Complementing the standard ranges, Contour’s technical design department also regularly develop bespoke radiator guards for individual projects requiring a precise or innovative solution.

Contour’s technical department will conduct an extensive site assessment before designing a solution which takes into consideration all key criteria.
Some of the diverse bespoke radiator guard systems that Contour have developed, include;

Wall to Wall Radiator Guards

Designed to protect service users from perimeter or finned pipe heating systems, or to bridge the space between a radiator guard and an adjoining wall.DSC_0127

Free-standing Radiator Guards

Designed for use where it is not possible to achieve a fixing behind the radiator guard, free standing radiator guards use a floor mounted fixing system.

DSC_0010Close up







Vertical Radiator Guards

Applied to locations where wall space is at a premium, vertical LST radiator guards are engineered to include a grille located at the mid-point of the unit, allowing heat convection at the most efficient level.

4. Vertical radiator guards

Aluminium Radiator Guards

Wet or extremely humid environments require an Aluminium solution; Contour’s Aluminium radiator guards remove the potential for rusting and can be fixed to the wall allowing cleaning beneath.

DSC_0569 - page 51

Alcove Radiator Guards

When a radiator is recessed into a wall, Contour’s alcove radiator guard is a system designed to reduce loss of floor space.

6. Alcove guards - page 51


Raised Finned Elemenet Radiator Guards

Designed to deliver a low surface temperature solution to existing raised finn pipe emitters, Contour’s engineered system ensures an aesthetic appearance and complete protection for service users.



Corner fitted Guards

Contour can provide guard units with an open shoulder design specifically for installation into corner areas.

Radiator EDITED

Bay Window radiator guards

Bay window radiator guards allow a low surface temperature system to follow angled or contoured walls by way of an innovative internal fixing bracket.



Contour’s technical design department will be pleased to discuss your unique and complex projects, speak to a member of the team today and discover how we can help deliver a precise solution for your project.

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