Who Needs LST Radiators?

Who Needs LST Radiators?

Posted by Dawn on 10 December 2018 08:58:43 GMT

LST radiators are an important safety feature in many commercial spaces such as schools, hospitals, residential care homes and many more.

A big question around LST radiators is who needs to consider installing them into spaces. 

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Walton Hall Safe Heating For Schools | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

LST radiators are an invaluable safety asset to have installed into a school. Young children in schools and nurseries are more susceptible to serious injury if they come into contact with a hot surface.

Class sizes in most schools are getting bigger, creating more chance of students bumping into each other and the appliances as they move around.

Traditional radiators don’t offer the adequate protection needed to prevent the risk of burns and scalds from heating solutions.

In the UK, government guidelines advise that classroom radiators don’t exceed the temperature of 43 degrees. By installing LST radiators, you can protect those within the space and have a compliant heating solution that keeps students and teachers safe.

For additional protection from injury, Contour LST Radiators also include:

  • Bullnose corners and radius edging to decrease the force of impact in case of falls
  • Pencil proof grilles small enough to prevent fingers being caught
  • Anti-ligature grilles when required



LST Radiators For Hospitals | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands


While in hospital, patients are more vulnerable and potentially have a weakened resistance to injury or are more likely to fall against walls and radiators.

In these busy working environments, a heating solution that helps to protect service users from burns is vital to maintaining high safety standards at all times.

LST radiators are recommended in hospitals because they offer protection from burns and scalds to patients and to staff who are often rushing around to provide care and are at risk of injuring themselves if they fall.


Residential Care Homes

LST Radiators For Residential Care Homes | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands


Care homes aren’t just for the elderly. They are often also respite facilities or as a hospice for people of all ages. 

The provision of safe heating in these spaces is essential because vulnerable people in environments like this are more likely to endure a slower healing process if they are injured depending on the nature of their time in the care home.

This is particularly important for the older generations as, according to Science Focus, as we get older our bodies take longer to heal.


Doctor’s Surgeries

LST Raidators offer huge benefits if they are installed into a GP Surgery.

Doctor’s surgeries are busy spaces where people are often coming and going throughout the day. They are used as clinics, health centres and polling stations, making them an integral part of the community. In these spaces, safety is paramount.

Installing LST radiators helps to protect those within a space as they go about their day within the surgery.

For additional safety, Contour LST radiators are coating with BioCote anti-microbial technology to reduce the presence of potentially harmful bacteria including MRSA and E-coli by 99.5%.

In spaces like GP surgeries where people are often coughing, this can help to reduce the risk of cross contamination.



LST Radiators are an invaluable solutions to many environments such as schools, care homes, GP surgeries and hospitals.

They offer health and safety benefits such as reducing the risk of scalds or burns and can be installed with additional features such as bullnose corners and radius edges to offer further protection to those operating within a space.

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