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What Are The Pros And Cons Of LST Radiators?

What are the benefits of installing lst radiators | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

LST Radiators are a heating solutions that many managers choose to install into schools, hospitals and care homes.  They protect service users from the dangerous temperatures that can be generated from radiators that aren’t LSTs.

When consulting with customers, Contour are often asked what the pros and cons are of installing LST radiators. We have put together this blog post to provide guidance on the subject of LST radiators and to answer this question.

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Pros And Cons of LST radiators | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands


LST radiators provide a low surface temperature that offers protection against the risk of burns to service users in a space.


Faster Heat Generation

LST radiators heat up a room quicker than other heating solutions that are considered for healthcare and educational spaces such as underfloor heating. They heat a space using the convection process which creates a consistent room temperature faster.


Easier Heat Regulation

When a room reaches a certain temperature, and you feel that you would like to increase or lower it on the TRV head some radiators can take a long time to take effect. Underfloor heating, for example, can take up to a full day to have an effect.

Contour LST Radiators regulate the heat with rapid effects, making the room at a consistently comfortable temperature for you. There is also more control over heat regulation with an LST radiator because of the surface mounted TRV heads.


Cost Effective

Compared to other heating solutions such as underfloor heating or radiating ceiling panels, LST radiators are cheaper to install.

They are also easier to clean with RotaRad kits that reduce the time it takes to clean a radiator from 30 minutes to 10 by one person.

As the healthcare and education sectors are often affected by budget cuts, this is huge benefit.



LST radiators can be installed wherever you need them to in a space. Underfloor heating limits your options one where things are placed within a room. With an LST radiator, you’re free to organise a space however best suits you and those using the environment.


Robust Design

When underfloor heating or radiant panels break down, even small parts of the system, the entire structure is rendered useless. They damage easily and require a lot of maintenance to keep them running.

LST radiators are more durable, lasting longer than other heating solutions and requiring less maintenance over time. Contour LST radiators come with a 10-year warranty, for extra assurance that no matter what happened; you are protected. Our radiator covers also feature a 5-year warranty.



Cons and Pros of LST radiators | Contour Heating | West Midlands

Dust Traps

Traditional LST radiators can become dust traps, making them a risk for infection. Contour have counteracted this with our range of DeepClean LST Radiators.  They come with BioCote® anti-microbial technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9%.



Installing traditional LST radiators onto a wall does take up space. In corridors this can be problematic for moving hospital beds or where children are moving around.

Contour’s LST radiators are bespoke designed to suit the space, making them more convenient for you. We can even offer a vertically fitted option if wall space is limited.



Radiators were not initially designed for aesthetic purposes. Some people worry that installing LST radiators will make the space seem unsightly.

As part of our bespoke design policy, Contour can work from any four-digit RAL code. We offer a range of colours to suit any environment. This means maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look in a space while providing low surface temperate heating solutions.



There are many benefits to installing LST radiators into a space. They are safer than standard radiators with their low surface temperature design. They are faster at heating up and regulating the temperature and are cheaper to install than underfloor heating.

While traditional designs have some drawbacks, Contour have produced a range of LST radiators that counteract this. We offer DeepClean options, bespoke design and a range of colours to suit any environment.

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