Could using antimicrobial products reduce school absenteeism?

In 2015 BioCote reported how the world’s first ever antimicrobial classroom saw a huge 96% reduction in bacteria. Following on from the initial study, the antimicrobial classroom and the untreated equivalent have been monitored continually throughout the academic calendar. BioCote’s findings continue to show the positive impact antimicrobial treated surfaces and products have on reducing the levels of bacterial contamination. Contour is an exclusive partner to BioCote with regards to the use of the market leading antimicrobial protective coating on radiators and radiator guards. All of Contour’s LST and specialist anti-ligature radiator guards incorporate BioCote protection into the final finish outside and inside. As predicted, the study is continuing to show the treated classroom has less bacteria than its standard counterpart. In contrast, in the untreated classroom, pathogenic bacteria were identified and recovered. These bacteria have the potential to cause sickness which can quickly spread around the classroom and beyond – affecting both pupils and staff. In comparison, the BioCote protected products in the treated classroom including the Contour LST radiator guards, did not have any pathogenic bacteria contaminating them. Less contamination and more hygienic is a nice ideal but how could BioCote protected products really benefit the environment or the people that occupy them? In this instance could it mean a reduction in absenteeism? This would be good news for everyone including staff, parents and perhaps even the UK economy. With regards to absenteeism, BioCote’s initial results could also be considered positive. When absenteeism figures for the two environments [...]

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Covora LST radiator now comes with antimicrobial protection as standard

Contour’s low cost, high quality and easy to fit LST radiator, Covora, now comes with BioCote® antimicrobial protection as standard. The BioCote coating on the inside and outside of the radiator guard ensures protection from a wide range of dangerous bacteria, including MRSA and E.coli, effectively killing 99.5% of them within 2 hours of them coming into contact with the radiator guard surface. Only Contour LST radiators and guards offer the BioCote antimicrobial protection. This new added benefit makes Covora the perfect fit and forget LST radiator for installation in nurseries, schools, old age care homes, GP surgeries, clinics and other environments where the maintenance of hygiene is a must. Click the link to find out more about Covora including list prices, sizes and heat wattage outputs.  

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New IP3x compliant and certified anti-ligature radiator guard grille design

Our specialist anti-ligature radiator guards, equipped with fully shrouded TRVs, security grilles and tamper-proof fixings to prevent unauthorised access, are widely recognised as setting the standard in the provision of safe heating for vulnerable individuals in secure facilities . In order to minimize the risk of self harm, Contour’s latest anti-ligature radiator grille design incorporates 2mm holes at 4mm centres. This design has now been tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory and effectively exceeds IP3x standards (BS EN 60529) which tests for protection against the ingress of objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter. Our new anti-ligature guard grille design means that Contour is well placed to meet the needs of UK prisons and secure custodial facilities. The Home Office Police Buildings Design Guide – Custody, July 2009, section PD3.02.14, details that grilles unless otherwise specified, should be perforated with 2mm diameter holes at 4mm centres. The Certificate of Test Conformance can be viewed here. For more information on our anti-ligature radiators and guards, see the links below:

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The updated business case for specifying Contour DeepClean in healthcare

We've updated our NHS hospital based cost-benefit example comparing the likely costs of maintaining traditional LST radiators against those of our DeepClean LST radiators. This indicates the level of savings in cleaning budgets that could be made for a hospital replacing 150 old style LST units with new DeepClean LST radiators or guards, taking into account the NHS cleaning frequency guidelines and the National Living Wage, that came into operation on 1st April 2016.   NHS cleaning guidelines state radiators should be cleaned on a weekly basis and that radiator covers should be removed as part of a ‘damp-dusting’ cleaning regime. These specifications can be found in the The National Specifications for cleanliness in the NHS and The Revised Healthcare Cleaning Manual created by the NHS national patient safety agency. To learn more about the benefits that our DeepClean radiators and guards offer see the links below.

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Contour provides HVAC casings for prestigious £26m Cambridge research facility

Contractors in charge of a pioneering £26 million research facility at Cambridge University have turned to Contour for the production of bespoke casings for a natural vent system. As a leading designer and manufacturer of guards and casings, with a reputation for innovation, Contour was selected to deliver 300 metres of wall-to-wall low-line casings for the natural vent systems for the prestigious Maxwell Centre. SDC Builders Ltd, which was commissioned by architects BDP to build the prestigious Centre, a world-leading facility for research and industrial partnerships in the physical sciences, was impressed by Contour’s ability to adapt its existing products to create a tailor-made system that met its exact needs. By using its slimline DeepClean radiator guard design as a basis for the fit-out project, Contour's designers  drew up a series of changes to meet SDC’s specifications. The aesthetically appealing and low maintenance casings, ideal for high traffic areas and designed to enable easy cleaning and maintenance, were finished in satin black with horizontal grilles and black locks to match. Read the full case study or download a PDF copy.

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Introducing Covora: the new low cost, ‘no fuss’ LST radiator range

  A new value-engineered low surface temperature (LST) radiator has been launched by Contour. The Covora range has been primarily designed for general healthcare, educational and commercial environments and is ideal for building services contractors and heating and plumbing installers, who are working to price-sensitive budgets but require simple, high quality safety compliant radiators. Leigh Simpson, Managing Director at Contour, said: “We have developed this new range after listening carefully to the needs of our customers. For the past 12 years, we have gained a reputation as one of the sector’s most innovative companies, designing exceptional products that meet the highest demands for safety and hygiene in very sensitive environments such as hospital wards and mental health units. “However, many contractors have told us that they want to use our radiators and guards in more general environments that may not have to meet such stringent hygiene standards. “With this in mind, we have created the Covora range, specifically for projects where no performance specification or brand has been demanded by the client. It means contractors can continue to use our products secure in the knowledge that they are high quality and meet safety needs. Essentially they can ‘fit and forget’ with confidence.” No corners have been cut to create the Contour Covora LST radiator, which is made in the UK. It is available in a range of colours, including Oyster White (RAL 1013), Tele Grey (RAL 7047) and Jet Black (RAL 9005), making it ideal for areas such as hotel lobbies, [...]

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Contour supply safe surface temperature solutions for NHS mental health recovery unit in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire has now benefited from the completion of a new adult acute inpatient mental health unit, Kingfisher Court at Kingsley Green, just outside Radlett. Contour were specified to supply 96 specialist anti-ligature radiator systems for the unit.   Read more about the project and view our video here.  

Contour supply safe surface temperature solutions for NHS mental health recovery unit in Hertfordshire 2019-04-15T15:52:23+00:00

Contour LST Radiators Now Up To 17% More Efficient

As a key part of a continuous product improvement program, Contour has now introduced new round top panel radiators into its range of acclaimed LST radiator units. This has allowed leading-edge design to combine with energy efficiency, providing an ideal choice for those seeking to reduce energy waste and save on space too. The new the round top radiators replace the previous ‘compact style’ panel emitters and are available with immediate effect right across Contour’s LST radiator collection. The round tops high-quality design, build and exceptional thermal output make them the ideal choice as LST heat emitters, offering significant energy and space saving benefits to customers. As an example, A flat top, wall mounted Contour DeepClean LST guard 550mm high x1800mm long, housing a new round top 400mm high x 1600mm long Type 22 (double convector) radiator, will now typically produce 2,048 Watts*, compared to 1,757 Watts* of output from the previous emitter model, of a similar size and type. Up to an impressive 17% improvement in heating efficiency can now be achieved marking a significant step forward in energy savings. The increased internal radiator efficiency also means that the outer casings can now often be smaller in overall size and design but produce the same heat output. Size does really does matter, particularly if a reduction can reap energy rewards. The space saving delivers more room which is extremely useful in busy high-traffic areas such corridors and classrooms where space can be at a premium. With no add-ons such [...]

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Contour take a Lead Role in Improving UK Classroom Hygiene

An innovative antimicrobial agent has succeeded in wiping out almost all bacteria that are usually present in classrooms, according to the results of a recent trial. The agent, incorporated into a coating developed by BioCote® Partners, managed to eliminate almost 96% of the bacteria normally found in a classroom, compared to an untreated control classroom that was also set up for the purpose of the trial study. Contour, a leading manufacturer of LST radiators and radiator guards, and a long standing BioCote partner, was a lead participant in the study. The study was carried out in late 2014 at a UK primary school with one classroom completely refurbished with furniture, fixings and fittings all pre-treated with the antibacterial technology. Swab samples from both classrooms were then regularly collected over a three-week period and taken to a laboratory for analysis. As well as showing that the treated classroom had almost no bacteria on its many surface areas, the study specifically revealed that Contour’s radiator guards carried 90.54% fewer microbes compared to radiator guards in the untreated classroom. All Contour LST radiator guards - a product of choice for many education sector specifiers - incorporate the BioCote coating in their ‘final finish’ as standard. This coating remains effective for the lifetime of the guards. There is a strong social and economic case for investing in products that contribute to cleaner classrooms. A lower incidence of microbes in classrooms exposes children to fewer avoidable illnesses, thereby helping to reduce school absenteeism. This not [...]

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