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The updated business case for specifying Contour DeepClean in healthcare

We’ve updated our NHS hospital based cost-benefit example comparing the likely costs of maintaining traditional LST radiators against those of our DeepClean LST radiators.

This indicates the level of savings in cleaning budgets that could be made for a hospital replacing 150 old style LST units with new DeepClean LST radiators or guards, taking into account the NHS cleaning frequency guidelines and the National Living Wage, that came into operation on 1st April 2016.

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How-DeepClean-LST-Radiators-Guards-Save-Time-Money1NHS cleaning guidelines state radiators should be cleaned on a weekly basis and that radiator covers should be removed as part of a ‘damp-dusting’ cleaning regime. These specifications can be found in the The National Specifications for cleanliness in the NHS and The Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual created by the NHS national patient safety agency.

To learn more about the benefits that our DeepClean radiators and guards offer see the links below.