Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet

A safe, protective and secure cabinet for televisions within mental health and care environments.

Receptions, SEN schools, waiting areas, wards and accommodation can all benefit from a vandal proof TV enclosure. Concerns with space and health and safety make mounting the TV on the wall the ideal solution.

A wall mounted enclosed TV cabinet eliminates the risk of service users harming themselves,
damaging the monitor or even using it as a ligature point. 

The Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet provides a robust, lockable safe solution.



1.  The frame of the cabinet is made from 25mm melamine faced MDF.

2.  3mm holes are punched into powder coated ventilation grilles to allow air to circulate whilst allowing sound to transmit into the room.

3. The TV is protected via a 8mm poly-carbonate vision panel

4. Standard sizes are available or bespoke sizes are available upon request.

5. Strip hinged front door allows for authorised access only. Locked as standard with either key lock or star key quarter turn locks.



TV Protection Cabinets For Mental Health

Televisions are an important factor for the well-being of Service Users in mental health facilities. They have been shown to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety by providing a soothing and calming experience. 

Our Anti-Ligature secure TV cabinets protect televisions in high-risk environments whilst complimenting your current aesthetics with a sleek, modern design. 

TV's are protected by the cabinet by being fully encapsulated in a stylish wooden cabinet. The sloping sides ensure there are no ligature points. 

The cabinet hides away all cables, switches and buttons for authorised access only.


Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet vs Standard TV

An in depth reflection on current customer issues revealed that standard television cabinets or unprotected televisions were not suitable for mental health settings.

Televisions are the subject of frequent vandalism, costings wards time, effort and money.

When service users discover that an object such as a television can be broken or damaged, it can then become a target. By protecting it you eliminate the process of replacing it.

Televisions are often used in environments with challenging behaviour as they can be used to calm patients down.

Patients in mental health wards or pupils in special educational needs environments seek comfort in hyper stimulation. This can include exploring items through heavy touch, making an impact proof TV ideal.

With that in mind, the Anti-Ligature TV Cabinet has been built for durability as well as safety.


  • Robust frame reduces the risk of vandalism, tampering and heavy handling.
  • Fits neatly onto the wall, complimenting the room's aesthetics.
  • 3mm holes are punched into powder coated ventilation grilles that allows the air to circulate through the cover whilst allowing sound to transmit into the room.
  • The TV is protected by a 8mm polycarbonate vision panel.
  • The frame cabinet is made from 25mm melamine faced MDF in a white, dark elm or oak effect finish.
  • Strip hinged front door allows for authorised access only.
  • Lockable TV cabinet - locked as standard with either a key lock or star quarter turn locks.

Sizes Available

Standard Sizes Available To Fit TV Sizes Of:
32" 42" 50"

Should you require a different size, get in touch.

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Colour Options Available 

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