Over 800 LST Radiator Covers For 3 Hospitals

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Project Description

Contour has recently completed the supply of over 800 low surface temperature radiator covers and 300m of metal pipe boxing to 3 hospitals.

While the hospitals did have some old and outdated low surface temperature radiator covers, a large majority of radiators were not covered, creating a potentially hazardous and extremely dangerous environment.

What’s more, this entire project had to be completed within a tight, 3-month deadline, during a pandemic. 

Read on to discover how Contour approached the job.

What Challenges Did The Customer Face?

The existing radiators across the entire hospital trust were not up to the standards expected within the hospital environment.

On inspection, it became clear that current radiators were a significant health risk and that in order to prevent harm coming to potentially vulnerable patients, low surface temperature radiator covers needed to be fitted.

The inspection also revealed that many pipes throughout the hospitals were also exposed, meaning that additional protection had to be included.

How Did We Solve Them?

In order to ensure the hospitals were up to current NHS guidelines, over 800 low surface radiator covers needed to be installed, replacing the previously out of date and unsafe ones.

As well as this, over 300lm of metal pipe boxing was also installed to cover all exposed pipes below 2m in height.

What made this project even more difficult was that the hospital requested the entire retrofit to be completed within 3-months, including surveying live hospitals, supplying the covers and having a contractor install them, all during a pandemic.

The Results

After installing all the low surface radiator covers and pipe boxing, the 3 hospitals immediately became a safer environment for patients, helping speed up the cleaning process and creating a more hygienic environment.

You can view images from the installation below.

Project Details

Project Details