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2 Jul 2020

Can LST Radiators Be Aesthetically Pleasing?

As we have discussed previously, low surface temperature (LST) radiators are a necessary component to any heating elements in any home, structure, or location where the general public, children, or members of any vulnerable population can [...]

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26 Jun 2020

Who Needs LST Radiators and Covers?

LST Radiators have been an important safety-related part of modern heating systems for several years. These devices are critical where specialised heat emitters are needed for safety. LST radiators are especially necessary in any place [...]

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18 Jun 2020

Hands Up: Schools That Need High-Quality, Low-Cost LST Radiators

Alarmingly, most non-LST radiators heat to 75⁰C.  With temperatures this high, there is a strong risk that children in schools could sustain dangerous burns. This is where Covora high-quality, low-cost LST radiators come in.

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28 May 2020

Are LST Radiators For Schools Hygienic?

Upholding exceptional hygiene standards in all educational settings is of utmost importance, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.  Now, more than ever, those responsible for the refurbishment of a school environment should be looking at [...]

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21 May 2020

How Does BioCote Protection Work On LST Radiator Guards?

Now, more than ever, we are acutely aware of the dangers surrounding the spread of infection - particularly in places of care such as hospitals and care homes. Many LST radiators and guards now incorporate antibacterial or anti-microbial [...]

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15 May 2020

How Are LST Radiator Covers Made?

LST Radiators are an essential safety feature in many spaces such as primary schools, hospitals and residential care homes meaning they must be manufactured to the highest possible standard to maintain safety standards and high-quality [...]

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17 Apr 2020

How Long Do LST Radiators Last?

For those working in educational or healthcare environments, LST radiators are an investment in better performing and longer lasting heating solutions. Despite this, such environments are often restricted due to lack of budget, which can, [...]

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3 Mar 2020

How Do LST Radiators Work?

UPDATED: This blog post about LST radiators was updated on March 2020 to reflect more information and latest pictures.   To bring safe heating solutions to the healthcare, education and commercial sectors that we work with, Contour supply [...]

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27 Feb 2020

The Sovereign Range Is Here: Check Out Our Latest Product

Contour is delighted to introduce our new range of heat convectors: The Sovereign Wall & Floor LST. This post aims to highlight the Sovereign’s product characteristics, and what makes it a unique addition to our growing portfolio of [...]

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20 Feb 2020

Your Guide To Correct Radiator Specification In Prison Settings

There are a range of product characteristics to consider when carrying out the re-design and/or refurbishment of a prison setting. Suicide, violence, vandalism and the concealment of contraband are issues that the custodial system faces, [...]

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