Contour LST Radiators Now Up To 17% More Efficient

Contour LST Radiators Now Up To 17% More Efficient

Posted by Robin Mansell on 20 August 2015 16:12:35 BST
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As a key part of a continuous product improvement program, Contour has now introduced new round top panel radiators into its range of acclaimed LST radiator units.

This has allowed leading-edge design to combine with energy efficiency, providing an ideal choice for those seeking to reduce energy waste and save on space too.

The new the round top radiators replace the previous ‘compact style’ panel emitters and are available with immediate effect right across Contour’s LST radiator collection.

The round tops high-quality design, build and exceptional thermal output make them the ideal choice as LST heat emitters, offering significant energy and space saving benefits to customers.

As an example, A flat top, wall mounted Contour DeepClean LST guard 550mm high x1800mm long, housing a new round top 400mm high x 1600mm long Type 22 (double convector) radiator, will now typically produce 2,048 Watts*, compared to 1,757 Watts* of output from the previous emitter model, of a similar size and type.

Up to an impressive 17% improvement in heating efficiency can now be achieved marking a significant step forward in energy savings.

The increased internal radiator efficiency also means that the outer casings can now often be smaller in overall size and design but produce the same heat output. Size does really does matter, particularly if a reduction can reap energy rewards.

The space saving delivers more room which is extremely useful in busy high-traffic areas such corridors and classrooms where space can be at a premium.

With no add-ons such as side panels and grills, the round top radiators are easier and quicker to clean, more effectively. This means lower long term LST maintenance costs and a more effective hygiene regime.

With round top radiators available in up to 160 size variants across single convector (Type 11), double panel plus (Type 12) and double convector models (Type 22), Contour can now provide an LST radiator solution for virtually every room size and environment. That’s over 20% more size options across the three radiator types than previously available in Contour’s existing LST radiator range.

Click here to access the latest LST Output Datasheets.

*with Delta T50

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