LST Radiator And Radiator Cover News

22 Apr 2020

How Do You Repair LST Radiators?

Different types of problems in LST radiators require very different solutions and repairs. When you’re in a situation where repairs are required, it’s important to fully understand what’s causing the problem to ensure that it’s fixed in [...]

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5 Jun 2019

Can You Get Large LST Radiator Guards?

In certain spaces radiators can be larger than normal, with some going wall to wall. With all Contours radiator guards being made to measure, a large LST radiator guard is not a problem. Schools are a common place where radiators are [...]

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26 Mar 2019

How Long Does It Take To Install LST Radiators?

The installation of LST radiators has to be carried out by qualified plumbers to ensure that they are properly fitted in line with safety requirements for schools, hospitals, care homes and other commercial spaces. Contour has been [...]

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19 Mar 2019

Can LST Radiators Be Installed In Listed Buildings?

In older, listed buildings the requirement for safe heating such as LST radiators requires special attention to ensure that the space is suitable for installation and that it isn’t damaged throughout the process. Contour have been blogging [...]

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