Contour is acutely aware of the enormous demands placed upon health care service providers, ranging from the constantly increasing pressure to provide buildings fit for purpose, ever present budget and staffing pressures to the intense on-going media coverage surrounding MRSA and other Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI). We work closely with all channel participants from general and facilities managers, infection control teams, architects, M&E consultants through to contractors and installers, to ensure the cost-effective and best practice deployment of products and services.

Low Surface Temperature Heating Solutions

Hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries, nursing homes and day Centres are all environments where vulnerable users require protection from dangerously hot surfaces. It is therefore critical to service providers that Low Surface Temperature (LST) products are clean, simple, easily controlled and require little maintenance. Poor design which neglects any of these essentials can compromise safety and have significant consequences for both end users and service providers.

The problem of accessing the inside of LST radiators for cleaning and maintenance has been an issue for service providers for many years. Budget cuts and understaffing make it difficult to maintain recommended cleaning regimes, with the internal cleaning of radiator guards rarely taking place. This creates a greater risk to both end users and providers, with potentially higher infection rates. Unmaintained LST radiators can harbour dirt. The convection heating process draws in particles, lint and other contaminants and then re-distributes these particles in the air. An undisturbed casing provides ideal conditions for the growth and distribution of dirt, spores and bacteria, greatly increasing the risk of HAI. Therefore, healthcare environments require a product that allows for fast, efficient and effective cleaning.

Guided by these key drivers, the design team at Contour in consultation with industry experts, has developed a range of LST guard and radiator products that address all of today’s essential requirements.

BioCote® Protection – Exclusive To Contour

Uniquely amongst LST guard manufacturers, Contour incorporates BioCote® anti-microbial protection into the paintwork of all our LST radiator guards as standard. This technology provides effective and permanent protection to the surface of the LST radiator guard, preventing the growth of harmful microbes such as bacteria and fungi. BioCote technology protects product surfaces from microbes, helping in the fight against the spread of infection.

DeepClean LST Radiators – They Pay For Themselves

The DeepClean LST radiator guard is constructed using a patented, quick release hinged door. This allows the front of the casing to be laid flat to the floor and provides an operative easy access to clean the radiator. The door is so robust that it can be stood upon if necessary without resulting in any structural damage. The hinge design also facilitates complete removal of the door if required. When combined with Contour’s unique Rotarad rotary valve system, radiators can be easily lowered down to floor level by a single person. Effective cleaning is now possible on the top, front, sides and back of the radiator, as well as the wall around and behind the radiator by a single person.

See how DeepClean LST radiators & guards save time & money

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