves and the sake of our loved ones. If that [...]

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20 Aug 2020

Hospital Radiators: Why Antimicrobial Protection is Essential

Hospitals can be daunting places, with lots of things always going on. Amongst this, it’s important to keep the hospital environment as comfortable and as hygienic as possible for patients, staff and visitors. The importance of hygiene in [...]

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30 Jul 2020

Can LST Radiators Be Recycled?

In today’s day and age, it is apparent that we are becoming more conscious of the footprint that we create on our planet. Sustainability and recycling are matters that are driving awareness around being greener in both our business and [...]

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