NEW DeepClean Extra IP3x Anti-ligature Radiator Guards

An anti-ligature radiator guard that overcomes the safety issues raised when installing guards on uneven walls, without compromising easy internal access for cleaning, is now available from Contour.

NEW DeepClean Extra IP3x Anti-ligature Radiator GuardsIn response to the needs of service providers, Contour has developed the new DeepClean Extra IP3x anti-ligature radiator guard, which overcomes the problems that can arise from the installation of guards on uneven walls.

Installation on uneven walls can result in gaps between radiator guard and wall, providing potential ligature fixture points and raising additional safety concerns for mental health and custodial service providers. Traditionally these gaps have been filled and eliminated with anti-pick mastic.

However the application of mastic can stop ready access to inside the guards for cleaning and radiator maintenance, unless the material is removed. This can be a messy and time consuming activity for cleaning staff and estates’ department personnel.

By using an extra frame that sits between the wall and the top of the guard door, the DeepClean Extra IP3x door can be unlocked and opened easily. Gaps between the guard frame and a wall can still be eliminated with anti-pick mastic, but without impeding operation of the door.

Pin-hex door locks for security

As with all guards in the DeepClean anti-ligature range, the DeepClean Extra IP3x guard door is secured with pin-hex quarter turn locks as standard. For extra peace of mind, these are fitted to both the front and top panels of the door to ensure that no gaps arise at any point between frame and door, which could provide potential ligature points. The number of locks is tailored to the overall guard length.

IP3x compliant vent grilles as standard for extra safety

The DeepClean Extra IP3x anti-ligature guard, comes as standard with a grille design incorporating 2mm holes at 4mm centres, in a triangular pitch formation punched directly into the guard case. This exceeds the requirements of the British Standards test measuring for Ingress Protection, IP3x (BS EN 60529) and ensures that the DeepClean Extra grille design is compliant with the requirements set out in The Home Office Police Buildings Design Guide – Custody, July 2009, section PD3.02.14.

This makes the DeepClean Extra ideally suited to meet the stringent safety standards set for secure mental health and custodial facilities in the UK.

The Certificate of IP3x Test Conformance be shown on request. 

The new Extra IP3x guard carries as standard features common to the existing DeepClean anti-ligature range including:

  • Internal location of all wall and floor fixing points to protect against non-permitted access, removal or manipulation
  • Security fastenings throughout
  • For wall mounted anti-ligature radiator guards, anti-ligature base plates can be securely fixed to the base of a unit
  • 1.5mm mild steel construction ensures robust performance. Additional thicknesses of material are available as options depending on the installation environment.
  • Radius edges and bullnose corners protect in the event of a slip or fall, and prevent a DeepClean anti-ligature radiator being used to self-harm
  • Available in gradient and square top, floor or wall mounted variants
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A full radiator and guard package is also available for DeepClean Extra IP3x, with single casing lengths from 500mm to 2000mm.

For further information on this innovative new addition to the DeepClean anti-ligature radiator guard range, or to arrange a free of charge site survey and consultation, call +44(0)1952 290498 or mail

Please note:
The grille design in these anti-ligature radiator guards can inhibit the convection process. Therefore we cannot guarantee that the casing will not exceed a surface temperature of 43°C and should not be treated as Low Surface Temperature compliant.

Contour operates a policy of continuous product evaluation and improvement. As a consequence product specifications and performance are subject to change without prior notice. E&OE.

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