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Are Radiators Dangerous If They Aren’t LST?

LST Radiators are often installed because they offer a safer alternative to a traditional radiator.

Contour have put together this blog post to explore the differences between traditional and LST radiators and why, in certain spaces, one is a safer alternative to the other.



Traditional Radiators

Young children and vulnerable adults are at a greater risk of injuries such as burns if they come into contact with a hot surface on a radiator.

In certain environments such as care homes, schools and hospitals, this means that a traditional radiator could be considered a safety risk as it doesn’t stay at a consistently low temperature. This makes it potential risk for burns.

According to YouGen: “Traditionally, radiators fed by central heating systems operate at higher temperatures (from 60 to 80 degrees C).” At that temperature, should somebody fall against then, there is a risk to their safety.

This is why LST radiators, which run at lower temperature, as often the preferred choice for schools and hospitals.


LST Radiators

LST Radiators | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

LST Radiators run at much lower temperature than traditional radiators. Recommendations from the UK government state an advised level of 43°C.

By fitting radiators at a lower surface temperature, a safer environment is created. In schools and nurseries, where young children are often running around or perhaps stopping by radiators to lean on them during break times, there needs to be a safety measurement in place to protect them from injuries.

By installing LST radiators, children can continue their learning in a warm environment that keeps them safe at the same time.

This is also true of hospitals and care homes, where vulnerable people can feel safe as they move around the space.


Additional Safety

Bespoke Design

LST radiators from Contour can be designed on a bespoke basis to fit any space. This offers benefits that a traditional, mass-produced radiator cover doesn’t as you can feel assured that it will be an exact fit to your specifications.



Our LST radiators also come with BioCote® antimicrobial technologies to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E-Coli by up to 99.9%. This is perfect for schools and hospitals where hygiene is a primary concern.


Pencil Proof Grilles

For additional safety in schools, we can also include pencil proof grilles into our designs. This stops small items being pushed into the radiator covers but also prevents fingers getting caught to!



While traditional radiators aren’t dangerous, they can be considered a health and safety risk in certain environments where vulnerable people are spending time.

LST radiators are the safer alternative for spaces that require heightened levels of protection for those who require extra care when it comes to heating solutions.

Contour LST Radiators come with multiple additional features that make them a superior safety option to traditional radiators such as pencil proof grilles and a bespoke design to suit any environment.