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24 Sep 2020

Who Should Use Air Conditioning Guards For Safer Heating?

There’s no doubt that air conditioning systems are one of the most expensive commodities within a setting, so you must aim to avoid damages and vandalism that might occur. Read on to discover who can benefit from using air conditioning [...]

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28 Aug 2020

How To Minimise Dust Traps Within A Hospital LST Radiator

Traditional radiators can gather dust. This is due to them having open spaces that can attract a multitude of dirt and bacteria which causes them to multiply. These radiators can become difficult to clean due to them being fixated to the [...]

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4 Aug 2020

Why Should You Use LST Radiators?

There are certain environments where a low surface temperature heating solution is vital. This is because particular areas in commercial sectors such as schools, hospitals and care homes - cater to those who are more at risk of injury [...]

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4 Aug 2020

Who Fits LST Radiators?

LST Radiators can be an invaluable safety asset to a school, hospital, or care home because they reduce the risk of scalds and burns - making environments safer for staff and service users. Due to the nature of low surface temperature [...]

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21 Jul 2020

Are LST Radiators Expensive?

In sectors such as healthcare and education where budgets are tight and there is a drive to make money go further, the installation of LST radiators can seem daunting to some in terms of cost. To settle the concern around LST radiators and [...]

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2 Jul 2020

Can LST Radiators Be Aesthetically Pleasing?

As we have discussed previously, low surface temperature (LST) radiators are a necessary component to any heating elements in any home, structure, or location where the general public, children, or members of any vulnerable population can [...]

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26 Jun 2020

Who Needs LST Radiators and Covers?

LST Radiators have been an important safety-related part of modern heating systems for several years. These devices are critical where specialised heat emitters are needed for safety. LST radiators are especially necessary in any place [...]

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18 Jun 2020

Hands Up: Schools That Need High-Quality, Low-Cost LST Radiators

Alarmingly, most non-LST radiators heat to 75⁰C.  With temperatures this high, there is a strong risk that children in schools could sustain dangerous burns. This is where Covora high-quality, low-cost LST radiators come in.

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28 May 2020

Are LST Radiators For Schools Hygienic?

Upholding exceptional hygiene standards in all educational settings is of utmost importance, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.  Now, more than ever, those responsible for the refurbishment of a school environment should be looking at [...]

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21 May 2020

How Does BioCote Protection Work On LST Radiator Guards?

Now, more than ever, we are acutely aware of the dangers surrounding the spread of infection - particularly in places of care such as hospitals and care homes. Many LST radiators and guards now incorporate antibacterial or anti-microbial [...]

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