Beck House Children’s Resource Centre

Supply of DeepClean IP3x anti-ligature radiators

Project Description

Beck House Children’s Resource Centre

North Yorkshire County Council’s Beck House is a dedicated centre, offering short breaks and day care to children and young people with disabilities. Many of the children have complex health and behavioural issues, and require substantial round-the-clock professional support.

The building is essentially a large residential property including communal rooms, play zones, food preparation and kitchen area and 4 bedrooms.

Given the behavioural issues that many of the young people face who use the facility, the Council required radiators in the refurbishment that not only guarded against excessively hot surface temperatures but also provided a robust, durable solution that should be easy to keep clean whilst of course minimising the opportunity for self-harm.

Based on the requirements, the Council specified the installation of 18 Contour DeepClean IP3x anti-ligature radiators, with external mounted TRVs fitted with anti-ligature shrouds. The IP3x design is one of the latest versions of the market leading DeepClean anti-ligature radiator and guard range. It features a grille incorporating 2mm holes at 4mm centres, in a triangular pitch formation punched directly into the guard case.

This exceeds the requirements of the British Standards test measuring for Ingress Protection, IP3x (BS EN 60529).

A significant benefit of the IP3x grilles on the radiators, is that small objects including, pieces of food greater than 2mm in diameter cannot be dropped by children inside the radiator guard. This will greatly help with the cleaning and hygiene regime at Beck House.

Significantly the DeepClean IP3x grille design is also compliant with the requirements set out in the Home Office Police Buildings Design Guide – Custody, July 2009, section PD3.02.14. These are currently the most comprehensive guidelines regarding the use of anti-ligature grilles in the UK and are widely used as a specification benchmark in public services.

DeepClean radiators offer easy access to the internal heat emitters for cleaning, by way of a drop down front panel. The use of grille holes punched directly into the guard rather than in a mesh means that the guard interior can be easily wiped clean without snagging. A BioCote® anti-microbial coating is applied inside and outside DeepClean radiator guards to help minimize the spread of infections.

BioCote is a patented technology providing effective and permanent protection to surfaces against the growth of harmful microbes, reducing the risk of cross contamination and infections in health sensitive environments – such as children’s care facilities.

Other standard features of the DeepClean anti-ligature radiator and guard range include the use of security fastenings throughout and the internal location of all wall and floor fixing points to protect against non-permitted access, removal or manipulation.

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