The Hazard Of Unsafe Radiator Guards In Public Areas

9 Feb 2017

The Hazard Of Unsafe Radiator Guards In Public Areas

What we have here is an example of a rather badly designed radiator guard installed in a hospital toilet. What appears to have happened is that poorly positioned guard locks have allowed the front panel to become easily dislodged from the rest of the casing. This panel could now easily fall onto an unsuspecting toilet user (ouch!) or allow easy access to a potentially very hot panel radiator inside. Either outcome is unpleasant and could be particularly grave if the user was infirm, elderly or a toddler; highly probable given the installation of this guard in a high traffic area in a hospital.

This situation could not have arisen if a Contour DeepClean radiator guard had been installed.


Our use of guard locks on the front of the access panel ensures that the panel remains secure when locked and cannot be dislodged or moved even when the guard is repeatedly hit or struck, which is likely to happen in high traffic public locations.

As for the poor state of the TRV on the side of the competitor product's casing, that’s another story…


Build quality is just one of the reasons why Contour DeepClean radiators and guards are so widely specified throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the UK.

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