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Our range of Low Surface Temperature (LST) radiators and guards provide the ideal solution for ensuring the safe, effective and hygienic heating of school and college classrooms and buildings.

BioCote® Protection – Exclusive To Contour

All Contour LST radiators and guards – a product of choice for many education sector specifiers – incorporate a BioCote coating in their ‘final finish’ as standard. This technology provides effective and permanent protection to the surface of the LST radiator guard, preventing the growth of harmful mirobes such as bacteria and fungi and helping in the fight against the spread of infection. There is a strong social and economic case for investing in products that contribute to cleaner classrooms. A lower incidence of microbes in classrooms exposes children to fewer avoidable illnesses, thereby helping to reduce school absenteeism. This not only aids childrens’ immediate education but helps reduce the time-off so often required by parents to nurse sick children.

A controlled field study conducted by BioCote Partners in late 2014, found that the antimicrobial agent succeeded in wiping out virtually all the bacteria that are usually present in classrooms. The agent managed to eliminate almost 96% of the bacteria normally found in a classroom, when compared to an untreated control classroom that was also set up for the purpose of the trial study. Contour, a long standing BioCote partner, was a lead participant in the study. The study was carried out a UK primary school with one classroom completely refurbished with furniture, fixings and fittings all pre-treated with BioCote antibacterial technology. Swab samples from both classrooms were then regularly collected over a three-week period and taken to a laboratory for analysis.

As well as showing that the treated classroom had almost no bacteria on its many surface areas, the study specifically revealed that Contour’s radiator guards carried 90.54% fewer microbes compared to the untreated radiator guards found in the other classroom.

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