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What Heat Outputs Do LST Radiators Give?

What Heat Outputs Do LST Radiators Give| | Contour Heating | Shifnal West Midlands

One of the biggest questions that we are asked at Contour is what heat outputs do our LST radiators give? This week Contour have been blogging about the topic of heat outputs and LST radiators to explore more about how effective... Continue Reading →


What Are The Benefits of LST Radiators?

What Are the Benefits of Installing LST Radiators | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

LST radiators are a safety feature for many facilities including schools, residential care homes, hospitals and mental health wards. There are many benefits to installing LST radiators into these and many other environments. Contour has been blogging about these advantages, exploring... Continue Reading →


Can You Get Designer LST Radiators?

Can You Get Designer LST Radiators? | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

LST Radiators are often thought of as being large, clinical looking constructions for hospitals, residential care homes or schools. This can make the atmosphere feel intimidating to service users. Contour are often asked if we can make designer adjustments to our... Continue Reading →


What Are The Pros And Cons Of LST Radiators?

What are the benefits of installing lst radiators | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

LST Radiators are a heating solutions that many managers choose to install into schools, hospitals and care homes.  They protect service users from the dangerous temperatures that can be generated from radiators that aren’t LSTs. When consulting with customers, Contour are... Continue Reading →


Are Radiators Dangerous If They Aren’t LST?

LST Radiators are often installed because they offer a safer alternative to a traditional radiator. Contour have put together this blog post to explore the differences between traditional and LST radiators and why, in certain spaces, one is a safer alternative... Continue Reading →


How Do LST Radiators Work?

How Do LST Radiators Work | Safe Heating Solutions | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

To bring safe heating solutions to the healthcare, education and commercial sectors that we work with, Contour Heating supply LST Radiators to ensure low surface heating protects service users from burns and scalds. But how do they work? Contour have produced... Continue Reading →


Why Do I Need LST Radiators?

Why Are LST Radiators Important | Contour Heating | Shfinal, West Midlands

LST radiators are an integral safety feature in many environments. In schools, nurseries and hospital spaces they are a requirement for the protection of service users. But why are they important? Contour Heating have put together a blog post examining why... Continue Reading →


Where Are LST Radiators Required?

Where Are LST Radiators required? | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

LST Radiators are an integral part of providing safer environments for service users in a space. They are the recommended safe heating solution for a number of facility types across multiple sectors. Read on to find out more!


How Do I Select An LST Radiator?

LST Radiators & Heating Solutions | Contour Heating | Shifnal, West Midlands

When installing  LST Radiators into your school or healthcare facility, it’s important to consider what requirements you have when selecting the perfect radiators for the setting. Let’s look at the factors you should consider when selecting LST Radiators…

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