Further extending the bespoke LST radiator guard offer is Contour’s special options range. The design department at Contour has assembled a selection of additional options which can be added to your required system making it a precise solution for your individual project.

These additional special options can be included with the specification to deliver an extra degree of flexibility, allowing you to maintain design control and develop a solution for any environment, be that healthcare, education or commercial schemes.

Radiator Guard Security Cables

Radiator guard door cables can be fitted to the inside of any of Contour’s DeepClean models as an optional safety feature and which can prevent the guard dropping onto the floor when the casings is opened. This can be of particular benefit to oversized doors.

Radiator Guard Special Fastenings

A range of special fastenings is available for application in environments where security and safety are essential considerations; these include Allen key locks, pin Hex fastenings and key locks.

Radiator Guard Pre-fabricated Cut-outs

To eliminate disruption, debris and noise when installing in a live environment, all required cut-outs for vinyl flooring or pipework are programmed into fabrication. This also helps reduce installation time on site and ensures a far higher standard of finish.

Coloured Radiator Guards

For application when a colourful or specific visual is specified, Contour can supply radiator guards in an extensive array of colours, shapes and sizes. View the range of RAL colours available through Contour here.

Front-facing TRV 

When access to the side of a radiator guard is restricted, TRV’s can be positioned on the front of a unit.

Contour welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific or unusual requirements. Speak to a member of the low surface temperature radiator design team today and discover how Contour’s advanced fabrication facility can help you deliver your project.

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