13 Jun 2019

Anti-Ligature TV Cabinets For Mental Health Wards

The core aim of Contour is to provide safe, effective solutions to environments where those who are most vulnerable are at risk. These environments include: Schools Nurseries Hospitals Residential care homes GP Surgeries Mental Health […]

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13 Jun 2019

Anti-Ligature Products for Mental Health

As Contour continues to lead the way for anti-ligature solutions, we are pleased to introduce our three new products for mental health environments. They are: The Anti-Ligature Ventilation Grille The Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet The Anti-Ligature Light Switch Cover […]

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7 Jun 2019

Radiator Surface Temperature Regulations For Schools And Nurseries

How hot should radiators be in your classroom and nursery? Everyone agrees that the safety and wellbeing of the children in your care are at the heart of everything you do as educators. Providing a safe and comfortable learning environment is key to the educational outcomes of your pupils. Read on to learn about current legislation relating to radiator surface temperature and how this affects you. […]

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5 Jun 2019

Can You Get Large LST Radiator Guards?

In certain spaces radiators can be larger than normal, with some going wall to wall. With all Contours radiator guards being made to measure, a large LST radiator guard is not a problem. Schools are a common place where radiators are normally larger, with some running lengths of rooms. Contour has been blogging to explore this in more detail to answer our customer’s questions about large LST radiator guards. Read on to find out more… […]

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23 May 2019

Colour Psychology – Coloured LST Radiator Guards

Following on from Mental Health Awareness week and our presence at the Design in Mental Health Show this year is our Colour psychology e-Book. Colour impacts the way we feel daily, without us even realising. This is how it can be an asset when used in vulnerable environments such as healthcare, education and care. This blog gives a brief overview of colour, how it impacts us and how Contour comes into the mix. For more information view our full e-Book on Colour psychology below. […]

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15 May 2019

Wire Radiator Guards VS Metal Radiator Guards

There are a few options when it comes to selecting radiator guards for your project, including anti-ligature, LST radiator guards and also wire mesh radiator guards.Contour specialises in providing metal radiator guards in the below sectors: Healthcare Education Mental Health Commercial & Office Social Housing Security Read on to find out more… […]

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24 Apr 2019

How Does BioCote Protection Work On LST Radiator Guards?

Contour is the only UK company to incorporate BioCote®’s antimicrobial protection into LST and Anti ligature radiator guards. This unique, innovative technology reduces microbes such as MRSA and E.coli by up to 99.9%, providing effective, hygienic and long-lasting protection to Contour LST and Anti-ligature radiator guards. Read on to find out more… […]

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11 Apr 2019

Selecting LST Radiator Guards For Schools

Schools can sometimes have radiators that are in awkward places which need radiator guards, Contour understands this struggle so every radiator cover is made to measure and bespoke. The priority is the safety and wellbeing of the students within the environment they are already familiar with. Read on to find out more… […]

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9 Apr 2019

Selecting LST Radiator Guards For Hospitals

Contour understands the challenges that hospitals are faced with when looking for LST radiators, Anti-ligature radiators and the radiator cover market. The priority is the safety and wellbeing of patients within the environment they already feel comfortable in. Read on to find out more… […]

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26 Mar 2019

How Long Does It Take To Install LST Radiators?

The installation of LST radiators has to be carried out by qualified plumbers to ensure that they are properly fitted in line with safety requirements for schools, hospitals, care homes and other commercial spaces. Contour has been blogging about the installation of LST radiators and how these safe heating solutions can help you. Read on to find out more… […]

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21 Mar 2019

Where Should You Install Coloured LST Radiators?

Installing LST radiators into a space doesn’t have to mean installing plain white radiator covers that are clinical in appearance and often don’t match the tone of the room. Contour Heating supply LST radiators in different colours and we understand how different colours can affect how a space works for its users. Read on to find out more… […]

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19 Mar 2019

Can LST Radiators Be Installed In Listed Buildings?

In older, listed buildings the requirement for safe heating such as LST radiators requires special attention to ensure that the space is suitable for installation and that it isn’t damaged throughout the process. Contour have been blogging about installing LST radiators into listed buildings and what considerations have to be taken into account during the process. Read on to find out more… […]

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14 Mar 2019

How Do You Repair LST Radiators?

In the unlikely event of there being a problem with your LST radiators, it’s important to understand what to do to get them repaired. Contour have been blogging about what you should do if you encounter an issue and the steps that we’ve taken in our LST radiators to minimise the chances of this happening. Read on to find out more… […]

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11 Mar 2019

Can I Have A Free Standing LST Radiator?

In commercial environments such as offices, hospitals and schools the design of the space can sometimes make the installation of a wall mounted heating system difficult and an alternative solution is required. Contour have been blogging about the alternative option of a free-standing LST radiator and how it can help you to create safe heating for your spaces. Read on to find out more… […]

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27 Feb 2019

Where Can I Purchase LST Radiators?

Installing LST radiators into a space can create safer environments for staff and service users or students. Choosing the right supplier for you is vital to ensuring that you receive the best heating solutions for your needs. Contour Heating have been blogging about where you can purchase LST radiators from and the options that we can provide to you to give the LST radiators that best match your requirements. Read on to find out more… […]

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25 Feb 2019

How Many LST Radiators Do You Need?

Getting the right number of LST radiators to meet the temperature requirements can vary based on the size of the environment that you have available. Here at Contour, we’ve been blogging about how you can ensure that you get the right number of LST radiators for your space. Read on to find out more… […]

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22 Feb 2019

What Do You Do If Your LST Radiator Doesn’t Work?

LST Radiators are an important safety aspect in many commercial environments and it’s vital that they are working to their full capacity to keep spaces comfortable and up to the required temperature standards. If your LST radiators aren’t working, there are several factors that could be causing the fault. Contour have been blogging about potential causes and what you can do if you do encounter an issue with your LST radiator. Read on to find out more… […]

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21 Feb 2019

How Are LST Radiators Delivered To Site?

When providing LST Radiators, it’s important that the way that they are delivered to site offers minimal disruption to the client and to those within the space, particularly in a school or hospital where calm environments are key. Contour have been blogging about the different ways in which LST radiators are supplied to site and how this is managed in a way that is convenient for the client. Read on to find out more… […]

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15 Feb 2019

How Are LST Radiator Covers Made?

LST Radiators are an essential safety feature in many spaces such as primary schools, hospitals and residential care homes meaning they must be manufactured to the highest possible standard to maintain safety standards and high-quality levels. Contour have been blogging about the manufacturing process for how LST radiators are made, making sure that we meet our customer’s needs, creating quality heating solutions every time! Read on to find out more… […]

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8 Feb 2019

How Do I Convert My Radiators To Be LST?

LST radiators offer several safety benefits that make them appealing to schools, hospitals, care homes and other commercial spaces where vulnerable people are moving around. They help to prevent the risk of burns and scalds from hot surfaces by reducing the surface temperature of the radiator cover. Spaces looking to convert their radiators to a low surface temperature solution often come to us to find out the options around creating safer heating solutions. To answer these questions, we’ve been blogging about how you can convert your radiators to LST radiators and create safer heating. Read on to find out more…   LST Radiators to Suit Your Needs   There are two options available to those looking to create low surface temperature heating solutions in their schools, health centres or care homes: Install an entirely new LST radiator Cover existing radiators with LST radiator covers. Installing new LST radiators means replacing existing radiators with new. This would require a drain down of the system or a pipe freeze which incurs additional cost. However, with replacement to new LST radiators you get freedom over the size of radiator you choose without losing substantial heat output. Alternatively, you can install LST radiator covers over existing radiators to give you a safer heating solution that removes the risk of burns and scalds from hot surfaces. Installing a radiator cover in a commercial setting is different from installing the ones that you would find in a home. Domestic radiator covers are often made from softer [...]

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7 Feb 2019

What Type Of Grilles Come With LST Radiators?

In safety conscious environments such as schools and hospitals, it’s vital that safe temperature standards are adhered to without impact on the heat output. The grille design of LST radiators should ensure that heat output is not affected and that safety standards are maintained. This helps to keep staff and service users protected from burns and scalds. Contour have been blogging about the different types of grilles available for LST radiators and their pros and cons. Read on to find out more. […]

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1 Feb 2019

Why Should You Use LST Radiators?

There are certain environments where a low surface temperature heating solution is vital. This is because particular areas in commercial sectors such as schools, hospitals and care homes, cater to those who are more at risk of injury around hot surfaces. Contour have been blogging about why it’s important to consider LST radiators are part of your heating solution to create safer spaces for staff and service users. Read on to find out more…   […]

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31 Jan 2019

Can You Make LST Radiators More Aesthetically Pleasing

In environments where LST radiators are required for safety, it’s important to find heating solutions that match the aesthetics of the setting. This is because, in certain spaces, the aesthetics of a room can impact upon those using the area. Here at Contour, we often speak to people about how we can maintain their carefully planned colour schemes or themes while installing safe heating solutions. Read on to find out more! […]

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24 Jan 2019

How Do You Know Which LST Radiator To Specify?

When installing LST radiators into a space, it can be difficult to know which ones you will need when specifying the best options for your space. Here at Contour, we have been blogging about how you can understand which LST radiators to specify when installing them into your school, hospital, care home or other commercial space.Read on to find out more… […]

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17 Jan 2019

Who Fits LST Radiators?

LST Radiators can be an invaluable safety asset to a school, hospital or care home because they reduce the risk of scolds and burns, making environments safer for staff and service users. Because of the nature of low surface temperature heating solutions, it’s vital that they are properly installed by the right team. Contour have been blogging about who should fit your LST radiators and why proper installation is key. Read on to find out more... Project Types LST radiators should be installed by plumbing and heating engineers. On a traditional build project, M&E consultant engineers will have already specified what the design and size of the LST radiator will be to be when it’s installed. This ensure that you always get the best heat output for the space. This differs from design and build projects. In these projects, it’s up to the contractor to design the system and they choose the size of the LST Radiator.   The Installation Process   When installing an LST radiator, the first thing that needs to be considered is the final position it will have on the walls. In areas with limited spaces, it’s important to know where the LST will be to help decide the placement of furniture and other services which could otherwise clash with the casing once it’s been installed. Once the LST radiator has been hung on the wall, the flow and return water feeds can be connected. The entry pipes to the LST radiator can depend on each [...]

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11 Jan 2019

What Warranty Comes With An LST Radiator?

When installing  an LST radiator into a space, many of our customers like to feel reassured that, in the unlikely events of a problem, Contour will be there to help them and that their products are protected. This is where warranties become an important part of the LST radiators that we offer here at Contour.  We have been blogging about the warranty that we offer and how this helps to reassure our customers looking to install quality heating solutions. Read on to find out more… […]

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10 Jan 2019

What Are LST Radiators?

In environments that are regulated for working and surface temperatures, LST radiators are often the first point of reference for compliance and safety. But what are they? Contour has been blogging about LST radiators and how they work to create a safer heating solution for schools, hospitals and commercial environments. Read on to find out more…   […]

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9 Jan 2019

How Do You Clean LST Radiators?

LST Radiators are a key heating solutions for many hygiene conscious environments such as residential care homes, hospitals and education facilities such as primary schools and nurseries. In these places, it’s important to ensure that cleanliness is at it’s best to reduce the risk of bacteria spreading which can affect patient wellbeing and student attendance rates. Contour have been blogging about how to keep LST radiators clean in your schools and hospitals. Read on to find out more…   […]

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4 Jan 2019

Can I Get Vertical LST Radiators?

In certain areas of a school, hospital or residential care home, wall space is limited. This can cause concerns over the installation of adequate heating solutions if there is only a small amount of space available. To combat this concern, Contour can supply vertical LST radiators that are designed to suit whatever space you have available and to maintain high standards for your heating solutions. Read on to find out more… […]

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2 Jan 2019

Do LST Radiators Rust?

One of the main concerns about the installation of LST radiators is whether or not they will rust. Rust is not only unsightly but can also cause long-lasting damage to the structure of a radiator and, when installed into commercial environments, this can be worrying from both a safety and a financial perspective. Contour has been blogging about LST radiators, rust and what we’ve done to prevent it developing as much as possible. Read on to find out more… […]

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31 Dec 2018

Can I Have A Pencil Proof LST Radiator?

When installing LST radiators into schools and nurseries, a primary concern of many of our customers is the issue of small items, particularly pencils, being pushed through the grilles. Here at Contour, we have been blogging about the design features that we include in our LST radiators to meet these requirements. Read on to find out more… […]

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28 Dec 2018

Which Countries Require LST Radiators By Law?

LST radiators are an invaluable addition to a heating solution no matter where they are installed. They are a safe method of heating a space that protects everybody within it from the risk of injuries and burns as a result of contact with the surface. Certain countries require the use of low surface temperature heating solutions in particular areas because of the safety benefits that they can offer. Read on to find out more… […]

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26 Dec 2018

Can Heated Towel Rails Be LST?

Heated towel rails are a popular bathroom feature to be used as both a radiator and an aesthetically pleasing addition to a space. But can they be low surface temperature radiators as well as towel rails? Contour has been blogging to explore this question and to find out what low surface temperature options there are for bathrooms. Read on to find out more… […]

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24 Dec 2018

How Do You Balance LST Radiators?

Balancing a heating system is about making sure that all of the LST radiators are heating up at the same rate. If an LST radiator is in need of balancing you might find that some are hot while others are cold a visa versa when the system should all be working in unison. Contour have been blogging about how to balance LST radiators and why it’s important to maintain a fully working heating system. Read on to find out more… […]

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19 Dec 2018

Are LST Radiators Suitable For Wet Environments?

In schools, hospitals and residential care homes, a properly working heating solution is vital to ensuring complete comfort for staff and service users and to maintain compliance with working temperature regulations. This includes bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets. Many of the clients that we deal with from the commercial sectors are concerned about the suitability of LST radiators in wet environments such as these because of the water presence that is found there. Here at Contour, we have been blogging about our LST radiators and why they’re suitable for wet environments. Read on to find out more… […]

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18 Dec 2018

Are LST Radiators Expensive?

In sectors such as healthcare and education where budgets are tight and there is a drive to make money go further, the installation of LST radiators can seem daunting to some in terms of cost. To settle the concern around LST radiators and their expense, Contour has been blogging to discuss how LST radiators can actually drive up cost efficiency for your school or hospital, or any educational or healthcare environment. Read on to find out more… […]

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14 Dec 2018

How Do I Get Pencils Out Of LST Radiators?

Here at Contour we understand that in some environments, such as schools and nurseries, there is a chance of pencils and other small items like pens and crayons being pushed through LST radiator covers.  We have designed LST radiators in such as a way that, if this happens, retrieving the items is simple, quick and easy and have put together this blog post to guide you through it. Read on to find out more… […]

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12 Dec 2018

Are LST Radiators Efficient?

In schools and hospitals, as well as in other healthcare environments, there is an ongoing effort to create more cost-effective solutions for the operational side of the establishments. Heating solutions are often seen as a high-cost expense and there is a growing concern about the efficiency of LST radiators because many spaces require maximum levels of cost-effectiveness while maintaining the best standards. Read on to find out more… […]

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10 Dec 2018

Who Needs LST Radiators?

LST radiators are an important safety feature in many commercial spaces such as schools, hospitals, residential care homes and many more. A big question around LST radiators is who needs to consider installing them into spaces.  Read on to find out more… […]

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7 Dec 2018

Where Should You Locate LST Radiators In A Room?

The location of an LST radiator in a room is an important issue for many of our customers. Making sure that they are positioned for the optimal levels of safety and comfort is vital to creating a welcoming space where staff and service users can relax. Contour have been blogging about the optimal places to locate LST radiators to ensure that they are in the best place for customer satisfaction and heat output. Read on to find out more…   […]

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6 Dec 2018

What Valve Options Are There For LST Radiator?

When it comes to LST radiators, one of the most commonly asked questions that we receive is regarding the valve options. Generally, these questions are what options do we offer for the temperature control and can the service users control the temperature themselves? Contour has been blogging this week about the valve options available to our customers and the choices that they have when installing their LST radiators. Read on to find out more… […]

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5 Dec 2018

How Do You Bleed An LST Radiator?

Bleeding an LST radiator is sometimes necessary if you’re finding that the heat output from them isn’t up to its usual standard. Contour has been blogging about why you’ll sometimes need to bleed your LST radiators and the safest way of doing so. Read on to find out more… […]

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4 Dec 2018

Christmas 2018: Contour Opening Hours

Christmas is rapidly approaching. The lights are up and the trees are being decorated! With the festive season about to begin, Contour has put together this guide for our Christmas opening hours and advice on when you should place your orders by for your heating solution delivered before Christmas. […]

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3 Dec 2018

What Colours Do LST Radiators Come In?

Here at Contour, we understand that every customer is different and not everyone wants the same standard white LST radiator in their school, hospital, care home or nursery. Sometimes a colourful heating solution is more appropriate. We have been blogging about the colours that we can provide LST radiators in and why a range of options is beneficial to our customers. Read on to find out more… […]

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30 Nov 2018

How Often Should You Check LST Radiators?

To maintain a safe heating system at all times, it’s important to check your LST radiators are up to their full standard. Contour has been blogging about when you should check your LST radiators and why it’s important, to ensure that in the winter months when heating systems are vital everybody knows what to look for when checking their heaters. Read on to find out more… […]

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29 Nov 2018

How Do You Clean Behind LST Radiators?

In hygiene conscious environments, cleanliness isn’t an options; it’s a requirement and NHS guidelines state that hospital LST radiators should be cleaned at least one a week. In schools this is less strict, but hygiene standards must be maintained. Contour have been blogging about the design of our LST radiators and how they are suitable for easy access for cleaning. Read on to find out more…   […]

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28 Nov 2018

Using RotaRad Valves To Improve Radiator Cleaning Processes

Contour Heating work with clients across a variety of sectors to bring safer heating solutions, including the education, healthcare and commercial spaces. To maintain hygiene levels within these areas, Contour have partnered with RotaRad to improve the accessibility of our radiators to make them easier to clean and maintain. Read on to find out more… […]

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26 Nov 2018

How Robust Are LST Radiators?

In the education and healthcare sector, a robust heating solution is the best way to ensure that the LST radiators are able to stand up against the day-to-day challenges of these environments. Contour has designed LST radiators to be more durable against the passing traffic of schools and hospitals and to make them longer lasting; vital in sectors where budgets are already tight! Read on to find out more… […]

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23 Nov 2018

How Do You Maintain LST Radiators?

LST radiators are designed to be long-lasting, safe heating solutions for whatever space they are installed into. To ensure that they are always operating to their full potential, it’s vital that they are properly maintained. But what’s the best way to do that? Contour has been blogging about maintaining LST radiators and ensure that they are consistently meeting their expected potential. Read on to find out more…   […]

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23 Nov 2018

How Long Do LST Radiators Last?

LST radiators are an investment in better performing heating solutions for many of our customers. We work alongside clients from the education and healthcare sector, as well as many others, and often see that budget is a large part of any concerns that they have. We understand that adding LST radiators to a setting is an investment for a lot of our clients and that knowing that they are long lasting is a huge reassurance to them. Read on to find out more about our LST radiators and their lifespan… […]

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20 Nov 2018

Can You Have Wall-To-Wall LST Radiators

In certain spaces, LST radiators need to be fitted wall-to-wall rather than as stand-alone structures. This can be as a safety or a design feature; it depends entirely on the needs of the customer and the spaces we install into. Wall-to-wall LST radiators have many benefits. Contour has been blogging to explore this in more detail to answer our customer’s questions about wall-to-wall LST radiators and the positive changes they can bring to a space. Read on to find out more… […]

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19 Nov 2018

Can LST Radiators Be Recycled?

We are becoming more and more conscious about the footprint that we create on the planet. Sustainability and recycling are issues that are driving awareness around being greener in both our business and personal lives. We work with metals across all of our products; LST radiators, radiator covers and pipe-boxing. Contour has been blogging about the recyclability of LST radiators and radiator covers when they come to the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. Read on to find out more… […]

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14 Nov 2018

Are LST Radiators Required For Doctor’s Surgeries?

As much as we try to avoid it, sometimes a trip to the doctor’s is necessary. Surgeries are often thought of as clinic settings with alarming posters and uncomfortable chairs. Despite their sometimes-unappealing aesthetics, medically, doctor’s surgeries should be one of the safest places that you can be. After all, you’re surrounded by training medics! Contour has been blogging this week about how GP surgeries can be made even safer with the inclusion of LST radiators in waiting rooms and consultation spaces. Read on to find out more…   […]

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13 Nov 2018

How Do You Install An LST Radiator?

How we install LST radiators is a question that we are often asked here at Contour. We strive to ensure that customers understand our process from start to finish to make sure that they are satisfied with our service at all times. Contour have been blogging about LST radiator installation and the different factors of consideration around this. Read on to find out more… […]

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12 Nov 2018

What’s The Smallest LST Radiator That You Can Have?

When installing LST radiators into a space, it’s important that they are the right size for the area available. Smaller spaces require smaller heating solutions. Often bathrooms or smaller bedrooms raise questions from our customers about the smallest LST radiators that we provide. Read on to find out more…   […]

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9 Nov 2018

Who Makes LST Radiators?

When looking for safer heating solutions, LST radiators are often the first port of call for most people. They offer a strong heat output while maintaining low surface temperatures to protect service users. But who makes them? Contour manufacture LST radiators for the care, health care and education sector, creating expert heating solutions for safer environments. Read on to find out more… […]

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6 Nov 2018

What Heat Outputs Do LST Radiators Give?

One of the biggest questions that we are asked at Contour is what heat outputs do our LST radiators give? This week Contour have been blogging about the topic of heat outputs and LST radiators to explore more about how effective LST radiators are at heating up a space. Read on to find out more…   […]

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5 Nov 2018

What Are The Benefits of LST Radiators?

LST radiators are a safety feature for many facilities including schools, residential care homes, hospitals and mental health wards. There are many benefits to installing LST radiators into these and many other environments. Contour has been blogging about these advantages, exploring how LST radiators are a beneficial addition wherever they are installed. Read on to find out more… […]

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2 Nov 2018

Can You Get Designer LST Radiators?

LST Radiators are often thought of as being large, clinical looking constructions for hospitals, residential care homes or schools. This can make the atmosphere feel intimidating to service users. Contour are often asked if we can make designer adjustments to our LST radiators to make them less clinical-looking. We have put together this blog post to explore the designer options available to our customers. […]

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1 Nov 2018

What Are The Pros And Cons Of LST Radiators?

LST Radiators are a heating solutions that many managers choose to install into schools, hospitals and care homes.  They protect service users from the dangerous temperatures that can be generated from radiators that aren’t LSTs. When consulting with customers, Contour are often asked what the pros and cons are of installing LST radiators. We have put together this blog post to provide guidance on the subject of LST radiators and to answer this question. Read on to find out more… […]

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29 Oct 2018

Are Radiators Dangerous If They Aren’t LST?

LST Radiators are often installed because they offer a safer alternative to a traditional radiator. Contour have put together this blog post to explore the differences between traditional and LST radiators and why, in certain spaces, one is a safer alternative to the other.   […]

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24 Oct 2018

How Do LST Radiators Work?

To bring safe heating solutions to the healthcare, education and commercial sectors that we work with, Contour Heating supply LST Radiators to ensure low surface heating protects service users from burns and scalds. But how do they work? Contour have produced a blog post exploring how LST Radiators work, and how the provision of safe heating can protect everybody in a space. Read on to find out more… […]

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23 Oct 2018

Why Do I Need LST Radiators?

LST radiators are an integral safety feature in many environments. In schools, nurseries and hospital spaces they are a requirement for the protection of service users. But why are they important? Contour Heating have put together a blog post examining why LST radiators are important and why you should consider them as part of a safer heating solution. Read on to find out more… […]

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22 Oct 2018

Where Are LST Radiators Required?

LST Radiators are an integral part of providing safer environments for service users in a space. They are the recommended safe heating solution for a number of facility types across multiple sectors. Read on to find out more! […]

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18 Oct 2018

What Size LST Radiators Do Contour Supply?

When installing LST radiators, their size is important to a lot of people. It can affect where they would like the radiators to be placed in a room or be related to concerns about their heat output. In fact; it’s one of the questions that we get asked the most. Let’s look at Contour’s LST Radiators and the sizes available to you… […]

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17 Oct 2018

How Do I Select An LST Radiator?

When installing  LST Radiators into your school or healthcare facility, it’s important to consider what requirements you have when selecting the perfect radiators for the setting. Let’s look at the factors you should consider when selecting LST Radiators… […]

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17 Oct 2018

How Much Do LST Radiators Cost?

LST Radiators are an effective safety feature of any facility; reducing the risk of burns to anybody who comes into contact with the surface of the radiator. Contour are often asked how much LST Radiators cost by people concerned about the financial implications for installing them into a building. Let’s find out more… […]

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12 Oct 2018

What’s The Longest Radiator Cover You Can Have?

While smaller spaces require smaller heaters, certain spaces, like school halls, care homes with communal areas are hospitals wards, may require more heaters or larger ones to keep the space at a comfortable temperature for service users. Radiator covers are used to protect individuals from injury by improving the overall safety of an area. Because of the varying sizes in radiators that you can find in a place, it’s important to have radiator covers that work to suit them. But what’s the longest radiator cover that you can have? Read on to find out… […]

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12 Oct 2018

What Are The Surface Temperature Limits For Radiator Covers?

In schools, hospitals and care homes, the provision of safety is of maximum importance. These spaces, and others like them, are designed to be safe places for learning, interacting or healing. Heating solutions in these spaces need to be designed to prevent injury or burns by limiting the surface temperature that radiators and radiator covers can get to. Read on to find out more… […]

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4 Oct 2018

How To Clean Behind A Radiator

An effective cleaning routine for radiators is imperative for every sector. Whether you’re looking to step up hygiene in classrooms, hospitals, secure facilities, or any other space, here’s how you can make your life easier when cleaning radiators with Rotarad systems. […]

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2 Oct 2018

Do LST Radiators For Schools Reduce Output?

One of the primary questions asked about the installation of radiator covers is: do radiator covers reduce the output of heat? For schools, where budgets are tightening, and health and safety laws are at the forefront of child protection, this is often a primary concern. Let’s look at the effects of radiator covers on heat output, and what to consider when installing radiator covers in schools… […]

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14 Sep 2018

How To Measure For Radiator Covers

One of the first things you need to know when replacing your LST or anti-ligature radiator covers is the size that you need to specify. This simple ‘how-to’ guide is designed to help you measure up for your radiator project, whether you’re upgrading the heating in a hospital, hospice, school, nursery school, office or secure facility. […]

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12 Sep 2018

Are LST Radiators For Schools Durable?

Schools are busy places. Classroom sizes are getting bigger every year. For facilities in schools, this means the need to be more durable against day-to-day wear and tear is becoming more and more critical. Durability is important for safety, keeping costs down and for minimising the disruption from people having to come into school to complete maintenance work. But how durable is an LST radiator is school? Read on to find out… […]

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11 Sep 2018

How Are LST Radiator Covers For Schools Installed?

Safety in schools is pivotal to the health and wellbeing of staff and students.  Contour recognises this; we complete LST radiator cover installation processes in line with procedures that maximise safety and minimise disruption. Here’s how Contour could fit your educational environments with LST radiator covers so that you remain in line with heating regulations and eliminate the risk of injury. […]

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3 Sep 2018

How Easy Are LST Radiators To Maintain In Schools?

Schools are busy places.  There’s a lot going on, whether you’re teaching, learning or you’re involved in facilitating learning processes in any other way. That’s why you need safe radiators and radiator covers that are effective and low maintenance.  Contour’s DeepClean LST heating range is designed to provide hassle-free heating at a premium quality. Contour Heating are experienced in the education sector and recognise the need for efficient solutions.  We guarantee that your LST radiators and radiator covers won’t just be low maintenance; they practically won’t need any maintenance at all. […]

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31 Aug 2018

Health And Safety And LST Radiators For Schools

Being safe at school is paramount. In the winter, when the heating in schools is often on constantly to create a comfortable working environment for teachers and pupils alike, there is often a risk of injury through burns. Contour are passionate about irradiating that risk. We provide a bespoke range of low surface temperature radiators to schools to ensure a safe but warm environment for all, where the risk of burns is minimised as a result of our excellent safety features. Read on to find out more. […]

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31 Aug 2018

What Size Radiator Cover Do I Need?

The installation of a radiator cover is a huge benefit to any environment in terms of health and safety for anti-ligature or LST purposes. But how to do you know which size cover to order? Read on to find out the best way to establish what size radiator cover you need and how Contour can help accommodate for that… […]

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24 Aug 2018

How Much Do LST Radiators For Schools Cost?

Safety in schools is the top priority for anybody working in the education sector. Preventing injury through falls and burns is one of many ongoing concerns that education providers must consider as part of ensuring that pupils and teachers are safe at all times. Contour Heating offer a range of LST Radiators specially designed with the education sector in mind. Let’s look more into the importance of LST radiators and the cost of installing them into schools. […]

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23 Aug 2018

How Much Do Radiator Covers Cost?

When purchasing radiator covers for professional facilities focusing on safety is often the top priority of consideration, as well as designing and installing products with as much ease and little interruption as possible. But where does cost fit into this? While considering the important aesthetic features of your radiator covers, including the safety elements, you will also be thinking about how much to invest in such a product, asking yourself “how much do radiator covers cost?”. Read on to find out how we at Contour can answer this question and provide safe heating solutions in a cost-effective manner… […]

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17 Aug 2018

Why You Need LST Radiators In Your Nursery School

Young children in nursery schools are perhaps most at risk of harming themselves due to unsafe radiator temperatures.  But, with Contour’s low surface temperature range, you can eliminate the risk of burns, allowing children to learn and play risk-free. To further maximise children’s safety, Contour LST designs incorporate bullnose corners to prevent sharp edges and avoid any injuries that could occur as a result of this. But Contour’s safety values don’t end here… […]

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14 Aug 2018

What Size Are LST Radiators For Schools?

At Contour, we recognise that each school is an individual learning environment that caters to the individual needs of its students and staff. All learning spaces are different, which is why no two Contour Deepclean LST radiators are the same.  We’ll cater to your specific heating needs to provide you with bespoke LST radiators and radiator covers in the sizes that you need for your classrooms. Looking for a cost-effective LST solution?  Check out our Covora range. […]

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9 Aug 2018

Are Radiator Covers Safe?

Contour radiator covers don’t create any risks.  In fact, they are designed to eliminate the risks of regular radiators. Our LST and anti-ligature radiator covers are intended to improve safety. Whether it’s high-temperature risks or ligature risks that you need to address, Contour can provide ideal radiator casings for you. […]

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7 Aug 2018

Why Are LST Radiators Suited To Schools?

There are a number of reasons why Contour highlight LST radiators and radiator covers as our recommendation for the best heating options for schools. Find out how LST radiators could improve the quality and safety of heating in your educational environments. […]

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3 Aug 2018

Introducing Our New Commercial Director: Robin Mansell

I am proud and excited to have been promoted to this new role.  I can’t believe how far I’ve progressed with Contour. Robin Mansell, Commercial Director […]

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31 Jul 2018

Hands Up: Schools That Need High-Quality, Low-Cost LST Radiators

Alarmingly, most non-LST radiators heat to 75⁰C.  With temperatures this high, there is a strong risk that children in schools could sustain dangerous burns. This is where Covora high-quality, low-cost LST radiators come in. […]

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27 Jul 2018

Success For Kelly

Contour would like to congratulate office manager, Kelly Ford on her completion of the ILM Diploma In Team Leading Level 2. […]

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26 Jul 2018

Back To School: Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases

Hundreds of thousands of children return to schools and nurseries this September.  Classroom environments will fill with breeding infections once again, inevitably re-introducing the surge of illness. While childhood illnesses are unavoidable, it’s certainly possible to minimise the risk of them to improve school attendance and the health of staff and students. To help meet the challenge of reducing classroom-associated illnesses, Contour target high levels of microbes in and around classroom radiators with our DeepClean anti-microbial, safe heating solutions. […]

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19 Jul 2018

Are LST Radiator Covers Energy Efficient?

When potential buyers ask us about LST radiator covers, they often want to know whether radiator covers affect heat output. This is a particularly important issue for schools, where heating regulations state that school classrooms should be at least 18⁰C, otherwise staff and students are liable to be removed from educational environments until adequate heating solutions are provided (Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992). Not to mention recent news updates warning of colder winters and the need for quality heating in schools.  The Guardian predicts that temperatures will be well below freezing before the end of November.  It’s vital that you’re well equipped for heating solutions that are both temperature adequate and safe.  But how can safe surface temperature radiators provide satisfactory heating while minimising injury risks? You might find it surprising to learn that heat output is barely affected at all by our LST radiator covers.  Contour provide both quality heat output and safe-to-touch surfaces in a range designed for optimum heating in schools. So, How Is Heat Retained? While it makes sense that covering your radiator would restrict the flow of warm air or block circulation, the reality is a different matter. Contour LST radiator covers have an interior coating of Kingspan foam.  This reflects heat that would otherwise be lost back into the room.  BestHeating concludes that around 45% of heat that would otherwise be lost can be retained with a well-insulated radiator cover. Alternatives While traditional radiators, electric radiant panels and underfloor heating are slow to [...]

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18 Jul 2018

Anti-ligature Radiators For Special Educational Needs Schools

When it comes to providing radiators and radiator covers for Special Educational Needs schools, catering to students’ safety requirements is our first priority.  We recognise that SEN schools are environments in which health and wellbeing are of utmost importance, and that safe radiators are vital in the minimisation of injury risks. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act (1974) requires schools to ensure the absolute safety of all special needs students, preventing exposure to avoidable risks.  Contour has developed a range of DeepClean anti-ligature radiators and radiator covers which reduce tamper and ligature opportunities, enabling SEN schools to implement heating safety measures. So, what are the features of Contour’s anti-ligature range for SEN schools? […]

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13 Jul 2018

10 Reasons Why Contour Are The Top Of The Class

Looking to refurbish your school with top heating solutions? Here are ten of the key reasons why Contour’s radiators and radiator guards are top of the class for heating in educational environments. 1) Optimum Hygiene One of the biggest concerns in schools is hygiene.  With hundreds of children mixing and learning together, bacteria can be difficult to control.  One of the main sources for germs is radiators; their warm temperatures cause bacteria to spread at their quickest, often infecting children and affecting attendance rates. To promote health, wellbeing and the ability to learn, Contour works with BioCote® to inhibit the growth of bacteria in and around LST radiators.  BioCote® anti-microbial additives are combined with the paintwork used for LST radiator covers to reduce the growth of dangerous microbes by up to 99.99%.  The anti-microbial additives have a permanent effect on the radiator covers, extending the lifetime of the covers, reducing the potential for cross-contamination and guaranteeing your school healthier classroom environments. 2) Easy To Clean While old-fashioned radiators require complete disassembly and assistance from estates personnel, Contour radiator covers can easily be removed by one person for cleaning.  Our radiators save cleaning time and costs for schools, allowing budgets to cover extra academic interests without scrimping on cleanliness.  Click here to access our step-by-step directions and instructional video for cleaning radiator covers and radiators. 3) Cost-Cutting Contour radiators and radiator covers are long-term investments.  Once installed, your cleaning costs are reduced as your covers will be permanently protected from the [...]

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13 Jul 2018

We’re Growing: Project Surveyor Joins The Contour Team

To grow our team and continue as a leading company in the world of LST and anti-ligature Radiator covers, Contour has recruited a first-class graduate as a trainee surveyor. A Growing Team Joining the team as a Trainee Project Surveyor, Jess Davies is a University of Wolverhampton graduate with a first-class degree in Interior Architecture and Property Development. When asked about her thoughts on joining Contour, Jess said she was really excited to have such an amazing team mentoring her as she settles into the role. Jess looks forward to growing within and alongside the Contour team. Jess' work placement year at university has provided her with a huge amount of relevant experience working with laser scanners and data processing to produce 3D-models. This invaluable experience will be fully utilisable at Contour and will help to grow the team and business. As a Contour surveyor, Jess will be responsible for handling a range of projects of varying sizes. Her work will not be limited to just the West Midlands, as Contour work all over the United Kingdom. Jess’ role will see her travelling across the country, measuring and surveying for products within both the standard range and the bespoke ranges of radiator covers that Contour offers. When working on site, Jess will be involved in contract management for Contour, as well as closely collaborating with the Contour team to continue their mission to provide safe and hygienically sound radiator covers for their clients. As well as her passion for interior architecture [...]

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12 Jul 2018

8 Reasons Why Radiator Covers Are A Good Idea

Deciding whether to invest in radiator covers? Contour radiator covers are designed, manufactured and installed as retrofit solutions for encasing and protecting radiators when a complete new system is not required. Here are our top eight reasons why radiator covers are a great addition to any healthcare or educational space.  […]

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12 Jul 2018

Contour Competition: Bacteria In The Box Results

‘I was shocked when I realised how much bacteria could be in one small box.’ Paul Tutt, Senior Project Manager of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust. […]

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3 Jul 2018

Colouring The Classroom: Colour LST Radiator Covers For Schools

When you re-shape your learning spaces with Contour, you can choose from our RAL chart to order LST radiator covers in any colour you like. In our first colour psychology post, we talked about the extensive spectrum of colours available for Contour LST radiators covers, as well as the psychology of colour choice.  This post focuses on the psychology of colour choice in schools and how Contour can reform your learning spaces with our range of low surface temperature, coloured radiators covers. Though function is the primary focus of radiators in education, well-executed colour palettes enhance children’s information absorption and thinking processes.  While Contour offers a range of low surface temperature radiators that are designed for optimal safety in education, we don’t forget about colour.  Often overlooked in learning environments, colour is integral to facilitating inspiring, focused classrooms for children to learn and grow. […]

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2 Jul 2018

How To Remove Radiator Covers For Cleaning

Cleaning traditional radiators has always proved to be a challenge. These radiators tend to be large, obtrusive, difficult to clean… not to mention that they are a major source of bacterial issues. For thorough cleaning, they require complete disassembly with assistance from estates personnel – a time-consuming, costly and disruptive process. But Contour has developed a fast and easy cleaning initiative with our range of LST and anti-ligature radiator covers. These covers (and the radiators that they protect) can be easily cleaned by one operative, with no need for assistance from estates personnel, saving time and reducing cleaning costs. […]

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26 Jun 2018

Are LST Radiators For Schools Hygienic?

Contour offers an extensive range of low surface temperature radiator solutions that are designed to meet the heating market’s evolving needs. Our radiators and radiator covers have been developed to meet the needs of many environments, including the education sector, focusing on the health of children in schools. To combat the spread of bacteria and improve hygiene in classrooms, Contour’s DeepClean LST radiators and radiator covers use BioCote® to minimise the spread of bacteria in nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, SEN schools and colleges. […]

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26 Jun 2018

How LST Radiators Improve School Attendance

Imagine the bacteria on the hands of 175 school children. The average bacteria count is 2000+ units per pair of hands. In the Rentokil study (2016), the hands of 175 school children were swabbed. One child’s hands measured at 9,999 units. The levels of bacteria that children are exposed to at school is worrying. As illnesses spread, children miss out on lessons and time with friends. Parents struggle to find last-minute babysitters and end up having to take time off work. […]

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15 Jun 2018

Five Top Reasons To Choose Contour Radiator Covers For Hospitals

Here at Contour, we celebrate the fact that we are UK innovation leaders for LST radiators, anti-ligature radiators and the radiator cover market. We’re acutely aware of the intense pressures that are constantly tackled in healthcare. To target these pressures, our products improve hygiene and safety, as well as facilitate healing and wellbeing. Read on to find out how Contour could benefit your healthcare environment with our range of premium radiators and casings. […]

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8 Jun 2018

What Colours Are Available for LST Radiators?

The short answer is: Any colour you like. Contour LST radiators are bespoke and made to order, meaning that no two jobs are the same.  You are empowered with complete control of the colour of your low-surface temperature radiators, suiting your designs and environments without compromising quality or lead time. You have the full RAL colour chart to choose from, offering a colour spectrum of 1625 shades. Common colours for Contour LST radiators are: White (RAL 9003) Oyster White (RAL 1013) Tele Grey (RAL 7047) Jet Black (RAL 9005) Traffic Red (RAL 3020) Mint Green (RAL 6029) Zinc Yellow (RAL 1018) Ultra Marine Blue (RAL 5002) Blue Lilac (RAL 4005) Azure Blue (RAL 5009) Why is Colour Important? Whatever the setting, colour is integral to creating atmosphere.  Colour LST radiators are core to aesthetic design and can be made to match or complement room designs.  You can even get creative with colour radiator covers by introducing lighting. Experienced with the care sector's requirements, Contour provides radiators for spaces to live and heal in.  Time spent in care environments can feel intimidating, but Contour minimises this by removing the clinical edge from products and helping to create homely spaces. Scientific research shows that certain colours stimulate specific moods and have calming effects.  This is particularly beneficial to design in Contour's healthcare, education, mental health, commercial and domestic sectors.  The Design in Mental Health Network concludes that designing with people in mind improves mood, productivity and the ways that people communicate. Contour have provided green radiators [...]

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29 May 2018

What Are The NHS Guidelines For Anti-Ligature Radiator Cover Grilles?

It is a sad statistic that according to the Care Quality Commission, three-quarters of patients who kill themselves on a psychiatric ward do so by hanging or strangulation.  There is now heightened awareness of the risks associated with ligature points in the mental health environments and secure facilities such as police cells and prisons. A ligature point is anything which could be used to attach a cord, rope or other material for hanging or strangulation. On LST radiators and radiator guards, ligature points include; grilles, exposed TRVs, gaps in the framework, gaps around the casing edge where it meets the wall and floor.  However, there are no official guidelines on the type of grille that should be used for anti-ligature radiator covers in mental health facilities. Anti-Ligature Radiator Grille Requirements Explained Although there is increasing guidance on the identification and removal of ligature points in mental health settings, there has not been any official specification for grilles used on heating products such as radiator covers and LST radiators. Many individual NHS Mental Health Trusts have adopted the advice outlined in the Home Office Police Buildings Design Guide – Custody, July 2009, Section PD3.02.14, which details that grilles, unless otherwise specified, should be perforated with 2mm holes at 4mm centres, in a triangulated pattern. The section in the Home Office document specifically relates to ventilation grilles, but it the only official government guidance in relation to hole size that exists. The Home Office guidance on grille design is widely adopted [...]

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24 May 2018

LST Radiators Q&A: How To Select LST Radiators For Mental Health Projects

Good design in mental health inpatient environments can positively impact the way that people feel about themselves, other people and even change the way that they behave. Products used in mental health environments should have the needs of the service user at the heart of their design process, to ensure that they contribute to an environment that is safe, secure and that supports healing.  This is particularly relevant in the design of LST Radiators for mental health projects, where mainstream units may not meet the challenges of these settings. The Benefits OF LST Radiators In a perfect world, heat sources would be invisible to the service user, and this is why underfloor heating and radiant ceiling panels are popular.  However, these solutions have their drawbacks in a mental health environment. Underfloor heating is slow to respond to the rapid changes in the British weather, cold mornings, followed by warm afternoons cannot be swiftly addressed with a system that can take up to 8 hours to warm up.  This inertia can lead to people either feeling too warm or too cold, which can increase anxiety and distress. The direct heat produced by radiant ceiling systems can also be too intense, especially in bedrooms, where service users can spend long periods.  Discomfort is not unusual, increasing the risk of anti-social behaviour. Neither solution is particularly cost-effective in refurbishment projects, where the budget won’t stretch to replacing the existing wet system. LST Radiators provide familiarity to the setting, looking and operating in a [...]

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26 Mar 2018

Six Ideas For A Safer Nursery School

In a nursery school environment, the number one priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of children. There is a massive responsibility on educators and other nursery professionals. And with a noisy classroom of children, keeping them out of harm's way can seem a daunting task. So how can you ensure that nursery school pupils avoid injuries? There are a number of simple solutions. But overlooking any of these issues could result in injuries for children and could see schools facing massive financial penalties. The Health and Safety Executive’s comprehensive checklist outlines a number of potential areas of concern in the classroom. These include, but are not limited to: Is the internal flooring in a good condition? Are gangways between desks kept clear? Is a window-opener provided for opening high-level windows? Are permanent fixtures in good condition and securely fastened, eg cupboards, display boards, shelving? Are hot surfaces of radiators etc protected where necessary to prevent the risk of burns to vulnerable young people? All of these potential areas of concern can be solved with some simple design touches and awareness of hazards in the classroom. So how can you stay ahead of the danger?  Luckily, we have found six ways that you can ensure your nursery school is a safe haven for staff and pupils alike. Regular checks of the classroom are a must. Without a keen eye, teachers and care providers could miss bags spilling out into the walkways, untidy wires and cables and uneven floors that [...]

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8 Mar 2018

How To Measure Up For A Metal Radiator Cover

We're regularly asked how to measure up for a metal radiator cover.  It's a pretty straightforward exercise, but we thought it would be extremely useful if we were to post some simple instructions to help explain the process quickly and clearly. We're running a series of guides for all of our different models, so please look about for more posts about these.  This guide is for our DeepClean LST Radiator Guard, specifically the floor standing, flat top design. Measuring For A Standard Floor Standing Flat Top DeepClean Radiator Guards First of all, you will need a few basic items ready before you start; Tape Measure Pen & Paper, or even better a Contour Survey Sheet Camera/Camera Phone (just in case there are some tricky bits you want us to be aware of) A spirit level if you think the floor or wall may not be too level. Download a copy of this survey sheet to make measuring up your radiator covers easier Flat Top Radiator Guard Survey Sheet Once you have got all of this to hand, you are ready to measure your radiator for a metal radiator cover. The process is to measure the length (width) of the radiator, the height from the floor, the depth from the wall and measure up any skirtings for the factory made cutouts (this eliminates site cutting and makes your life easier when installing the radiator covers). Step 1 - Measure Up The Guard Length / Width Carefully measure the widest point of the radiator, this [...]

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25 Feb 2018

5 Reasons To Choose Contour For Healthcare Facilities

Through close collaboration with clinicians, ward management, estate management and infection control teams, we’ve developed a range of products that mark us out as the innovation leaders in the UK LST radiators, anti-ligature radiators and radiator cover market. Here are solid 5 reasons for choosing Contour when refurbishing hospitals, clinics, surgeries and other healthcare facilities. DeepClean™ LST Radiators and Metal Radiator Covers– The launch of the DeepClean range in 2006 revolutionised the design of radiator covers in the UK. Previously radiator guards had been closed, largely inaccessible units that could only be cleaned infrequently and with the active participation of estates teams. They accumulated dirt and debris easily and were recognised as sources of hygiene problems. That was dramatically changed by the advent of DeepClean with its patented door panel allowing quick access to the insider of radiators for regular cleaning. Contour’s innovative design meant that patients not only benefited with protection from hot surface temperatures but also from the improved hygiene regimes that DeepClean radiators and guards allowed. BioCote® protection – Contour is the only metal radiator cover manufacturer to incorporate anti-microbial technology into its radiator guards setting new standards in hygiene and service user protection. Uniquely amongst LST radiator & anti-ligature radiator cover manufacturers, Contour incorporates BioCote® anti-microbial protection into the paintwork of all our radiator guards, as standard. This technology provides effective and permanent protection to the surface of the guard, preventing the growth of harmful microbes such as bacteria and fungi. BioCote technology protects surfaces from [...]

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19 Feb 2018

New Blog Post

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28 Nov 2017

How Much Do Metal Radiator Covers Cost?

One of the questions that we are often asked by potential customers is how much do metal radiator covers cost?  This can be a very complex question to answer but we shall try to explain what goes into the price of a metal radiator cover below. Buying metal radiator covers can be similar to buying a car or any other purchase where there are various options available on top of the basic package.  Many features in a higher cost model are simply not available on the cheap deal, so you are never really comparing like with like. When you think that the average person will replace their vehicle every 3 to 4 years it may seem strange that they choose so many upgrades which will significantly increase the cost of the car they are buying. However, we are sophisticated buyers in this country and we understand the value of getting the right product to suit our needs and the way that we intend to use the car.  You understand the difference between a cheap price and good value. More Than Just a Box on a Wall This is similar to metal radiator covers too.  At first thought, it would be easy to think that they are simply metal boxes that are fitted over a radiator to protect vulnerable service users from injuring themselves on hot surfaces. The true answer is very different.  There are many different environments in which metal radiator covers are used.  It is critical that the design must [...]

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6 Nov 2017

2018 Holiday Opening Times

Christmas Opening Times Christmas and the holiday season is rapidly approaching.  To make things really simple for you,  we've put together this handy guide to our opening times to help you plan your requirements for LST Radiators and Radiator Covers. Wednesday 20th December - Open As Usual - 8:30 - 17:00 Thursday 21st December - Open As Usual - 8:30 - 17:00 Friday 22nd December - Early Close - 08:30 - 14:00 Monday 25th December - Closed Tuesday 26th December - Closed Wednesday 27th December - Closed Thursday 28th December - Closed Friday 29th December - Closed Monday 1st January - Closed Tuesday 2nd January - Open As Usual - 08:30 - 17:00 Last Date For 2017 Delivery The last date for orders to ensure delivery before the Christmas Closedown will be; Friday 1st December 2017 We will endeavour to achieve pre-Christmas deliveries for orders placed after the 1st December, but we cannot guarantee delivery. Merry Christmas Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Contour.    

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28 Oct 2017

Action needed to stop 700,000 annual deaths from Superbugs

The UN general assembly recognised drug-resistant infections in 2016 as one of the greatest threats facing humanity. And in May 2017, G20 leaders called for national action plans by the end of 2018 – plans set in train by the World Health Organisation in 2015. But momentum is already being lost. Commitments are the first step, but nothing will be achieved if they are not translated into action. Analysis by Wellcome and the UN Foundation shows that 151 of 195 countries are developing a plan. However, only half address the threat across human and animal health and the environment, and only one in five commit to reducing antibiotic use, improving hygiene and preserving antibiotics of last resort. Most tellingly, only 5% are adequately funded and monitored by the governments responsible for them. Yet still, too few new antibiotics are in development. CARB-X is a new partnership supporting 18 new potential treatments, but progress is still slow. If future generations are to benefit from antibiotics, more investment is required. Meanwhile, the superbugs are progressing rapidly. Since the UN declaration, they have killed about 700,000 people worldwide. In Nevada in 2016, a 70-year-old woman died after breaking her leg, which later became infected with a superbug resistant to 26 antibiotics. In South Africa, multidrug-resistant TB is spreading. In the UK, untreatable strains of gonorrhoea are on the rise. Politicians and scientists have an urgent role to play but they cannot solve the problem alone. Tackling drug-resistant infection is everyone’s business. The threat [...]

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5 Jul 2017

DeepClean IP3x anti-ligature radiators installed at children’s resource centre

Our DeepClean IP3x anti-ligature radiators have recently been specified and installed in North Yorkshire County Council’s Beck House. This dedicated centre offers short breaks and day care to children and young people with disabilities. The Council needed radiators that not only guarded against hot surface temperatures but would be easy to keep clean. To learn what IP3x is and how these guards can help with cleaning and hygiene maintenance, read the study here.

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27 Jun 2017

Pick a colour. Any colour. What about RAL 6019?

Contour is delighted to have recently helped Leighton Hospital with the refurbishment of the children’s ward 16, with the supply of colour co-ordinated DeepClean LST radiator guards. The project was the brain child of the Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s estates management team and involved the refurbishment of the ward in a natural wildlife theme using large format photo prints, back lit photos and colour co-ordinated floors, wall panel systems and fixtures including the radiator guards. Read the case study…  Contour has the capability to supply its LST and anti-ligature radiator guards in virtually any RAL or BS colour available. A selection of these colours can be seen here. In addition protection from germs and bacteria, a long standing benefit for healthcare users of DeepClean radiator guards finished in a traditional white, is not be compromised when using coloured guards as they too are available with the option of a BioCote® anti-microbial additive in the paintwork. It’s been well documented how the effective use of colour can have a therapeutic effect on people. This is particularly noticeable in healthcare facilities where healthcare providers have increasingly paid attention to the impact of colour and imagery in the building environment and how this this can help speed up patient recovery rates. As well as creating an attractive ambience, it makes good economic sense; the faster people recover the faster they are out of hospital. Click here to read the Leighton case study.    

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9 Jun 2017

Braille safety warning and message option now available on DeepClean radiator guards

For the added safety of blind users, Contour can now emboss a DO NOT COVER warning in braille directly onto the casing of our DeepClean LST and anti-ligature radiator guards. If required additional information can also be added in braille to the guard, subject to space and position limitations on the guard. There is no additional tooling charge for incorporation of the DO NOT COVER message on a radiator guard and quotations can be provided for the tooling for any bespoke customer messages. A datasheet with more information can be downloaded here

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22 May 2017

New anti-ligature radiator guard with towel rail provides comfort, convenience & safety  

As part of its comprehensive anti-ligature guard and radiator offer, Contour is now able to offer a DeepClean anti-ligature guard complete with anti-ligature towel rail, ideal for installation in bedrooms and bathrooms in mental health and secure custody facilities. The combination provides both comfort and convenience whilst prioritising the safety of vulnerable individuals. Manufactured from lightweight material, the towel rail is cleverly fixed to the guard by means of load-release fittings. These ensure that the rail will detach if any abnormal vertical load over 10kg is applied per fitting. The anti-ligature towel rail guards themselves are fabricated from 2mm aluminium, ensuring long-term rust-free performance in wet or damp conditions. As standard across all DeepClean anti-ligature guards, they are equipped with Contour’s IP3x test beating grille, composed of 2mm holes punched directly into the guard case. The grille design is also fully compliant with the most comprehensive guidance on anti-ligature grilles currently available in the UK; the UK Home Office’s Police Buildings Design Guide (Custody, July 2009, section PD3.02.14). DeepClean guards are finished in a tough PPC in white with BioCote® anti-microbial protection as standard. However all Contour radiator guards are available in virtually any RAL or BS colour to suit room requirements. The guard shown is 750mm in width, however DeepClean anti-ligature radiator guards with towel rails are available in bespoke sizes to suit bedroom and bathroom facilities and in both flat top (as pictured) or slopping top model. Guard only or full radiator emitter and guard packages, are available. [...]

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9 May 2017

NEW pipe boxing guide with links to BIM and DWG files

A new information e-guide to Contour’s aluminium, mild steel and preformed plywood pipe boxing, is now available to download from the Resource Library. The new PDF e-guide contains embedded links to BIM objects and DWG files, and has been specifically created for specifiers including architects, contractors, consultants and of course end customers. Contents includes pipe boxing material recommendations, technical specifications on aluminium, mild steel and plywood boxing, standard sizes and product order codes, standard profiles and of course links to BIM/DWG files and case study. Copies can be downloaded here. Call us on +44(0)1952 290498 if you’d like to know more

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28 Mar 2017

New anti-ligature radiator guard offers extra safety without compromising practicality

A new anti-ligature radiator guard that overcomes the safety issues raised by installation on uneven walls, whilst still allowing easy full internal access for cleaning and maintenance, is now available from Contour. The DeepClean Extra IP3x anti-ligature radiator guard has been specifically developed in response to the of needs of mental health service providers and ensures both extra safety and ease of servicing. Read more about how the DeepClean Extra IP3x can deliver practicality for service providers whilst ensuring safety for service users.  

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9 Feb 2017

The Hazard Of Unsafe Radiator Guards In Public Areas

What we have here is an example of a rather badly designed radiator guard installed in a hospital toilet. What appears to have happened is that poorly positioned guard locks have allowed the front panel to become easily dislodged from the rest of the casing. This panel could now easily fall onto an unsuspecting toilet user (ouch!) or allow easy access to a potentially very hot panel radiator inside. Either outcome is unpleasant and could be particularly grave if the user was infirm, elderly or a toddler; highly probable given the installation of this guard in a high traffic area in a hospital. This situation could not have arisen if a Contour DeepClean radiator guard had been installed. Our use of guard locks on the front of the access panel ensures that the panel remains secure when locked and cannot be dislodged or moved even when the guard is repeatedly hit or struck, which is likely to happen in high traffic public locations. As for the poor state of the TRV on the side of the competitor product's casing, that’s another story… Build quality is just one of the reasons why Contour DeepClean radiators and guards are so widely specified throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the UK. To find out more call us on +44(0)1952 290498 or mail [email protected]

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16 Jan 2017

Home Office compliant anti-ligature guards available to order on short delivery times

The new design range of Contour’s Home Office/IP3x compliant anti-ligature radiator guards are now available to order with delivery lead times of only 15 days. Contour’s market leading anti-ligature radiator guards are widely recognised as setting the standard for guards in use in secure environments including mental health facilities. The new design range uses an ‘all-in-one’ ventilation grille pattern perforated directly into the radiator case rather than a mesh welded separately onto the case interior. Download a copy of our latest LST and Anti-ligature radiators & guards brochure  New design means stronger guards As well as improving the overall aesthetic of the radiator guard, an integrated grill design makes the whole guard stronger by reducing the number of potential weak points, such as mesh spot welds. This subsequently reduces the opportunities for tamper points and damage. MoJ/IP3x compliant grille guard panel at inspection stage prior to paint. Download a copy of our latest LST and Anti-ligature radiators & guards brochure  Safer as well as stronger To minimise the risk of self harm, our new all-in-one anti-ligature grille design uses 2mm holes at 4mm centres, in a triangular formation. This design has been tested and certified by a UKAS accredited laboratory and effectively exceeds IP3x standards (BS EN 60529). This tests materials for protection against the ingress of objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter – which could include the width of a shoelace for example. View our test certificate here. Using 2mm holes the new grille design exceeds IP3x [...]

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11 Nov 2016

Safety at school

Examples of our recent work at Seghill School, Northumberland, where we recently manufactured and installed smart new radiator guards to protect children and staff from potentially dangerously hot radiator surfaces.   Before... ...and after                                             The new guards incorporate Contour’s latest and most secure grille design, using 2mm diameter holes punched directly into the sheet metal. This grille hole formation in fact exceeds IP3x test standards, which measures a material's Ingress Protection against objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter making this grille design suitable for use in the most secure of environments, if required. The hole formation and pattern also happens to allow greater airflow – by up to 15% - in the casing thereby improve heating efficiency. Give us a call on +44 (0)1952 290498 for more information, or mail us on [email protected]

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30 Jun 2016

NEW LST and anti-ligature radiators & guards brochure – available to download

Contour’s new LST and anti-ligature radiators & guards brochure is now available as a PDF download from our brochure resources page. A limited run of printed copies will be shortly be available on a first come first served basis and can be ordered on the following page. The 64 page brochure carries the latest comprehensive details on the complete Contour radiator and guard collection, including: The DeepClean range of LST and anti-ligature radiators and guards – the ultimate in safe surface temperature heating The Covora LST – offering quality and performance at real value for money prices Full technical information and specifications, including radiator size and heat output performance data, across Type 11, 12 and 22 emitter models Healthcare, mental health, care home and education sector case studies Radiator and guard accessories including Rotarad™, rotating radiator valves Overview on the bespoke guards Contour can produce HVAC & perimeter casings Details of Contour’s plywood and aluminium internal and external pipe boxing offer To download a PDF copy visit our brochure resources page. To request a printed copy please complete the brochure order form.

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28 Jun 2016

Latest BioCote laboratory test results confirm over 99.9% efficacy in killing bacteria.

  Contour has received the latest (24/6/16) independent laboratory test results for BioCote, the leading anti-microbial protection incorporated as standard into the paintwork of all our LST and anti-ligature radiators & guards. Once again the efficacy of BioCote has been confirmed with measured reductions in E Coli CFU (Colony Forming Unit) counts of ≥ 99.91%  and a reduction in MRSA bacteria of ≥ 99.94% . Only Contour radiators and guards are equipped with BioCote technology. This is one of the reasons why our LST and anti-ligature models are considered the products of preference in so many UK hospitals, clinics, schools and care homes.   Click here to view the latest test results certificate.

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7 Jun 2016

Five Facts About Clostridium difficile

Clostridium difficile is a highly contagious, disease-causing bacterium found in the human intestine. Commonly referred to as C. diff or C. difficile, the symptoms of C. difficile infection include watery diarrhoea, fever, loss of appetite, nausea and abdominal pain. The bacterium is spread by the faecal-oral route. Spores produce C. difficile, shed during episodes of diarrhoea, persist in the environment and can act as the cause of new infections after being inadvertently ingested. C. difficile can cause a minor infection in healthy people. Those most at risk of debilitating disease are patients receiving antibiotics, the elderly or immunosuppressed. Seventy percent of healthy babies carry difficile in their gut without any symptoms The potentially dangerous bacterium is thought to be constrained by commensal microbes inhabiting the gut. Often C. difficile disappears in babies, although approximately 3% continue to carry it into adulthood, despite being healthy and showing no symptoms. Antibiotics cause the majority of difficile infections Antibiotics taken to treat infection can suppress the normal bacterial flora of the gut because they are susceptible to the antibiotics. However, in doing so the ideal environment is created for C. difficile to thrive manifest as an opportunistic pathogen and giving rise to the symptoms listed above. C. difficile is an anaerobe C. difficile is sensitive to the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. As such, the bacterium is referred to as an anaerobe. This explains why C. difficile is commonly found in the human gut which is an anaerobic environment. C. difficile spores [...]

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7 Jun 2016

Could using antimicrobial products reduce school absenteeism?

In 2015 BioCote reported how the world’s first ever antimicrobial classroom saw a huge 96% reduction in bacteria. Following on from the initial study, the antimicrobial classroom and the untreated equivalent have been monitored continually throughout the academic calendar. BioCote’s findings continue to show the positive impact antimicrobial treated surfaces and products have on reducing the levels of bacterial contamination. Contour is an exclusive partner to BioCote with regards to the use of the market leading antimicrobial protective coating on radiators and radiator guards. All of Contour’s LST and specialist anti-ligature radiator guards incorporate BioCote protection into the final finish outside and inside. As predicted, the study is continuing to show the treated classroom has less bacteria than its standard counterpart. In contrast, in the untreated classroom, pathogenic bacteria were identified and recovered. These bacteria have the potential to cause sickness which can quickly spread around the classroom and beyond – affecting both pupils and staff. In comparison, the BioCote protected products in the treated classroom including the Contour LST radiator guards, did not have any pathogenic bacteria contaminating them. Less contamination and more hygienic is a nice ideal but how could BioCote protected products really benefit the environment or the people that occupy them? In this instance could it mean a reduction in absenteeism? This would be good news for everyone including staff, parents and perhaps even the UK economy. With regards to absenteeism, BioCote’s initial results could also be considered positive. When absenteeism figures for the two environments [...]

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6 Jun 2016

Covora LST radiator now comes with antimicrobial protection as standard

Contour’s low cost, high quality and easy to fit LST radiator, Covora, now comes with BioCote® antimicrobial protection as standard. The BioCote coating on the inside and outside of the radiator guard ensures protection from a wide range of dangerous bacteria, including MRSA and E.coli, effectively killing 99.5% of them within 2 hours of them coming into contact with the radiator guard surface. Only Contour LST radiators and guards offer the BioCote antimicrobial protection. This new added benefit makes Covora the perfect fit and forget LST radiator for installation in nurseries, schools, old age care homes, GP surgeries, clinics and other environments where the maintenance of hygiene is a must. Click the link to find out more about Covora including list prices, sizes and heat wattage outputs.  

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1 Jun 2016

New IP3x compliant and certified anti-ligature radiator guard grille design

Our specialist anti-ligature radiator guards, equipped with fully shrouded TRVs, security grilles and tamper-proof fixings to prevent unauthorised access, are widely recognised as setting the standard in the provision of safe heating for vulnerable individuals in secure facilities . In order to minimize the risk of self harm, Contour’s latest anti-ligature radiator grille design incorporates 2mm holes at 4mm centres. This design has now been tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory and effectively exceeds IP3x standards (BS EN 60529) which tests for protection against the ingress of objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter. Our new anti-ligature guard grille design means that Contour is well placed to meet the needs of UK prisons and secure custodial facilities. The Home Office Police Buildings Design Guide – Custody, July 2009, section PD3.02.14, details that grilles unless otherwise specified, should be perforated with 2mm diameter holes at 4mm centres. The Certificate of Test Conformance can be viewed here. For more information on our anti-ligature radiators and guards, see the links below:

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27 May 2016

The updated business case for specifying Contour DeepClean in healthcare

We've updated our NHS hospital based cost-benefit example comparing the likely costs of maintaining traditional LST radiators against those of our DeepClean LST radiators. This indicates the level of savings in cleaning budgets that could be made for a hospital replacing 150 old style LST units with new DeepClean LST radiators or guards, taking into account the NHS cleaning frequency guidelines and the National Living Wage, that came into operation on 1st April 2016.   NHS cleaning guidelines state radiators should be cleaned on a weekly basis and that radiator covers should be removed as part of a ‘damp-dusting’ cleaning regime. These specifications can be found in the The National Specifications for cleanliness in the NHS and The Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual created by the NHS national patient safety agency. To learn more about the benefits that our DeepClean radiators and guards offer see the links below.

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20 Jan 2016

Contour provides HVAC casings for prestigious £26m Cambridge research facility

Contractors in charge of a pioneering £26 million research facility at Cambridge University have turned to Contour for the production of bespoke casings for a natural vent system. As a leading designer and manufacturer of guards and casings, with a reputation for innovation, Contour was selected to deliver 300 metres of wall-to-wall low-line casings for the natural vent systems for the prestigious Maxwell Centre. SDC Builders Ltd, which was commissioned by architects BDP to build the prestigious Centre, a world-leading facility for research and industrial partnerships in the physical sciences, was impressed by Contour’s ability to adapt its existing products to create a tailor-made system that met its exact needs. By using its slimline DeepClean radiator guard design as a basis for the fit-out project, Contour's designers  drew up a series of changes to meet SDC’s specifications. The aesthetically appealing and low maintenance casings, ideal for high traffic areas and designed to enable easy cleaning and maintenance, were finished in satin black with horizontal grilles and black locks to match. Read the full case study or download a PDF copy.

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9 Oct 2015

Anti-ligature LST radiator project video now available

A new video covering Contour's supply of anti-ligature radiators and guards to Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust's mental health recovery unit, is now available to view. Watch the video and read the full case study.  

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2 Oct 2015

Introducing Covora: the new low cost, ‘no fuss’ LST radiator range

  A new value-engineered low surface temperature (LST) radiator has been launched by Contour. The Covora range has been primarily designed for general healthcare, educational and commercial environments and is ideal for building services contractors and heating and plumbing installers, who are working to price-sensitive budgets but require simple, high quality safety compliant radiators. Leigh Simpson, Managing Director at Contour, said: “We have developed this new range after listening carefully to the needs of our customers. For the past 12 years, we have gained a reputation as one of the sector’s most innovative companies, designing exceptional products that meet the highest demands for safety and hygiene in very sensitive environments such as hospital wards and mental health units. “However, many contractors have told us that they want to use our radiators and guards in more general environments that may not have to meet such stringent hygiene standards. “With this in mind, we have created the Covora range, specifically for projects where no performance specification or brand has been demanded by the client. It means contractors can continue to use our products secure in the knowledge that they are high quality and meet safety needs. Essentially they can ‘fit and forget’ with confidence.” No corners have been cut to create the Contour Covora LST radiator, which is made in the UK. It is available in a range of colours, including Oyster White (RAL 1013), Tele Grey (RAL 7047) and Jet Black (RAL 9005), making it ideal for areas such as hotel lobbies, [...]

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2 Sep 2015

Contour supply safe surface temperature solutions for NHS mental health recovery unit in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire has now benefited from the completion of a new adult acute inpatient mental health unit, Kingfisher Court at Kingsley Green, just outside Radlett. Contour were specified to supply 96 specialist anti-ligature radiator systems for the unit.   Read more about the project and view our video here.  

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20 Aug 2015

Contour LST Radiators Now Up To 17% More Efficient

As a key part of a continuous product improvement program, Contour has now introduced new round top panel radiators into its range of acclaimed LST radiator units. This has allowed leading-edge design to combine with energy efficiency, providing an ideal choice for those seeking to reduce energy waste and save on space too. The new the round top radiators replace the previous ‘compact style’ panel emitters and are available with immediate effect right across Contour’s LST radiator collection. The round tops high-quality design, build and exceptional thermal output make them the ideal choice as LST heat emitters, offering significant energy and space saving benefits to customers. As an example, A flat top, wall mounted Contour DeepClean LST guard 550mm high x1800mm long, housing a new round top 400mm high x 1600mm long Type 22 (double convector) radiator, will now typically produce 2,048 Watts*, compared to 1,757 Watts* of output from the previous emitter model, of a similar size and type. Up to an impressive 17% improvement in heating efficiency can now be achieved marking a significant step forward in energy savings. The increased internal radiator efficiency also means that the outer casings can now often be smaller in overall size and design but produce the same heat output. Size does really does matter, particularly if a reduction can reap energy rewards. The space saving delivers more room which is extremely useful in busy high-traffic areas such corridors and classrooms where space can be at a premium. With no add-ons such [...]

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30 Jun 2015

Contour take a Lead Role in Improving UK Classroom Hygiene

An innovative antimicrobial agent has succeeded in wiping out almost all bacteria that are usually present in classrooms, according to the results of a recent trial. The agent, incorporated into a coating developed by BioCote® Partners, managed to eliminate almost 96% of the bacteria normally found in a classroom, compared to an untreated control classroom that was also set up for the purpose of the trial study. Contour, a leading manufacturer of LST radiators and radiator guards, and a long standing BioCote partner, was a lead participant in the study. The study was carried out in late 2014 at a UK primary school with one classroom completely refurbished with furniture, fixings and fittings all pre-treated with the antibacterial technology. Swab samples from both classrooms were then regularly collected over a three-week period and taken to a laboratory for analysis. As well as showing that the treated classroom had almost no bacteria on its many surface areas, the study specifically revealed that Contour’s radiator guards carried 90.54% fewer microbes compared to radiator guards in the untreated classroom. All Contour LST radiator guards - a product of choice for many education sector specifiers - incorporate the BioCote coating in their ‘final finish’ as standard. This coating remains effective for the lifetime of the guards. There is a strong social and economic case for investing in products that contribute to cleaner classrooms. A lower incidence of microbes in classrooms exposes children to fewer avoidable illnesses, thereby helping to reduce school absenteeism. This not [...]

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16 Dec 2014

91% Cleaner Radiator Guards

As part a continual research and development program, leading LST radiator specialists Contour has undertaken a pioneering microbiological study to better understand the levels of potentially harmful bacteria present within a healthcare environment. The study was conducted in partnership with antimicrobial technology experts BioCote and compared the number and type of bacteria colonies present in and around a modern, full-access radiator guard that has antimicrobial protection, compared to a traditional, fixed radiator guard which does not have internal access or antimicrobial technology. When the results of the traditional radiator guard were compared with the same number of swabs taken from a range of modern LST radiator guards, in this case the Trionic DeepClean guard from Contour, which has full internal access for cleaning and inherent antimicrobial technology – the difference was striking. The DeepClean guard from Contour contained 91% fewer bacterial colonies when internal guard surfaces were analysed, findings for a range of other locations were also observed. There was also a significant reduction in bacteria diversity. Leading radiator guard designs such as those developed by Contour, now feature a pioneering full-access front door, which allows one cleaning operative fast and simple access to every internal surface – without assistance from estates. Innovations such as this also improve daily efficiencies, enable audits to be met and reduce operating costs. The DeepClean guard from Contour includes BioCote® antimicrobial technology in its paintwork, reducing levels of harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E.coli by up to 99.99% in less than two hours. [...]

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12 Dec 2014

DeepClean LST Radiator Guards at BIM Designed Refurbishment Project

Contour has recently supplied 115 DeepClean LST Radiator Guards as part of a major BIM designed refurbishment project at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire. Ease of cleaning, hygienic radiator cover designs and access to BIM models made Contour DeepClean radiator covers the perfect choice for this prestigious contract. The DeepClean LST radiator covers were fitted across the ground and first floors including the main corridor areas. Each unit was bespoke-designed and detailed to cover existing radiators. The guards were installed quickly and without disruption to building users thanks to the one-piece design of the casing and pre-fabricated cut-outs for pipework, flooring and skirting. Incorporating BioCote® anti-microbial technology, Contour radiator guards are proven to significantly reduce bacteria compared to untreated alternatives. This natural silver-based additive reduces levels of harmful bacteria and infection such as E.coli, MRSA and H1N1 by up to 99.99% over a 2hr period. The patented full access front door of the DeepClean LST radiator guard design provides cleaning staff complete access to internal surfaces of the cover, without the need for Estates personnel to assist in the removal of the radiator cover. This makes cleaning of potentially unhygienic radiator guards and quick, safe and routine operation, saving on cleaning costs and reducing the risk of HAI’s in the healthcare environment. Access to detailed parametric BIM models helped to simplify design and product selection on this complex BIM project, proving an invaluable tool to the specifiers, contractors and clients alike. The designing architect, Ian Morrison from Martindales Architects said “We [...]

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