Bespoke LST Radiators For A Primary School in Leeds

Before After lst radiators

Project Description

Contour recently supplied and installed a range of 25 bespoke LST radiators to a Primary School in Leeds.

With old and outdated radiators failing to provide sufficient heat to the school, Contour surveyed and supplied LST radiators that helped provide more warmth to the classrooms as well as making maintenance and cleaning much easier.

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The Problem

The existing radiators were beginning to fail, meaning that teachers and pupils started to complain that the classrooms were too cold.

On inspection, it was clear to see the reason why. Not only were the radiators incredibly outdated, but they were also clogged up with dirt and dust, meaning that the radiator was lacking efficiency.

This build-up of dust was down to the previous radiator’s design which provided no access for cleaning staff to maintain cleanliness.

Dusty Radiator

The Solution

In order to get the school’s heating system back up to scratch, Contour supplied 25 LST radiators.

However, due to the design of the classrooms and windows, these had to be bespoke designed and manufactured to fit in the unique space under the concrete windowsills in all areas of the school.

Drop Down Clean LST

The Results

With the 25 bespoke low surface temperature radiators now installed, rooms were sufficiently heated, maintaining their temperature.

This meant that there were no more complaints from teachers or pupils on the temperature of the classrooms.

What’s more, the newly installed LST radiators provide far easier access for cleaning and maintenance meaning that dust build-up seen in the previous radiators will be a thing of the past.