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Why Do I Need LST Radiators?

Why Are LST Radiators Important | Contour Heating | Shfinal, West Midlands

LST radiators are an integral safety feature in many environments. In schools, nurseries and hospital spaces they are a requirement for the protection of service users.

But why are they important?

Contour Heating have put together a blog post examining why LST radiators are important and why you should consider them as part of a safer heating solution.

Read on to find out more…

Safety Measures

In certain environments, there are limits on surface temperature for radiators regarding how hot they can get before regulations or recommended guidelines are breached.

The installation of LST radiators can provide a safer heating solution that protects staff and service users from injuries. They are a safety focused product that offers a reduced risk of burns should anybody come into contact with the surface of the radiator. 

In environments such as hospitals, schools and nurseries where potentially vulnerable people are moving around, the risk of injury must be reduced as much as possible should an incident happen in which they fall against it.

Contour’s LST radiators offer additional protection in the form of:

  • Bullnose corners
  • Radius edges
  • BioCote®additives to reduce the risk of infections


Greater Heat Efficiency

One of the main concerns that customers raise with Contour is the worry that LST radiators are inefficient or that they reduce heat output.

In environments such as schools and hospitals where budgets are becoming increasingly tight as a result of government cutbacks, a more efficient heating system with a better heat output could be hugely beneficial.


Cost Saving

Contour LST Radiators are more cost-effective than other heating solutions on the market. They are designed with easier access to the internal structure for cleaning using a RotaRad system that makes them easier, and faster to clean.

Contour LST Radiators are also designed to be disassembled, cleaned and reassembled by one person. This process is intended to take one person a maximum of just ten minutes. Other, traditional LST radiators take twenty minutes longer and typically have to be dealt with by two people.

By installing Contour’s LST radiators, you will see a drastic reduction in financial costs due to the heightened efficiency for cleaning that our products can provide.



LST Radiators are a necessary addition to your facility if you are looking for safe heating solutions that limit the risk of burns and injuries through the reduced surface temperature.

LST Radiators can be beneficial in creating more cost-effective heating solutions as they are easier and quicker to clean, as well as being fitted with Kingspan foam to give a strong output of heat while staying within recommended guidelines.

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