Rotarad™ Rotating Radiator Valves

Gaining access behind radiators for cleaning and maintenance is fast-becoming a thing of the past with the advent of Rotarad rotating radiator valves.

Rotarad is a unique, WRAS, KTW and ACS approved rotating valve kit, which can be used on both new installation projects and retrofitted to existing radiators and eliminates many longstanding access problems.

By installing Rotarad, new or existing radiators can be rotated down to floor level for cleaning and maintenance, without having to drain or turn off the heating system, enabling fast and easy access to the rear of a radiator and the wall behind. Rotarad is fully compatible with Contour’s DeepClean range.

The secret of Rotarad is the patented rotating valve fitting, which is used to adapt standard radiator valves and can be easily fitted to any standard panel radiator. This allows the radiator to pivot along the axis of the radiator valves, without putting any strain on the pipework or fittings. Radiators then become more practical, as they can be lowered quickly, simply and safely without the risk of causing a leak or worse. A robust bracket holds the emitter upright and against the wall.

Rotarad key features

  • Can be used in new and retrofit applications
  • Flame-free installation
  • Simple and fast to fit and operate
  • Reliable, safe and economic to utilise
  • WRAS approved
  • WRAS, KTW, ACS approved ‘O’ ring
  • A design life of 50 years minimum
  • Can be rotated through 360 degrees
  • Slimline, unobtrusive and paintabl

Rotarad is ideal for specification and installation in virtually all building environments, particularly:


An undisturbed radiator and the convection process provide ideal conditions for the accumulation, growth and distribution of dirt, spores and harmful bacteria. This creates a greater risk to both end user and provider, with potentially higher infection rates.

Care homes

Vulnerable care home residents with potentially low immunity levels require protection from bacteria and infection. Therefore hygiene and cleanliness is of paramount importance to any product or service that is installed. Health Protection Agency guidelines (2011) recommend the “regular removal of radiator casings” in order to comply with current infection prevention procedures.

Social landlords

Redecorating between tenants can be an expensive and time-consuming process. During this process damage can also occur to pipework and plumbing, resulting in spiralling costs to landlords.

Schools & nurseries

Young people can be placed at risk from harmful bacteria and infection if regular cleaning does not take place. Cleaning operatives conventionally did not have access to the rear of a radiator where small items are frequently inserted and dropped, requiring the assistance of the Estates department for effective removal.

Helping reduce airborne allergies

Importantly in terms of general healthcare millions of people in the UK receive treatment for asthma; dust mites, fungal spores, airborne residues and pet fur have all been identified as known triggers. Periodic cleaning behind radiators will help minimise symptoms and prevent attacks occurring.

Technical information

  • Body available in either yellow brass (EN12164 CW614N), red brass (DIN 50930-6) or stainless steel (AISI 316. 4401.1)
  • EPDM ‘O’ ring face seal (EN681-1)
  • EPDM ‘O’ ring tube seal (EN681-1)
  • Compatible with EN 1057 copper tube, soft, half-hard and hard
  • Compatible with BS4127, DIN17455 and DIN17457
  • Compatible with thin wall metallic tube that are dimensionally as EN1057
  • WRAS approved
  • WRAS, KTW, ACS approved ‘O’ rings
  • Design life of 50 years minimum

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