How Easy Are LST Radiators To Maintain In Schools?

How Easy Are LST Radiators To Maintain In Schools?

Posted by Robin Mansell on 03 September 2018 14:04:01 BST
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Schools are busy places.  There's a lot going on, whether you’re teaching, learning or you’re involved in facilitating learning processes in any other way.

That’s why you need safe radiators and radiator covers that are effective and low maintenance.  Contour’s DeepClean LST heating range is designed to provide hassle-free heating at a premium quality.

Contour Heating are experienced in the education sector and recognise the need for efficient solutions.  We guarantee that your LST radiators and radiator covers won’t just be low maintenance; they practically won't need any maintenance at all.

Let’s dig deeper into the low-maintenance design of Contour DeepClean LST radiators and radiator covers.

LST Radiators and Radiator Covers

The primary function of the LST range is to ensure that the surfaces of radiators and radiator covers are safe to touch in schools.

In 2018, the government’s Department of Education concluded that there is an average of 66,000 children in compulsory education across the UK.  That’s a lot of children to keep safe in schools by eliminating the risk of burns.

Contour’s LST products are set only to heat to safe temperatures and don’t need any maintenance work to prevent them from becoming too warm for a classroom environment.

Anti-Microbial Radiator Covers

Contour aim to improve hygiene in schools.  This is why all Contour LST radiator covers are finished with BioCote® anti-microbial additives to reduce bacteria levels by up to 99.5% on the surface of the radiator casing within two hours.  A significant reduction is notable in just fifteen minutes.

Importantly though, BioCote® inhibits the growth of bacteria permanently, for the expected duration of the LST radiator cover.  No work needs to be carried out by staff to upkeep the anti-microbial technology.

Easy to Clean

While traditional radiators require lengthy, complex cleaning processes, Contour has designed DeepClean LST radiators and covers that can be cleaned quickly and efficiently to improve the cleaning maintenance procedures in schools.

Contour LST radiator covers are one-piece casings that can be dropped down to floor level using a simple quarter turn lock.  This provides full access to the radiator for thorough cleaning.

If Rotarad fittings have been installed with the LST radiator, the radiator can also be tilted downwards to floor level for access to the wall behind the radiator.

While cleaning a traditional radiator cover requires two people, assistance from estates personnel and at least half an hour, cleaning a DeepClean LST radiator cover requires one person, no further assistance and just 5 minutes.

Regular radiator covers have a sealant that needs to be replaced each time you remove the radiator guard for cleaning.  Meanwhile, DeepClean LST radiator covers don’t require sealant replacement.

In 7 hours, 2 people can clean 14 regular radiator covers.  Alternatively, in 7 hours, 1 person can clean 84 DeepClean LST radiator covers.

With Contour’s DeepClean, your cleaning procedures will instantly become low maintenance, not to mention the time and costs that your school will save.

You can watch our instructional video on how to remove LST radiator covers for cleaning here.

How to clean an LST radiator

How Contour LST Radiators Could Benefit Your School

Contour LST radiators and radiator covers are as low-maintenance as radiators can be.  All Contour LST radiators are covered by a 10-year warranty, and all LST radiator covers by a 5-year warranty.  You’ll be 100% protected when you specify Contour for your school.

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Contour is a partner of BioCote® anti-microbial technology for LST and anti-ligature radiators.  BioCote® additives reduce bacteria by up to 99.9% and are combined with Contour’s extensive range of colour-paints to coat products for a durable, high-quality finish.

Contour’s heating solutions offer secure, single-person quick access to radiator guard interiors for regular deep cleaning and maintenance.  Each year, Contour save the NHS millions of pounds in cleaning costs, while delivering cleaner, safer environments.  Contour has redefined the marketplace and is regarded by many as a design and innovation leader within the industry.

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